“All about My Mom” ep 14 ~ Hoon Jae:” Jin Ae, I miss you! Don’t you miss me?”

Jin Ae is heartbroken to see her mother in pain. But luckily for her, Hoon Jae is there to console her. Easily Hoon Jae begins confessing Jin Ae that he likes her. And he knows that she feels the same, but Jin Ae is too shy to recognize it.

Hyeong Kyu changed lately. He is getting closer to his family.

Episode 14

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae took San Ok to the hospital. She was admitted until the next day. In the hospital Hoon Jae encouraged Jin Ae to not be too worried because her mother will be alright after resting for a while. On their way back to the office, Hoon Jae told Jin Ae that he is closing his firm. She is surprised and would’ve wanted Hoon Jae to tell her sooner, but he wasn’t sure if they are close enough for him to tell Jin Ae his problems. Also Hoon Jae wasn’t happy to hear that Jin Ae is seeing him only as a friend.

Meantime at the office, Hyeong Kyu needs Hye Ju’s computer password. He needs a document from her computer, but he already fired Hye Ju. He doesn’t know if he should call her or not. In the end Hyeong Kyu calls Hye Ju. She runs over to help him.

After work, Jin Ae went to the hospital to see her mother. Arrived at the hospital, Jin Ae finds out that her mother already left. She is back to work. Upset, Jin Ae went to her parents shop and reveal to Dong Chul and Hyeong Kyu that San Ok was admitted earlier because her knee pain returned after San Ok worked as a housekeeper to get money for Hyeong Kyu.

Jin Ae:”You hate me no matter what I do, don’t you?”

Feeling guilty for what happened to his mother, Hyeong Kyu decided to give up his current office and start in a new place, a smaller and cheaper place, something that he can afford with his own money.

Hoon Jae is upset after closing down his business so he goes to his mother’s house. He calls Jin Ae to get her permission to spend the night at his mother’s house. Seeing her son smiling, Yeong Seon wants to meet the woman Hoon Jae likes so much.

Hoon Jae:”I’m not reporting, I want your permission.”

Yeong Seon found out that Hoon Jae’s business failed and that he will start working at JY Group. She isn’t pleased at all. She calls Hoon Jae to try and change his mind. Then she went to see president Jang and asked him to not hire Hoon Jae. Since both president Jang and Hoon Jae didn’t agree with her, Yeong Seong threatened Hoon Jon with disowning him if he starts working at JY Group.

The same day, Hyeong Kyu found a new place to move his office. He and Hye Ju went to visit that place.

Hyeong Soon is trying hard to talk to Chae Ri and reveal the truth. But every time he sees her, he gets scared and misses his chance.

Worried about Hoon Jae, Jin Ae went to his office. He is starting to open up and confess that he likes her.

Hoon Jae :”I don’t think I’m your friend. I’m someone closer than a friend… A special person? “

The next day it’s holiday time and Dong Chul’s aunt comes to visit. She mistreats San Ok, but Jin Ae puts in her place. Later, while San Ok stays home and plays card with the aunt, Dong Chul, Hyeong Soon and Jin Ae went to the shop to prepare the food they will sell the next day. Hyeong Kyu chanced lately. He also comes to help his father and siblings at the shop.

On holiday Hoon Jae went to the mountains. On his way back he calls Jin Ae.

Hoon Jae:” Jin Ae, I miss you! Don’t you miss me?”

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