“All about My Mom” ep 10 ~ Jin Ae:”Is he playing hard to get?”

Hoon Jae fixed several things in the house and even transformed the storage room into a second bathroom so San Ok accepts him. Also he and Jin Ae are getting closer.

After arguing with Hyeong Soon because he didn’t want to meet her, Chae Ri went to the club and met the real Shin Jae Min, who fell for her.

Hyeong Kyu opened his own law firm.

Episode 10

Hoon Jae came to help Jin Ae with the invitations. There is ink on Hoon Jae’s face and Jin Ae helps him wipe it up. Their eyes met and they are about to kiss, but they hear someone coming. Yeong Seon returned. Scared Jin Ae and Hoon Jae don’t know what to do. When Yeong Seon come in, she didn’t see anyone. Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are hiding under the desk.

Caught in the moment Jin Ae hid too, but she doesn’t understand why either. She wants to come out, together with Hoon Jae, and tell the truth to Yeong Seon, but Hoon Jae can’t do that. If he comes out his mother will see him and Jin Ae will find out that he is Yeong Seon’s son. So he made Jin Ae believe that it won’t be a good idea for her CEO to see him there, because he is a stranger and Yeong Seon could misunderstand Jin Ae.

In the end Jin Ae come out alone, leaving Hoon Jae hiding under the desk. Seeing that Jin Ae is hand writing the invitations, Yeong Seon advised her to print them out and go home. Also Yeong Seon advised Jin Ae to correct her coworker when she has to.

After Yeong Seon left, Hoon Jae come out. He and Jin Ae continued handwriting invitation. Then they ate the food Hoon Jae brought.

It’s late and Jae Min and Chae Ri are going home. Chae Ri is drunk and she can’t walk straight. She is about to fall when Hyeong Soon appeared and caught her. At first Chae Ri was happy to see him. Then she started hitting him for playing with her heart.

Hyeong Soon took Chae Ri home. Chae Ri gave Hyeong Soon their couple rings with their initials, J and C. Arrived home Hyeong Soon keeps looking at the ring. He knows that Chae Ri is a princes, while he is a jobless poor young man. Also he lied to Chae Ri so she doesn’t even know his real name.

Hyeong Soon:” Jang Chae Ri, you’re a princess! Someone from a different world.”

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae arrived home together. San Ok suspects that they are dating and asked Jin Ae. If Jin Ae isn’t dating him, she should be careful, people will talk if their will see Jin Ae and Hoon Jae together all the time.

In the morning the biggest problem in Jin Ae’s house is the bathroom.

Chae Ri came at the hospital to bring Jae Min lunch, but she met the real Shin Jae Mi, who now likes her. After Chae Ri left, Jae Min called Hyeong Soon.

Jealous Hyeong Soon called Chae Ri. He doesn’t like the fact that Chae Ri flirted with his friend the night before at the club.

The same time Hye Joo went to Hyeong Kyu’s office for a job interview. At that interview another woman, recommended by Hyeong Kyu’s ex girlfriend should’ve come, but something happened and that woman didn’t make it to the interview. When Hyeong Kyu asked if Hye Joo went because she was recommended, Hye Joo thought that Hyeong Kyu meant San. Even if he didn’t really liked Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu hired her believing that she was recommended by his ex girlfriend who opened the law firm for him.

Before going home, Jin Ae called Hoon Jae to invite him to dinner. She has to buy him several dinners. But Hoon Jae was busy and rejected the invitation. Arrived home Jin Ae found out with what was Hoon Jae busy. He transformed the storage room from Jin Ae’s house into a second bathroom.

Jin Ae:”Is he playing hard to get?”

Later everyone is having dinner. Hoon Jae bought beef for him and his new family.

In the middle of the dinner Yeong Seon called Hoon Jae. She came to visit his new apartment. Because he doesn’t want his mother to find out that he knows and lives with Jin Ae, Hoon Jae runs out and takes his mother for dinner to the same chicken restaurant she was with Jin Ae few days before.

Back home, Hoon Jae finds Jin Ae washing dishes and helps her.

San Ok found out that Hyeong Kyu is opening his own law firm. Thinking that Jun Young, Hyeong Kyu’s current boss, helped Hyeong Kyu, San Ok made some rice cakes for Jun Young to thank him. Arrived with the rice cakes in Jun Young’s office, San Ok discovered that Jun Young didn’t help her son. Jun Young told San Ok that Hyeong Kyu opened his law firm after seducing his future wife and stolen one of Jun Young’s clients. Hurt San Ok still defends Hyeong Kyu. No matter what anyone tells her, Hyeong Kyu is her son and she will side with him no matter what he will do.

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