“She Was Pretty ” ep 3 ~ Shin Hyuk:”How could you live without me?”

Hye Jin doesn’t know the fashion terminologies so she gets scolded a lot by Seong Joon. To prove that she can do a good job and to not lose her actual job, Hye Jin began studying fashion with Ha Ri’s help.

Ha Ri had a problem, but Hye Jin couldn’t hear her phone. Because Hye Jin was busy, Ha Ri called Seong Joon.

Seong Joon meets Hye Jin’s sister, Kim Hye Rin.

Episode 3

Seong Joon met someone at a hotel near his office. On his way out he sees Ha Ri and returns surprised. He knew that she was in London. Luckily Seong Joon believed Ha Ri’s lies when she told him that she was in London, but at soon as she arrived there she got a phone call from the hotel for a job and returned.

After Seong Joon left, Ha Ri needs and emergency meeting and calls Hye Jin, but Hye Jin couldn’t answer her phone. Shin Hyuk answered Hye Jin’s phone and talked to Ha Ri.

When Hye Jin arrived home she told Ha Ri her decision. Angry Hye Jin told Ha Ri how her day was and how Seong Joon treated her. From now one Hye Jin doesn’t want to hear Seong Joon’s name.

Hye Jin:”I’m never going to quit my job!”

Seong Joon gets ready for work. He stops at a restaurant to get his coffee, but he can’t hear the waiter calling him. After the waiter brought his coffee to the table, Seong Joon didn’t pay attention and instead of drinking from the coffee cup, he drunk water from the flower pot. Leaving the restaurant he bumped into the door.

Waiting for the green light to cross the street, Seong Joon hears Hye Jin saying something she used to say as a child. Hye Jin always called the “green light” go. But since for Seong Joon Kim Hye Jin is the beautiful Ha Ri, he couldn’t see her. He calls Ha Ri and she asked him out because she has something important to tell him.

At the office there is a meeting. Hye Jin doesn’t hide anymore. She plans to show Seong Joon how smart and good at her work she is. But at soon as she is in the meeting room and Seong Joon talks to her, Hye Jin begins being scared and creating troubles again.

Hye Jin has to bring the minutes of the meeting to Seong Joon. Unfortunately for her , Hye Jin doesn’t know the terminologies and got scolded and insulted by Seong Joon once again. Later Seong Joon sees Hye Jin making another mistake since she doesn’t know the brands of the cosmetics she was supposed to sort or the clothes the fashion director asked. But when Seong Joon isn’t around Hye Jin does everything really well.

After being scolded for not knowing anything, Hye Jin started studying and reading the fashion magazines. Also Ha Ri is helping her. After studying, Hye Jin knows everything she needs to know about fashion so at the next meeting she is able to write the minute well, without feeling that everyone around her is speaking in an alien language.

Shin Hyuk wants to eat and Hye Jin has to pay. After work they will go out. She didn’t want at first, but Shin Hyuk is good with his words and made her accept.

Shin Hyuk:”How could you live without me?”

After work Hye Jin went out to eat with Shin Hyuk. She wasn’t paying attention to her phone so she didn’t knew that Ha Ri called her after fighting with her father. Ha Ri went to have dinner with her father and stepmother, but got slapped by her father because of her stepmother.

Upset Ha Ri went to a bar and got drunk. She was harassed by a man, but then Seong Joon came and defended her. Because Ha Ri was hurt, Seong Joon took her to the hospital. Later he bought her medicine and took her home.

The next day while he was at the restaurant to buy himself a coffee, Seong Joon met Hye Jin’s sister, Kim Hye Rin who is identical Hye Jin at her age.

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