“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 5 ~ Hong Pei:”I might hurt you.I might not be able to control myself.”

Hong Pei tells Shu Hai that he was able to possess Shu Hai. Something happened to Si Yi and Hong Pei and worried about her. He can’t do anything to help Si Yi. He can’t he next to her when she needs him. To help Hong Pei and Si Yi, Shu Hai lets Hong Pei possess him again.

Episode 5

Shu Hai wakes up and sees Si Yi and Zheng Nan sleeping around. He puts the two girls in his bed to sleep comfortably and goes out with Hong Pei. Outside Hong Pei told Shu Hai what happened the other day. He told Shu Hai that he was able to posses his body. Then Hong Pei apologized to Shu Hai. When he was possessing Shu Hai’s body, Hong Pei felt greedy. He didn’t want to leave Shu Hai’s body and he didn’t leave Shu Hai’s body willingly. Hong Pei is afraid that if it will happen again then he will have the same thoughts.

Hong Pei:”I might hurt you. I might do something that can’t be taken back and I’ll feel apologetic towards you forever. I might not be able to control myself.”

Later, while Shu Hai was eating breakfast, Hong Pei told Shu Hai how he felt when he met his mother and his old friend Jian Hao. He has an idea. Hong Pei wants Shu Hai to talk to Jian Hao and tell Jian Hao about Hong Pei’s condition. But Shu Hai refused.

Hong Pei is waiting for Jian Hao in Jian Hao’s office. Suddenly Jian Hao comes in angry. He breaks a glass and hurts his hand. Then, angry, Jian Hao throws away a picture with Hong Pei and himself. Before coming to his office, Jian Hao had been rejected by Si Yi. He confessed Si Yi and she rejected him.

At night, Hong Pei talks to Shu Hai about what he saw in Jian Hao’s office. After seeing his mother, Jian Hao and Jian Hao’s fiancée from an arranged marriage, Hong Pei began remembering his life. Now he understood that if he really loves Si Yi, he has to make her forget him somehow so she could go on with her life and be happy. Seeing Hong Pei with a heavy heart, Shu Hai can’t find the courage to tell Hong Pei that Jian Hao is in love with Si Yi.

Hong Pei:”No matter how much I love her, I should let her go.”

Si Yi resigned her job. When he heard that Si Yi resigned Jian Hao calls her and looks for her desperately, but Si Yi doesn’t answer him. Later he sees Si Yi with Shu Hai.

Zheng Nan sent Shu Hai to look for Si Yi. He found her and Si Yi is happy to see him. At first she jokes around and play around him, but in the end she lets her emotion out and Shu Hai consoles her.

Feeling sorry that Si Yi was forced to resign when it wasn’t her fault, Si Yi’s coworkers look into Si Yi’s files. They discover that the files Si Yi received to send to printing were wrong. Hong Pei comes to the company and hears Zheng Nan talking with another coworker about what happened to Si Yi. Worried he goes to Shu Hai. Seeing how hurt Hong Pei is for not being able to help Si Yi and he can’t even be close to her when she needs him, Shu Hai decided to borrow Hong Pei his body.

Shu Hai:”Come on. Possess me!”

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