“She Was Pretty ” ep 5 ~ Seong Joon:”I didn’t think our relationship was that close.”

Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri are getting closer. She even asked Shin Hyuk to help her push Seong Joon away.

Seong Joon is starting to see Hye Jin with other eyes. He is about to realize that the intern Kim Hye Jin is his first love, Kim Hye Jin. Fortunately for Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk, who knows the truth about Hye Jin and Seong Joon, helped her.

Episode 5

Hye Jin forgot her phone inside Seong Joon’s hotel room. She remembered that he is left handed and his favorite day of the year is the international day of left handed people. As a child Seong Joon used that day for all his passwords. Not having the card key for Seong Joon’s room, Hye Jin tried the password he used as a child. And it worked. She got in and found her phone. Before Hye Jin come out, Seong Joon woke up. Scared she broke the glass in which it was the puzzle Seong Joon liked. When she left, Hye Jin took one of her shoes and one of Seong Joon’s shoes.

Ha Ri and Hye Jin went to eat at Hye Jin’s parent’s house. When they left, Han Seol called Hye Jin to go to the office and send some mails because she is extremely busy and can’t go. The beautiful Han Seol was getting her manicure and pedicure done. After sending the emails, Hye Jin saw the light on in Seong Joon’s office. Thinking that he forgot the light on, she entered. She sees a mannequin and plays with it until she broke one of the mannequin’s hands. Suddenly Hye Jin hears Seong Joon’s voice and hides in the closet. She heard him talking on the phone that it’s possible that The Most will cease to exist in three months. Seong Joon found Hye Jin in his closet and threatened her to not tell anyone about what she heard.

Later Seong Joon went to the gym where he met Ha Ri. After exercising Ha Ri took Seong Joon home.

A new day of work started. Hye Jin realized that she lost in the office the puzzle piece Seong Joon gave her when they were children. She spends the whole day trying to get back that puzzle piece. She was about to put her hands on that piece, but a co worker pushed it into Seong Joon’s office. Seong Joon was talking on the phone and the piece stuck on his shoe soles. Finding an excuse to go into Seong Joon’s office, Hye Jin dropped intentionally a pen on the floor to get the puzzle piece. But Seong Joon kept moving his leg.

Seong Joon leaves the office. The puzzle piece came out. Seong Joon is about to look behind him and see the puzzle piece, but Shin Hyuk comes suddenly and hugs Seong Joon. While he was hugging Seong Joon, Shin Hyuk took the puzzle piece and hid it under his own shoe soles.

Seong Joon:”I didn’t think our relationship was that close.”

After work Shin Hyuk met Hye Jin and returned her the puzzle piece. The night she got drunk, Shin Hyuk heard her saying that she and Seong Joon were elementary school classmates and that Hye Jin was Seong Joon’s first love.

Shin Hyuk:”You’re pretty!”

Hye Jin:”You know how to comfort a person.”

On his way home, Seong Joon sees Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk eating happily.

Shin Hyuk is buying a cup of ramen, but he is a little short with the money. Luckily Ha Ri was there and paid for him. They’ve ate together and got closer.

Returning from the lunch break, Seong Joon heard Han Seol telling someone that she made Hye Jin do her work in the weekend and she plans to do the same that day. Back to the office, Seong Joon sees Hye Jin coming out of his office. He goes in and he sees on his desk a juice and a sandwich. Worried that he won’t eat anything, Hye Jin brought Seong Joon lunch.

As she said on the phone, Han Seol made Hye Jin stay late and do her work. On his way out, Seong Joon sees Hye Jin working late. Also she was cleaning the floor after one of her coworkers dropped her coffee.

Hye Jin hurt her finger in the glass that she broke at Seong Joon’s house. He asks her to put a new band aid, to take care of herself before taking care of others jobs. Since she didn’t know form where to get a new band aid, Seong Joon showed her and he even helped her put the band aid on her finger.

It’s raining again. Hye Jin is in the bus on her way home when the bus stopped. Someone is in the middle of the road, falling on the ground. That someone is Seong Joon. There was a car accident and the moment he saw the victim of the accident, Seong Joon remembered his mother, who had an car accident. Hye Jin sees him and goes to help him.

The same time Ha Ri was together with Shin Hyuk. They were waiting for Seong Joon. Ha Ri wants to tell Seong Joon that Shin Hyuk is the man she will marry soon so she won’t be able to meet with Seong Joon.

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