“She Was Pretty ” ep 4 ~ Hye Jin:”I am Kim Hye Jin!”

Seong Joon has to go to the airport and Hye Jin, somehow turned to be his driver. Because Seong Joon doesn’t pay any attention to anything around him when he concentrates on something, he didn’t hear Hye Jin asking him at which airport should she take him. After being scolded again, Hye Jin found the straight to fight for herself and put Seong Joon in his place.

Upset she went to drink. Drunk Hye Jin called Seong Joon and told him who she is.

Episode 4

Seong Joon is buying his morning coffee when he meets Kim Hye Rin. She is Hye Jin’s younger sister that looks exactly like Hye Jin when she was Hye Rin’s age. Coming to meet her sister, Hye Jin sees Hye Rin talking to Seong Joon. She gets scared that Hye Rin could tell Seong Joon something that could reveal him the lie she and Ha Ri told him.

Hye Jin calls Seong Joon lying him that the Ra Ra is looking for him. After Seong Joon left, Hye Jin send Hye Rin away and returns to the office where she tells Seong Joon that she made a mistake and no one was looking for him.

At the morning meeting, once again Seong Joon doesn’t accept anything that his subordinates did and wants them to redo everything from beginning. Of course he scolded them before.

Hye Jin:”What in the world happened in America for him to become like that?”

Later, Seong Joon is in his car. He sees the sky and takes a picture of it. Then Seong Joon send the picture to Ha Ri. Meantime Hye Jin is at the office. Walking on the hallway she sees the sky too. She takes the phone out to take a picture too when Shin Hyuk sees her and comes.

Hye Jin:”The sky is pretty!”

That night Hye Jin tells Ha Ri what almost happened in the morning when Hye Rin met Seong Joon. She is scared that Seong Joon could find out the truth, but Ha Ri seems more scared than Hye Jin. Maybe Ha Ri is starting to like Seong Joon. Ha Ri tries to tell Hye Jin something about Seong Joon, but Hye Jin doesn’t let her. Hye Jin doesn’t want to keep talking about the man who keeps looking down on her every day.

Back home Hye Jin remembers that Ra Ra always tells her to try and look more Most-like. So Hye Jin tries a new hairstyle and some makeup.

With her new hairstyle and her new makeup, Hye Jin went to work in the morning. As soon as Seong Joon saw her he got scared. Hye Jin tried to look presentable, but she ended up looking worse than in the beginning. She looked like a clown.

Someone has to drive Seong Joon to the airport, but no one is willing to spend so much time with him. Shin Hyuk fooled Hye Jin to offer herself to drive Seong Joon. They were awkward in the car and Hye Jin wanted to make conversation. On the other hand all that Seong Joon wanted was to read some documents. At some point Hye Jin asked Seong Joon at which airport should she drive him, but since Seong Joon didn’t answer her, Hye Jin assumed he wanted to go to Incheon airport. On their way to Incheon, Seong Joon lifted his head and screamed at Hye Jin. He had to be at Gimpo airport. Since there is a traffic jam, Hye Jin paid a man that was selling street food on the road to take Seong Joon to Gimpo airport on his motorcycle.

Arrived at the airport to pick up Seong Joon, Hye Jin found out that everything went well and the man Seong Joon met there accepted the project Seong Joon proposed him. Still Seong Joon was angry with Hye Jin and screamed at her in the middle of the road. For the first time, Hye Jin didn’t accept silently Seong Joon’s insults. She fought back. For the first time since they’ve met again, Hye Jin defended herself and told Seong Joon what she thinks of him. She told him that if he has to blame someone for the airport misunderstanding he should blame himself. She asked him several times where they were going, but he didn’t pay any attention to her.

In the end, Hye Jin had to find her own way to return to the office.

Hye Jin and Seong Joon are leaving the office. Outside is raining. Hye Jin opens her umbrella. Seong Joon is surprised. It’s similar to the umbrella he gave Kim Hye Jin when she told him that she was going to London.

Upset after a hard day, Hye Jin went to drink. Shin Hyuk saw her and accompanied her until she got drunk.

Meantime Seong Joon met with Ha Ri. She also had a hard time. When Seong Joon saw Ha Ri crying, he took her to the park. They’ve played badminton and talked. Before going home, Ha Ri told Seong Joon that she can’t meet him anymore because she has a fiancée and that man doesn’t like her meeting other men. That’s what Ha Ri wanted to tell him, but she couldn’t .

Ha Ri:”I have a man I’m going to marry. I won’t be able to see anymore.”

Drunk Hye Jin calls Seong Joon and tells him who she is. She also insults him. Luckily for her Shin Hyuk took her phone before she got the chance to reveal everything to Seong Joon. Shin Hyuk took Hye Jin home.

Hye Jin:”I am Kim Hye Jin!”

In the morning Hye Jin sees on the phone that she called Seong Joon, but she can’t remember what she said. She asks Shin Hyuk. After she bought him breakfast, Shin Hyuk told her what happened. Relieved that she didn’t say anything compromising, Hye Jin is able to breathe again.

At the office, Hye Jin tries to apologize to Seong Joon for her call while she was drunk. But she is shocked. Seong Joon didn’t scold her as he usually does. He talked nicely and told her that he will pretend she never called the night before. That morning Seong Joon went to get his morning coffee and the waiter told him that he can’t hear anything while he concentrates on something. After hearing the waiter’s words, Seong Joon remembered what Hye Jin told him at the airport and was sorry for insulting her when she wasn’t wrong.

That night there is a company dinner that everyone has to attend. Seong Joon isn’t the type to drink so he leaves after drinking one glass. On his way out, Seong Joon passes out on the floor. Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin saw him and took him home. Leaving Seong Joon’s hotel room, Hye Jin made a mistake with Shin Hyuk. She wants to apologize, but she remembers that she forgot her phone in Seong Joon’s room.

Returned to Seong Joon’s room, Hye Jin found her phone. She also saw the puzzle Seong Joon and her used to make while they were children. While Hye Jin was looking at the puzzle, Seong Joon woke up. Scared of him, Hye Jin broke the glass in which it was the puzzle. She was about to cut herself in the glass, but Seong Joon pulled her.

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  1. Happiness says:

    Wow i love this drama

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