“She Was Pretty ” ep 6 ~ Hye Jin:”Ji Seong Joon and me are going alone?”

The more he meets Ha Ri, the more Seong Joon has the impression that she is a completely stranger. Seong Joon begins being attracted to the ugly intern, Hye Jin. But something happened and he is surprised to see that Ha Ri is the real Hye Jin, when Ha Ri gave him something only Hye Jin should’ve had.

Episode 6

Hye Jin took Seong Joon away from the street. He is shivering and asking Hye Jin to go and leave him alone. Worried, Hye Jin can’t leave Seong Joon alone so she asked for a driver to send him home.

Ha Ri, who was waiting for Seong Joon, called and the driver told her what happened. She rushed over to make sure that Seong Joon is alright.

Meantime at the house, Hye Jin is worried about Seong Joon. Is he alright? Did he eat? Did he took medicine? Then Shin Hyuk calls Hye Jin. She asks him to go and make sure Seong Joon is alright. Shin Hyuk went to Seong Joon’s house, took care of him the whole night and gave Seong Joon medicine.

When he woke up, Seong Joon saw Shin Hyuk there, wearing his underwear and his gown. On their way to work, Shin Hyuk had the pleasure to make fun of Seong Joon while mentioning the underwear.

Shin Hyuk:”We even spent the night together. You’re trying to keep your distance too much, Deputy Chief Editor.”

At the office, Seong Joon wants to talk about the night before with Hye Jin, but he can’t bring himself too. But he sees that Hye Jin caught a cold when Hye Jin sneezes on his face. Everyone in the office is keeping their distance from Hye Jin to not get the cold from her. Seeing her sneezing because of him, Seong Joon goes to buy medicine for Hye Jin. Returning to the office, Seong Joon tries to give Hye Jin the medicine without anyone seeing him, but Shin Hyuk did it first. Going towards Hye Jin’s office, Seong Joon sees Shin Hyuk putting a mask on Hye Jin and giving her cold medicine.

Later Ha Ri called Seong Joon to see how he is feeling and to take him out for lunch. When they meet it started raining and Seong Joon is surprised to see her behavior. He still thinks that Ha Ri is Hye Jin so he doesn’t understand how she could change so much. Hye Jin hates the rain because her hair gets messy when it’s wed, but Ha Ri loves the rain, it remembers her of her mother. Also Ha Ri calls the green light when she is crossing the street “ green light”, while Hye Jin calls the green light “it’s go”.

Hye Jin finds an onion on her desk. She doesn’t know what it means. Then she goes in Seong Joon’s office with the mail. His phone ringed so she answered. While she was leaving him a message from the caller, Hye Jin saw on Seong Joon’s computer that he searched for cold remedies and found out that the onion is one of them.

Returning to the office, Seong Joon sees the onion in a glass in water and starts smiling. At night, while he leaves the office, Seong Joon sees Hye Jin sleeping on her chair. He grabs her head and sustained it to not let her fell. Later he sees Hye Jin sleeping in the bus stop and in the bus. He parks his car and goes to the bus. He sits next to Hye Jin and lets her sleep on his shoulder.

Seong Joon begins to be attracted towards Hye Jin. He feels that Ha Ri, the girl he thinks is the real Hye Jin, is a stranger, someone that he doesn’t know. During the meeting, at the office, Seong Joon can’t take his eye off Hye Jin.

At night, when he meets Ha Ri for dinner, Seong Joon is surprised to realize that Ha Ri is the real Hye Jin. Ha Ri stole the puzzle piece from Hye Jin’s room and returned it to Seong Joon.

Seong Joon has to go on a business trip. Something come up at the last minute and the fashion director send Hye Jin on the business trip with Seong Joon instead of her.

Hye Jin:”Ji Seong Joon and me are going alone?”

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