“All about My Mom” ep 13 ~ Sang Hyeok:”I’m Jin Ae’s first love!”

Thinks are difficult for Hoon Jae and he has to close down his firm. From now on he will work for JY Group. And if thinks weren’t bad enough, on his way home, Hoon Jae sees a man approaching Jin Ae. That man is Jin Ae’s first love.

Jin Ae finds out that San Ok is working as a housekeeper and returns the money her mother received in advance to Chae Ri’s grandmother.

Episode 13

Yeong Seon and Jin Ae run into Chae Ri’s grandmother and San Ok. Meeting Chae Ri’s grandmother reminds Yeong Seon of her painful past when she was separated by Hoon Jae’s father. Jin Ae isn’t pleased to see her mother there and suspects her mother to be working as a housekeeper.

Since she doesn’t really like Chae Ri’s grandmother, Yeong Seon invited San Ok to sit with them at the table and treated her better than Chae Ri’s grandmother. Back at the house Chae Ri’s grandmother bragged about her rich background and how Yeong Seon wasn’t her type of daughter-in-law because Yeong Seon was from a poor family. Hearing that San Ok, without realizing, talked back at Chae Ri’s grandmother wanting to brag about her son who is from a poor family, but turned out to be a respectful lawyer.

Meantime Hoon Jae decided to close down his firm before more damage happen. As he promised when the bet was made, Hoon Jae will go work for Chae Ri’s father. Before starting his work at JY Group, Hoon Jae wants some time off to help his employees find new jobs.

Hoon Jae:”I’m responsible for them.”

Sad that he had to give up his dream, Hoon Jae can’t stop thinking about Jin Ae. He sends her a text and they arrange to eat together after work. When he is with Jin Ae, Hoon Jae forgets about his problems and can relax a little. Back at the house they see San Ok scolding Hyeong Soon.

In the middle of his fight with his mother, Hyeong Soon went out. Hoon Jae followed him and found out the reason San Ok and Hyeong Soon were arguing. Also Hoon Jae found out that San Ok works for the same family Hyeong Soon is working for. Hyeong Soon made sure to tell Hoon Jae that he has to keep secret the fact that San Ok works as a housekeeper because Hyeong Kyu and Jin Ae doesn’t let San Ok work since she hurt her knees while working two jobs to be able to raise her three children.

Hyeong Kyu met an old friend in a bar. That man, Yoon Sang Hyeok, used to live in the same neighborhood as Hyeong Kyu and his family and also went to the same school as Hyeong Kyu. Wanting to see Jin Ae again, Sang Hyeok went home with Hyeong Kyu. After saying hello to Hyeong Kyu’s family, Sang Hyeok left. Jin Ae accompanied him out. It’s time to say goodbye and Sang Hyeok wants to take some pictures of Jin Ae. She agrees. While Sang Hyeok was taking Jin Ae’s pictures, Hoon Jae arrived. He doesn’t know Sang Hyeok and thinks that Sang Hyeok is a pervert that takes Jin Ae’s pictures without her permission. Hoon Jae fought with Sang Hyeok to delete Jin Ae’s pictures from Sang Hyeok’s phone. In the fight Sang Hyeok’s phone fell and broke.

It’s time for the two men to introduce themselves. Sang Hyeok introduced himself as Jin Ae’s first love. Hoon Jae is shocked. He wants to be more for Jin Ae, but he isn’t for not. Jin Ae introduced Hoon Jae as just her tenant. Not even a friend, but just a tenant.

Sang Hyeok:”I’m Jin Ae’s first love!”

Hoon Jae:” I had an awful day and I ran into that weirdo.”

On their way back home, the jealous Hoon Jae tries to know more about Jin Ae and Sang Hyeok. He wants Jin Ae to tell him that Sang Hyeok wasn’t her first love.

Hyeong Soon and San Ok finished early their jobs. Leaving president Jang’s house, San Ok hits Hyeong Soon while trying to make him resign his job. Chae Ri comes home and sees them. She comes between them and rudely, she scolds San Ok. Hyeong Soon can’t let Chae Ri treat his mother like that and screams at her. That day Hyeong Soon found out that Chae Ri is president Jang’s daughter and realized the reason his mother insisted so much for him to quit his job.

Jin Ae hears Hyeong Kyu returning some money to their mother and asking her form where she got that large sum of money. She realize that her mother got a job as a housekeeper at the house of the old lady she met the other day.

Because his mother didn’t go to work for a few days, San went to see Hyeong Kyu. But he never said Hye Ju is his mother. San said Hye Ju is his aunt. Then he asked Hyeong Kyu to take good care of his aunt.

Worried about her mother’s health, Jin An found out president Jang’s address and went over. She saw Chae Ri kidding around and making thinks difficult for her mother while San Ok was working. Jin Ae scolded Chae Ri. Then Jin Ae returned the money her mother received to Chae Ri’s grandmother and told her that San Ok won’t be able to come to work from now on.

San Ok’s knee hurt so much that she is unable to walk. Luckily after he gave Jin Ae the address of Chae Ri’s house, Hyeong Soon called Hoon Jae. He arrived just in time to help San Ok by carrying her on his back.

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