“She Was Pretty ” ep 7 ~ Shin Hyuk:” Jackson, I like you!”

Seong Joon and Hye Jin are in a business trip together…alone. Hye Jin was scared to be all alone with Seong Joon for two days and one night, but things were better then she expected. During that trip they got closer and she realized that Seong Joon didn’t change so much from her childhood friend.

Realizing that he likes Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk didn’t want to let her alone with another man so he went after them. While the three of them were together, jealousy strikes both Seong Joon and Shin Hyuk. A battle for Hye Jin starts.

Episode 7

Seong Joon and Hye Jin left for their business trip together. In the car the silence is awkward. Hye Jin tries different ways to make conversation, but Seong Joon make her shut up. He has a lot to think about. But they can’t go straight to their destination, Hye Jin is hungry.

They stopped at the first rest stop and Seong Joon ordered the most expensive beef. He thinks he has enough money to pay it. Unfortunately he forgot his wallet on the desk…in his office. Hye Jin wants to pay with her own car, but she doesn’t have enough money. In the end Seong Joon and Hye Jin are forced to clean the cattle manure to pay off their bill.

Hye Jin and Seong Joon finished cleaning and finally they can leave. But then…Hye Jin realized that she lost her employee card. She is looking for it, but she can’t find it. Seong Joon helped her finding her employee card by rummaging through the cow dung.

Seong Joon and Hye Jin left the rest stop. On their way, Hye Jin explained Seong Joon why her employee card is so important to her and why it gives her the necessary straight to move on. He also has a thing that means the world to him, while for the others it’s nothing, his puzzle. Suddenly Soeng Joon gives Hye Jin his hand without saying anything. She holds his hand without knowing why he gave her the hand. Then Seong Joon told her that he doesn’t want her to hold his hand, he wants her to pay for the broken glass from his house. Over cleaning the cattle manure, Seong Joon and Hye Jin got closer. Now they can even talk and joke with each other.

Seong Joon:” You’re the perfect type to get swindled.”

Hye Jin:”I will take it as a joke!”

Seong Joon and Hye Jin arrived at their destination. Contrary to the one he is at the office, Seong Joon is differently. He is acting differently around Hye Jin. He tells her about his childhood, his life after immigrating, his mother’s accident. He even accepts Hye Jin’s opinion about the concept he is drawing. While taking pictures of the place, Seong Joon finds himself lost in Hye Jin’s smile, in her happiness. He smiles often while looking at her. But what surprised Hye Jin the most is the fact that for the first time, Seong Joon called her by her name.

Joking around Seong Joon and Hye Jin went to have dinner. They spend a wonderful time together. They are so lost in their conversation and their fun that they didn’t even realize that it’s late and the restaurant is closing. Seong Joon is curious about the things Hye Jin likes.

Seong Joon:”Your taste is similar to mine.”

It’s late and the waiter told them than its closing time. On their way out Seong Joon protects Hye Jin from a biker that was about to hit her. They walk around embarrassed. Suddenly they stop to watch the sky full of stars. They day she spent with Seong Joon and realizing that Seong Joon didn’t change as much as she thought, Hye Jin feels like she could tell him the truth, that she is his old friend Kim Hye Jin.

Hye Jin:”I’m going to tell you something you might be very surprised to hear. Memories are more beautiful when they’ve been frozen in time.”

They walk around and Hye Jin is ready to tell Seong Joon who she is. Suddenly she heard Shin Hyuk calling her. Hearing that Hye Jin and Seong Joon are all alone, Shin Hyuk came too. He didn’t like the idea of Hye Jin being alone with another man. It’s late, but Shin Hyuk wants to go for drinks. At first Seong Joon rejected the invitation, but he ended up going. Seong Joon too, doesn’t want Hye Jin to be all alone with another man.

While drinking, Shin Hyuk was joking around with both Seong Joon and Hye Jin. Seeing how close Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin are, how they joke around, how Shin Hyuk touches Hye Jin so freely, Seong Joon gets jealous. Pretending to hit a mosquito, Seong Joon hits Shin Hyuk. He is so jealous of Shin Hyuk and Hye Jin that he can’t even see that he is drinking from a beverage with alcohol while he can’t drink.

Since Seong Joon fainted again after drinking so little, Shin Hyuk had to carry Seong Joon once again on his back to the room. There Shin Hyuk is the one that gets jealous. Looking into the photos that Seong Joon took, Shin Hyuk sees a lot of pictures with Hye Jin and gets jealous.

Back at work everyone is surprised by Seong Joon’s behavior. He isn’t grumpy anymore. He salutes his team, he encourages them, he smiles at them. He even smiles and thanks Hye Jin for buying his lunch. Seeing him like that, Hye Jin asked Seong Joon to make some time for her in the following days. She plans to invite him to dinner and tell him the truth.

Leaving the office, Hye Jin goes to dinner with Shin Hyuk. He isn’t pleased to hear that Hye Jin intends to tell Seong Joon the truth. Shin Hyuk is scared that after finding out the truth, Seong Joon and Hye Jin might like each other. That night Hye Jin found out that the little sister Shin Hyuk was talking about was actually his dog. Hye Jin got angry with him for always playing tricks on her. Shin Hyuk told her the truth, he confessed his feelings for her, but Hye Jin thought he was joking.

Shin Hyuk:” Jackson, I like you!”

While trying to make the angry Hye Jin forgive him for making fun of her, Shin Hyuk sees Ha Ri and Seong Joon kissing. He hugged Hye Jin to not let her see Ha Ri and Seong Joon.

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