“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 4 ~ Si Yi:”I’ve already agreed to meet up with Wang Shu Hai today. “

Shu Hai found the courage to look at Si Yi and talk to her. They are together on Hong Pei’s birthday. Some gangsters attacked Shu Hai and Si Yi so Hong Pei helped. Something happened during the fight and Hong Pei possessed Shu Hai’s body.

Episode 4

Si Yi was sick and admitted to the hospital. She always gets sick around the time that Hon Pei’s birthday comes. Because Zheng Nan was busy, Shu Hai and Hong Pei staid with Si Yi over night in the hospital. In the morning Si Yi’s fiends come to visit and brought her flowers. But Shu Hai is allergic to pollen. While Shu Hai was sneezing from the pollen, Hong Pei was able to posses Shu Hai’s body, but neither one of them realized what happened. The moment Hong Pei left Shu Hai’s body, Shu Hai hit his head on the wall.

After her friends left, Si Yi wanted to make conversation with Shu Hai and get close to him, but he kept pushing her away. Not liking the way Shu Hai treats Si Yi, Hong Pei intervened. Shu Hai screams at Hong Pei, but since Si Yi can’t see Hong Pei, she thinks Shu Hai is screaming at her, she thinks Shu Hai is telling her to leave.

Si Yi leaves. Shu Hai goes after her and invites her out in the weekend if she is free. But before Si Yi could answer him, Jian Hao and Zheng Nan came. It’s no place for him so Shu Hai leaves.

At the house, Hong Pei is worried about Si Yi. She changed and she isn’t as happy as she used to be. In the morning Hong Pei wasn’t home. He went to see Si Yi.

Hong Pei:”Si Yi, please don’t be sick.”

At work, Shu Hai sees Zheng Nan crying. She is worried about Si Yi too. She wants to do something to help her, but she doesn’t know what. She wishes Hong Pei would be there so Si Yi wouldn’t have a hard time, so that Si Yi could stop punishing herself. Then Zheng Nan sent Shu Hai to buy cakes and take them to Si Yi.

While eating cakes Shu Hai and Si Yi were able to get close and have an actual conversation. Later, when Zheng Nan arrived, they had fun taking pictures of each other.

In the morning Hong Pei woke up Shu Hai to send him to work. While he was washing up, Shu Hai asked Hong Pei where he goes when they are not together. When they aren’t together, Hong Pei went to look for his mother. He waited at his old house, but still he wasn’t able to see his mother.

The weekend came. It’s Hong Pei’s birthday, but Shu Hai promised his friends to go with them on a blind date with some girls they’ve met online. Shu Hai doesn’t want to go on his blind date, he wants to spend the day with Hong Pei after hearing that it’s Hong Pei’s birthday. Still Shu Hai ended up going on his blind date. At the restaurant the girls weren’t what the boys expected.

Suddenly Shu Hai hears Si Yi’s voice. She came to pick up a cake to celebrate Hong Pei. Outside the restaurant Si Yi met Jian Hao. He forces her to talk to him, but Shu Hai intervened and stopped him. Then Si Yi left with Shu Hai.

Shu Hai:”What happens between her and Hong Pei is none of your business.”

Si Yi:”I’ve already agreed to meet up with Wang Shu Hai today. I want to try to forget Ling Hong Pei. I believe that he’ll understand me.”

On his birthday Hong Pei saw his mother, his dog and his old friend Jian Hao. Meantime Shu Hai and Si Yi are together, going somewhere. Suddenly they are attacked by some gangsters. Hurt and wanting to protect Si Yi, Shu Hai calls Hong Pei.

Shu Hai:”Hurry and help!”

Hong Pei began fighting the gangsters. Shu Hai on the other hand isn’t feeling so well. He found a spray and pulverized it on his attackers. But Shu Hai didn’t know that the spray has roses so his allergies will show up. Because Shu Hai was sneezing, Hong Pei was pulled into Shu Hai’s body. Hong Pei gets up, without realizing he is in Shu Hai’s body, and fought the gangsters. Then Hong Pei holds Si Yi’s hand and run away .

When they stopped running, Hong Pei saw himself in a mirror, but it wasn’t his face, it was Shu Hai’s face. That moment Hong Pei realized that he possessed Shu Hai’s body. He tries to tell Si Yi the truth, but he come out of Shu Hai’s body and Shu Hai fell on the ground unconscious.

With Zheng Nan’s help, Si Yi took Shu Hai home. While Shu Hai was sleeping, Si Yi and Zheng Nan cleaned his house. In the morning, when he woke up, Shu Hai saw Si Yi sleeping on his couch.

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