“When I See You Again ” ep 19 ~ Yo Qian:” I want to see you as soon as I open my eyes.”

Yo Qian revealed An Xi what Yan Ze is doing. Together they made a plan to stop Yan Ze. Unfortunately An Xi finds out that Ya En is in love with Yan Ze and doesn’t want to hurt the little sick Ya En. Cornered Yan Ze begins acting strangely.

Yo Qian got the evidence he needed to stop Yan Ze, but An Xi believes Yan Ze needs another chance.

Episode 19

Yo Qian is trying to stop Yan Ze from signing the waste management project. But he received a phone call from An Xi who was telling him that his grandfather passed out. He runs away to the hospital. Meantime Yan Ze signed the contract. Unfortunately for the other part Yan Ze isn’t giving them the contract until they give him what he wants.

At the hospital, the atmosphere is awkward between Yo Qian and An Xi grandfather gives them some advices to not regret later. He put their hands together and told them that if they will settle down and get married that he will have a reason to live.

Yo Qian took An Xi home. Mei Wen and Zhi Lin saw them coming together and dragged Yo Qian inside to stay for dinner. Because they were still awkward with each other, Mei Wen asked Zhi Lin to bring the alcohol. Every time An Xi gets drunk she tells the truth. An Xi drunk the glass and got drunk. She drags Yo Qian outside and tells him her true feelings. But Zhi Lin actually gave her ice water. An Xi was pretending to be drunk to tell Yo Qian how she really feels. Yo Qian realized that An Xi is pretending so he took her in his arms and sent AnXi to her room.

In the room, Yo Qian reveals that he knows An Xi was pretending to be drunk. He holds her hand, apologizes for not telling her that Luna was her mother and told An Xi how he really feels.

Yo Qian:” I want to see you as soon as I open my eyes.”

Later Yo Qian reveals An Xi what Yan Ze is planning. Together Yo Qian and An Xi prepare a plan to stop Yan Ze and tell Luna about Yan Ze’s plans. The next day An Xi went to see Ya En. While An Xi and Ya Ru where in Ya En’s hospital’s room, Yong Qing came. Yong Qing returned the canvas he borrowed her the last time, while she was standing in the rain. Also Yong Qing asked Ya Ru to teach her to draw.

As she and Yo Qian planed, An Xi took Ya En out to eat and invited Yan Ze too. Since Yan Ze didn’t keep his suitcase away from An Xi, then he must have hidden the documents in his office. Lying that she goes to the toilet, An Xi entered Yan Ze’s office. She searches the documents, but Yan Ze, who realized what it’s going on, came in. An Xi hid under Yan Ze’s desk, but Yan Ze found her. He is about to drag An Xi away when Yo Qian came.

Yo Qian and Yan Ze went outside to talk while An Xi keeps searching in Yan Ze’s office. Before leaving his office, Yan Ze sent Ya En a text. In that text he told Ya En to go to his office and if she sees An Xi looking through his documents to hide the documents from a brown envelop. Ya En did as Yan Ze told her and hid the documents under Yan Ze’s cabinet without An Xe seeing her.

Yo Qian expected Yan Ze to send Ya En to stop An Xi from finding the documents, if Yan Ze would panic. But Yan Ze didn’t realize in time that Yo Qian wasn’t after the documents. He wanted more important evidence. After An Xi and Ya En left, Da Yu entered Yan Ze’s office and found Yan Ze’s second phone.

An Xi told Luna about the waste management plant. Luna realizes that Yan Ze betrayed her and called him over. Thinking that he already won, Yan Ze resigned his job and couldn’t care less about what Luna thinks or says. On his way home, Yan Ze met Yo Qian, who told him about his real plan earlier. Yo Qian threatened Yan Ze that in the morning he will give Yan Ze’s second phone to the prosecutors.

In the morning, while Yo Qian was getting ready to go to the prosecutors, An Xi came. She is worried that Ya En will suffer if something happens to Yan Ze. She also trusts Yan Ze. While Yo Qian was changing, An Xi took the phone with the evidence against Yan Ze and left. Yo Qian follows her.

An Xi calls Yan Ze and tells him that she has the phone. They meet! An Xi trust Yan Ze and tries to make him change his mind. But Yan Ze is angry. Is isn’t the man An Xi thought he would be. He wants the phone with evidence and he is willing to do anything to get what he wants.

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