“When I See You Again ” ep 17 ~ Luna:”I’m your mother.”

Struggling with her illness and Yan Ze’s traps, Lune decided to tell An Xi the truth. However, Luna’s intentions aren’t pure. Yan Ze on the other hand blamed Yo Qian for what he did so Yo Qian was fired. Also Yan Ze meets up with Ya En.

After finding out that Luna is her mother, An Xi gets upset with Yo Qian for not telling her and locks herself in her room.

Episode 17

After finding out that she is sick, Luna went to Pu Lang Village to see An Xi’s hostel. Suddenly she feels dizzy. Mei Wen, who was coming home, saw her and helped her. Luna spent that night in Lunar Maria hostel, in An Xi’s room. She saw the presents An Xi send her during the years and read the cards that An Xi send. Crying, Luna asks herself how her life would’ve been if she wouldn’t have abandoned her daughter. She lies herself that she made the right decision because if she wouldn’t had abandoned An Xi, than she wouldn’t had been who she is now and she wouldn’t had the power, money and success she has now.

In the morning when Mei Wen and Zhi Lin went to call Luna downstairs to have breakfast, Luna was gone. But she left a lot of money behind.

Meantime An Xi dreams about being the school nerd who was bullied and beaten by the school bullies, Mei Wen, Zhi Lin and Ya En. While she was beaten by the bullies, Yo Qian came and saved her. Then Yo Qian was working in a convenience store and his boss, Da Yu, was giving him a hard time. At that moment An Xi came to save Yo Qian.

An Xi:“Long time no see, my sweetheart!”

Yo Qian left home early and went to Pu Lang Village where he met Hai Kuo. He proposed Hai Kuo to work together against the once that plan to make a waste management project in that village. Hai Kuo doesn’t like to work with Yo Qian, at least not until Yo Qian breaks up with An Xi, but hearing about the radioactive waste treatment that will be build on the land he sold in Pu Lang Village makes Hai Kuo worry.

Later Hai Kuo met with Yan Ze to return the money and get his land back. Unfortunately Yan Ze doesn’t plan to sell the land back to Hai Kui or to change his plans. And Hai Kuo can’t do anything about it since they’ve already signed the contract.

Back to the office, Yan Ze went to Luna’s office and told her that Yo Qian’s been buying land in Pu Lang Village. Yan Ze blamed Yo Qian for what he did. Luna, who believes blindly in Yan Ze, called Da Yu to pack Yo Qian’s thinks because she fired Yo Qian. But Da Yu, before packing up, called Yo Qian.

Yong Qing wasn’t able to express herself since she was hurt by her first love during her 18th birthday. On that day she planned to meet that man and leave with him, even if that meant to have a poor live. Instead of that man, on Yong Qing’s 18th birthday, the one that showed up was Luna. She brought Yong Qing a note that the man Yong Qing loved wrote saying that he didn’t truly loved Yong Qing, but wanted her money.

Since he wants to separate Luna and Yong Qing, Yan Ze told Yong Qing the truth. The man Yong Qing loved wrote that note, but he regretted in a few minutes and returned the note and money to Luna. On his way to meet Yong Qing, that man was involved in a car accident and died. Seeing that the man had an accident, Luna took the note and lied Yong Qing and the man she loved left her after accepting the money Luna gave him.

Angry Yong Qing ran over to Luna. They fought and Luna fainted. When Luna woke up in the hospital, Yan Ze was with her. While talking, Yan Ze pushed Lune into giving An Xi a chance to become her ideal daughter.

Shocked Yong Qing went to Yo Qian’s house to tell him that she isn’t the same as her godmother, Luna. But Yo Qian wasn’t home.

Upset that he hurt Yong Qing because he wants to win, Yan Ze met with Ya En. She consoles him. Afraid that he could hurt Ya En also Yan Ze made her promise him that he will always be her first priority.

Yan Ze:”Always make me your first priority. If someone asks to make a choice you must choose me. Don’t leave me behind.”

While Yan Ze was taking Ya En back, Yo Qian saw them. Yo Qian and An Xi went to Pu Lang Village to buy baby squid for Yo Qian’s grandfather. At the hostel, Yo Qian asked Ya En if she went outside, but she lied.

During dinner, Yo Qian asked An Xi if she doesn’t want to sell her hostel. He didn’t tell her the reason he was asking. No one in Lunar Maria hostel agreed to see the hostel. For everyone that hostel is their home, their life.

The next morning Luna came to Pu Lang Village and told An Xi the truth. After telling An Xi the truth, Luna started criticize her for not being the daughter she wanted.

Luna:”I’m your mother.”

When Luna left, An Xi screamed and got mad with Yo Qian. She isn’t upset with Yo Qian, even if she blames him. An Xi is actually upset because the perfect image she had of her mother broken into pieces in a few seconds.

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