“When I See You Again ” ep 18 ~ Yan Ze:”I’ll win and you’ll lose.”

Yan Ze tries everything he can’t to win the battle against Yo Qian. Meantime Yo Qian does everything he can to stop Yan Ze.

An Xi is still keeping her distance from Yo Qian. She confronted Luna, but when she found out about Luna’s illness, An Xi begin taking care of her mother.

Episode 18

Yong Qing and Yo Qian enter Yan Ze’s office. Yong Qing wants to know why Luna fired Yo Qian and why Yan Ze didn’t sided with Yo Qian. That moment Yo Qian comes in. He reproaches Yan Ze for encouraging Luna to tell An Xi the truth. During their argument Yo Qian remembered that An Xi saw once Luna at the hospital. Yo Qian realized that Luna’s condition must be critical for Yan Ze to change his plan. Hearing Yo Qian and Yan Ze talking about Yan Ze’s goal, Yong Qing realizes what type of person Yan Ze really is. Yong Qing trusted Yan Ze. She saw him as her real brother. But unfortunately for her, Yan Ze didn’t see Yong Qing as her real sister. He was envious of her and what she always had. She realizes that Yan Ze told her the truth about her ex boyfriend to hurt her and separate her from Luna.

Yong Qing goes to the park. She is lost thoughts and doesn’t realize that it started to rain. Ya Ru was in the park with his students when he sees Yong Qing staying in the rain.

Yo Qian calls An Xi desperate, but she doesn’t answer him. In the morning An Xi goes to see Luna. She is furious and screams at Luna. The moment An Xi was screaming at her mother for abandoning her, for abandoning her father in order to become a rich woman, Luna fainted.

An Xi:”I’ll never accept you as my mother.”

An Xi is upset. Yo Qian follows her from behind without her seeing him. When An Xi passes by the tent where she uses to eat, Yo Qian asked the owner to call An Xi and serve her with her favorite dish to make her feel better. While sitting at the table, An Xi begins crying so Yo Qian signs the owner to get An Xi some napkins.

Suddenly Zhi Lin comes looking for An Xi and tells her that Mei Wen went to see Luna. Arrived at the hospital, An Xi and Zhi Lin find Mei Wen telling Luna how hard An Xi’s life was and how much she waited for her mother. Mei Wen is angry that Luna wasn’t there for An Xi when An Xi had to leave school after her father died, she wasn’t there when An Xi had to work three jobs to be able to pay the hostel’s debts, she wasn’t there when An Xi and Ya Ru had to find a doctor to save Ya En’s life, she wasn’t there when An Xi had nightmares. An Xi also knows that Luna doesn’t want her because she loves her. Luna only wants An Xi because she is sick and dying. An Xi knows that Luna thinks that she is dark, ugly and uneducated. But still An Xi sees Luna as her mother. After An Xi left the room, Zhi Lin told Luna to use her money and pay for someone to take care of her, instead of hurting An Xi.

Leaving the hospital Mei Wen consoled An Xi.

Meantime, with all the free time he has since he was fired, Yo Qian worked hard to stop Yan Ze’s plans. After he saw An Xi cry, even Hai Kuo accepted to help Yo Qian to stop the waste management plan.

For the following days, An Xi went daily to the hospital and took care of Luna. She helped her walk, she helped Luna take her medicine and she even searched for died for Luna’s disease. One day, while leaving the hospital, someone bumped into An Xi and she fell. When she got up, An Xi saw Yo Qian looking at her.

An Xi:”Yo Qian, I’ sorry! I’m still confused at the moment! I can’t deal with you and my mother at the same time.”

Yo Qian wasn’t the only one looking from afar. Yong Qing was also looking. She doesn’t have the courage to go and see Luna. Yo Qian saw her and took Yong Qing out to talk. He made her understand that she wasn’t never in love with him and that she is afraid to love again after being disappointed. Then Yo Qian encourages her to go see Luna.

At the hospital, on her way to Luna’s room, Yong Qing sees Ya Ru and Ya En. She becomes envious of the relationship that Ya Ru and Ya En have. Later that night, Ya En sneaked outside her room while Ya Ru was sleeping to meet Yan Ze.

With Hai Kuo’s help, Yo Qian filled lawsuits for every fake account Yan Ze used to buy land in Pu Lang Village. But once again Yan Ze is one step ahead of Yo Qian. Yan Ze convinced Luna to sign a document in which she gives Yan Ze all authority over her company during the time she will be in hospital.

Yan Ze:”I’ll win and you’ll lose.”

On his way home, Yo Qian met Yong Qing. She is finally over him and returned him his old house from Pu Lang Village. Also Yong Qing told Yo Qian that when she visited Luna the other day Yan Ze was with her. Luna wasn’t feeling that well so she just signed what Yan Ze pointed her. Back home, Yo Qian thinks about what he knows and realized that Luna doesn’t know that the purification program she wants to build in Pu Lang Village is actually a waste management plant.

An Xi met with Yo Qian’s grandfather, but while they were talking the grandfather felt ill and fainted. Meantime Yo Qian was trying to stop Yan Ze from signing the waste management plant contract.

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