“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 5 ~ Yan Hao:”Song Jia An, she’s my wife!”

Can someone with no past have a future? Yan Hao was shot in the head. After being for two weeks in a come, he wakes up. But Yan Hao doesn’t remember anything and anyone. Jia An is there to help him.

Personal thought: There is one reason only why I don’t like Jia An. And that is because the writers made her extremely stupid. On the other hand I feel contradictory about Jia An. I don’t know if I should feel sorry for her or hate her. She sacrificed her whole live for her love for Yan Hao and she still does that, even if Yan Hao doesn’t love her. But she is also really selfish. All Jia An cares about is her love, her happiness. She doesn’t care if Yan Hao loves her or not, if he is happy or not by her side. As long as she is Yan Hao’s wife, for Jia An nothing matters. Well… maybe now that Yan Hao can’t remember anything something will change. Maybe now that Jia An takes care of him and they are always together, Yan Hao will begin to love Jia An and they will be happy in the future. But what will happen if when Yan Hao will still love Shao Qing when he recovers his memory?

Episode 5

Shao Qing and Yan Hao invited Zhen Lun to diner at Yan Hao’s house. When she sees Zhen Lun, Jin Ae thinks that he came to bully her. She recognized him as the driver who almost ran into her when she didn’t pay attention while crossing the street. Hearing that Zhen Lun is Shao Qing’s friend and that he knows no one in Taiwan, Jia An welcomed him.

During diner, Zhen Lun, who’s being chasing Shao Qing for 7 years, and Yan Hao fought over Shao Qing. If Zhen Lun was moving Shao Qing’s hair so that the hair won’t disturb her while eating and putting dishes in her plate for Shao Qing to eat, Yan Hao was hurrying to eat the green peppers Shao Qing doesn’t like.

Yan Hao and Jia An’s divorce papers are ready. Because he is satisfied with Zhen Lun’s work, Yan Hao gave Zhen Lun more power. Yan Hao gave Zhen Lun a document that gives Zhen Lun the power to make any decisions in Yan Hao’s name.

Yan Hao:”Fly! You’re free!”

Walking around, thinking about giving birth to a child to make her relationship with Yan Hao improve, Jia An’s necklace broke.

Jia An went to a jewelry shop to fix her necklace. There she saw Yan Hao. He was holding a little box. He just brought an engagement ring for Shao Qing and is going to meet her. Jia An follows Yan Hao and sees him fighting with a thief. When Jia An called Yan Hao, he looked at her. That moment the thief took out his gun and shot Yan Hao in the head.

For the next weeks Yan Hao is admitted to the hospital. He is in a coma. Jia An is there with him, taking care of him. Meantime Shao Qing is unable to concentrate to her work.

Shao Qing came home drunk. She is worried about Yan Hao, who may not wake up from come. She hugged Jia An and crying in Jia An’s arms for a long time.

Jia An:” I understood that she loves Yan Hao as much as I do.”

That night Shao Qing fall asleep while hugging the suit Yan Hao was wearing the day he was shot. In the morning Shao Qing found the divorce papers that Yan Hao already signed. The same time Yan Hao woke up from coma. Yan Hao recovered, but he can’t remember anything and has to learn everything from scratch.

At the company Zhong Xian already things he is in charge. He considers himself the new chairman of Yan Hao’s company. He even tries to get Zhen Lun on his side. Unfortunately he doesn’t know yet that Zhen Lun is in charge of making all necessary decisions in Yan Hao’s name.

Jia An and Yan Ran took Yan Hao home. He is unfamiliar with the surrounding places and wants to go back to the hospital. He pushes Jia An away. Yan Hao doesn’t remember his life before the shot, but something inside him is telling him that Jia An isn’t the woman he loves.

Yan Hao:”I’m not your husband.”

Scared, Yan Hao runs and locks himself in the bedroom. But he gets hungry and comes out. Since Yan Hao is still unable to fully use his hand, Jia An helps him eat.

Yan Hao:”You have a nice voice. Song Jia An, she’s my wife!”

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