“All about My Mom” ep 11 ~ Hoon Jae:”You’ve fallen for me already? “

Hyeong Soon got a job. He was expecting something else, but a mistake was made and he ended up being Chae Ri’s father’s driver.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae went to Yeong Seon’s house, when she isn’t there and got locked inside the basement.

Episode 11

Sleeping in the living room, Hyeong Soon is cold. He gets up in his sleep, goes to his room and lies down next to Hoon Jae. He is dreaming about marrying Chae Ri. Suddenly someone comes, tells Chae Ri the truth and drags Hyeong Soon away.

Hyeong Soon:”Chae Ri, I love you!”

Unfortunately for Hoon Jae, Hyeong Soon moves a lot in his sleep. While sleeping Hyeong Soon hit Hoon Jae.

Because she knows what problems Hyeong Kyu has and because she saw him crying the night before, San On made his favorite dish for breakfast. After breakfast Jin Ae hears Hyeong Kyu and San Ok talking and enters Hyeong Kyu’s room, where they start fighting again. Living with Jin Ae’s family, Hoon Jae heard them arguing and to make Jin Ae smile, he took her to work.

Arrived at work, Hyeong Kyu finds Hye Ju cleaning the office. She doesn’t know the terminologies so Hyeong Kyu vends his anger on her. After screaming at Hye Ju, Hyeong Kyu slipped on the mop and fell. Because his pants ripped, Hye Ju mended them for Hyeong Kyu, who is embarrassed.

Yeong Seon is going on a vacation the following weekend so she asked Jin Ae to find someone to repair her basement. Jin Ae thought that the best person for the job would be Hoon Jae and called him. He was reticent at first and afraid that Jin Ae could find out that he is Yeong Seon’s son so he didn’t wanted to do the job, but because he didn’t wants to upset Jin Ae, Hoon Jae accepted.

Hoon Jae:”You’ve fallen for me already? “

Hyeong Soon fell in love with Chae Ri and wants to come clean and tell her the truth. He meets Chae Ri, but before he got the chance to tell her, Hyeong Soon received a phone call. He got a job at JY Group.

Everyone is celebrating Hyeong Soon’s new job and everyone offers to buy Hyeong Soon presents to congratulate him. Hoon Jae also prepared a present for Hyeong Soon. He got bunk beds for himself and Hyeong Soon. From now on Hyeong Soon won’t have to sleep in the living room anymore, he can sleep with Hoon Jae.

In the morning Dong Chul ironed Hyeong Soon’s shirt and cleaned his shoes. The whole family, including Hoon Jae, is out sending Hyeong Soon to work on his first day with a smile.

The same day, San Ok began working as a housekeeper in Chae Ri’s house. She accepted the job because she wants to get a new office for Hyeong Kyu. San Ok was supposed to be in charge of the cooking, but she ended up being mistreated and bullied by that family’s housekeeper.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae arrived at Yeong Seon’s house. There are a lot of pictures with Yeong Seon nad her son. But luckily for Hoon Jae a lot of pictures were from when he was a child so Jin Ae didn’t recognize him. Also Hoon Jae managed to hide the picture with his adult self before Jin Ae could see it.

With Jin Ae’s help, Hoon Jae moves the materials in the basement. But the basement door closed . There is a role of linoleum blocking it from outside so Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are locked inside. Suddenly Hoon Jae doesn’t feel well. He is claustrophobic. As a child Hoon Jae was locked inside a basement. Jin Ae recognized the symptoms and tries to calm him down.

Hyeong Soon didn’t get the job he wanted. He works as president Jang’s driver. On his way home, after taking president Jang home, Hyeong Soo met Chae Ri. His mother, who was leaving Chae Ri’s house, saw Chae Ri hugging Hyeong Soon. From Chae Ri, San Ok found out that Hyeong Soon is Chae Ri’s boyfriends, but also she found out that Hyeong Soon lied to Chae Ri that he is a doctor.

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