“All about My Mom” ep 12 ~ Chae Ri:”I love him for who he is.”

Jin Ae is falling for Hoon Jae, but she is afraid to become like her mother. Hye Ju gets into trouble after Jun Yeong stole an important document from Hyeonk Kyu’s office.

President Jang stops by the house in the middle of the day and San Ok see that Hyeong Soon is actually president Jang’s driver.

Episode 12

Hoon Jae is calmer now. He tells Jin Ae the reason he suffers from claustrophobia. As a child Hoon Jae was kidnapped and locked in a basement for several days. Suddenly Jin Ae hears noise. She goes close to the door. Yeong Seon returned earlier. She opened the door for Jin Ae and Hoon Jae.

Recognizing his mother’s voice, Hoon Jae turned around and didn’t talk while his mother was asking him something. Luckily for him, Yeong Seong and her cousin took Jin Ae in the kitchen. That moment Hoon Jae managed to sneak out of the house. Being safe in his car, Hoon Jae called Jin Ae and told her that something come up so he had to leave, but one of his coworkers will come to repair the basement.

Jin Ae is late. Hoon Jae waits for her near the house and they come in together. When she sees Hoon Jae and Jin Ae coming home together again, San Ok once again tells Jin Ae to be careful. San Ok likes Hoon Jae, he is a good person. But there is only one thing San Ok doesn’t like about Hoon Jae, the fact that he is the only son of a widow. San Ok is afraid that if Jin Ae falls in love with Hoon Jae and marries him than Jin Ae will suffer as much as she did after marrying Dong Chul. The only one that is happy and hopes that things will turn out well for Jin Ae and Hoon Jae is Hyeong Kyu. He likes Hoon Jae too, but for a different reason than the rest of the family. Hyeong Kyu knows that Hoon Jae is the only son of a rich family.

That night Hyeong Soon can’t fall asleep. He thinks about his problems. He thought he got a job in sales, but he turned out to be a driver and he also has to tell the truth to Chae Ri. Hearing Hyeong Soon sighing Hoon Jae talks to him and tires to give Hyeong Soon some advices. But then he realizes that he is in the same spot as Hyeong Soon. Hoon Jae also is lying to everyone in Jin Ae’s family that he is poor and his mother lives in the countryside.

Hyeong Soon thinks about quitting his job, but he can’t disappoint his family. Everyone in the family was happy when he finally got a job so he decides to keep working as a driver.

Hye Ju started studying from the books Hyeong Kyu gave her and he is impressed by how fast she can memorize the terminologies. Later Hyeong Kyu goes to court. Jun Yeong saw Hyeong Kyu leaving and went to Hyeong Kyu’s office. He sent Hye Ju to prepare him a coffee. Meantime Jun Yeong saw the safe password on Hye Ju’s desk.

In the morning Hyeong Kyu rushed to the office. Someone got in and stolen an important file from Hyeong Kyu’s office. That file is in Song Jun Yeong’s hands now. Ji Yeon came rushing in also. She is surprised to see Hye Ju there and reveals to Hyeong Kyu that Hye Ju isn’t the woman she sent for the job interview. Ji Yeon fired Hye Ju and sent her away.

On her way out, Hye Ju remembered that she has Jun Yeong’s business card.

Hye Ju went to see Jun Yeong and begged him to return the file. While Jun Yeong was insulting Hye Ju, Hyeong Kyu arrived. He grabbed Hye Ju’s hand and took her out of there. Outside, Hyeong Kyu got upset with Hye Ju for doing what he didn’t ask her to do.

Hye Ju:” I put you in a difficult situation.”

Meantime San Ok has to clean the Chae Ri’s house. The housekeeper quit suddenly so now San Ok is the new housekeeper. She enters Chae Ri’s room and see her looking at pictures with Hyeong Soon are herself. She talks to Chae Ri and finds out that Chae Ri likes Hyeong Soon for who he is, not because he is a doctor from a rich family…at least that is what Chae Ri said.

Chae Ri:”I love him for who he is.”

After she finished cleaning the house, San Ok had the shock of her life. President Jang came home with his driver and San Ok was shocked to see that the driver is her youngest son, Hyeong Soon.

At the house, San Ok told Dong Chul and Jin Ae that Hyeong Soon is actually a driver, he doesn’t work in sales as he told them. Even if this isn’t his dream job, Hyeong Soon still wants to give his best and do a good job as a driver until he could get where he wants. But what Hyeong Soon and the rest of the family doesn’t know is that San Ok wants Hyeong Soon to wuit his job because Chae Ri is president Jang’s daughter.

Hoon Jae also heard that Hyeong Soon works as a driver and encouraged him to do what he wants. The next morning Hoon Jae found out that the financial problems from his firm are worse than he thought and they also lost a few important projects.

Jin Ae accompanied Yeong Seon to the supermarket to supervise their products. There Jin Ae met her mother. San Ok went shopping with Chae Ri’s grandmother.

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