“Death Note ” ep 11 ~ Light:”I’m not…going to die.I will change the world!”

Final episode of Death Note! The final battle between Kira and Near has come. Near’s plan worked and he put the final piece to catch Kira as he promised L.

Soichiro followed L’s footsteps and died while trying to stop Kira. Decided to create his own ideal and crime-free world, Light mobilized the police to catch Mello, who Light blamed for Soichiro’s death. But Mello also set his own traps and intends to risk everything to prove that Light is Kira.

Personal thought: Death Note, the drama, is a good drama. Unfortunately for myself I saw first the movies and I still think that the movie is better made. They keep the original idea of the story, but changed here and there to not copy the exact story from the movie. The two actors that played Kira and L are young and talented.

In the end of the drama you have the proof, if it’s needed, that this drama is Japanese. In Japanese dramas good always wins, the bed pays for his crimes. In every dramas or movies the Japanese put some morals. Every story has his own moral and the once watching it could learn something from there, if they watch carefully and pay attention.

Episode 11

Light:”I have no intention of going back”

It’s Soichiro’s funeral. Light made plans for Sayu to go live with their aunt so he could be alone and finish what he started. Someone calls Light. It’s Mello!. He found out the connection between Light, Mikami and Misa and plans to kill the three Kira’s. The same time Light made sure to blame Mello and Himura for his father’s death.

The following days Mello tried to kill Misa, Mikami and Light. But all three of them survived. Because Mello also knows the rooftop they were meeting, now Light and his army found a new place to meet and discuss their plans.

Light:”Let’s find it together, the three of us: an ideal new world without crime.”

There is one thing Light forgot in his plan. He forgot about Watari, who loved L and how watched all the videos L left before he died.

Light:”The place I’m going is Kira’s new world.”

The police found Mello’s hideout. They rushed to arrest Mello for Soichiro’s death. After knowing Mello’s location, Light calls Mikami and Misa to prepare their parts of the plan. Mikami’s part is to look at Mello, get his real name and write it in the Death Note. Then Misa has to write in other Death Note the names of the police officers that know about the notebook.

Light:”Found you, Mello. This is the day you’ll die!”

Everyone is on position. Suddenly Light sees Mello, dressed as a police officer, running away. He follows Mello. When their eyes met, Mello was gone. The one in front of Light was Near. All this time Near pretended that Mello took over his body. It was all part of his plan. Working with Himura was also part of Near’s plan. Kidnapping Sayu would’ve made the cautious Kira make a mistake. Asking the Death Note, would’ve made Kira worry. Also Near found out the identity of the other Kira. He exchanged the Death Note that Mikami had with a fake one. Near knows that Mikami is there with him and Light and that Mikami wrote his name in the fake notebook. When the police will get the notebook Mikami has they will have the proof they need that Mikami is the tired Kira.

Near:”I’ve won this battle!”

But Mikami also put in his desk drawer a fake Death Note because Light expected Near or Mello to exchange the real one from Mikami’s office. Happy that he won, Light began smiling. But the 40 seconds passed and Near is alive.

Near hacked into Mikami’s computer so that Mikami will receive fake news about the criminals whose names Mikami wrote in the fake notebook that Near gave him. Then the police come in. Near worked with the police officers to catch Kira. Before he died, Soichiro told his team that Light is Kira so if something will happen to him, they should work with Near to catch and stop Light. Also Himura was a former FBI agent that L infiltrated into Soichiro’s team to catch Kira.

Near:”Yagami Light, you are Kira!”

Light tries to save himself by writing everyone’s name in the Death Note. But Matsuda saw him and shot him. To protect his God, Mikami spilled a fuel cylindrical container and started a fire. Unfortunately Light was in the middle of the fire and he couldn’t get out.

Light:”I’m not…going to die. I will create a peaceful world. I will change the world!”

Light was caught in the fire together with the Death Note and burned alive, while begging Ryuk to save him and the notebook. Mikami and Misa lost their memories about the Death Note and Kira as soon as the Death Note burned.

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