“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 6 ~ Shao Qing:”I’m the most unforgettable person in your life.”

Yan Hao can’t remember anything prior to his accident. He goes on dates with Jia An, they pay happily, they walk holding hands and act like a real couple. Seeing Jia An stealing her happiness, Shao Qing gets angry. Left alone with Yan Hao, Shao Qing took Yan Hao out and told him about their relationship.

Episode 6

Yan Hao is at home, watching pictures with him and his friends. Since he doesn’t remember any face from the pictures, Jia An helps him out. Then she helps him shower, while they have a pleasant conversation. Later Yan Hao accompanied Jia An shopping. Now Yan Hao is treating Jia An as he never did during the years they were married. He also speaks with her like he never did until now.

After shopping, Jia An made the mistake to take Yan Hao to his company. There reporters jumped on Yan Hao with questions. Yan Hao, who isn’t fully recovered yet, was stressed and didn’t know what to do.

Zhen Lun saw the commotion outside and came to help Yan Hao and Jia An. He takes Yan Hao and Jia An inside. When they were alone, Zhen Lun scolded Jia An for bringing Yan Hao to the company. If the word comes out that Yan Hao is sick the company could face a crisis.

The board of directors plans to vote Yan Hao out of his position. For that to not happen, Zhen Lun told Jia An that she, as Yan Hao’s legal wife, has to attend the meeting and represent Yan Hao. Zhen Lun will help her.

Zhen Lun:”Let me know your plans.”

While Zhen Lun was talking to Jia An, Yan Hao was alone in his office. Hearing that he came, Shao Qing went to see Yan Hao. They talk about the bluebird that Yan Hao used to raise without him knowing that the bluebird represented Shao Qing

Shao Qing:”I’m the most unforgettable person in your life.”

When Shao Qing left the office, Zhong Xian came in. He found Yan Hao alone and realized that something is wrong. Yan Hao was acting strange. He showed some documents to Yan Hao and was about to know the truth about Yan Hao’s condition when Jia An and Zhen Lun came in. Before Zhong Xian could find out more about Yan Hao’s condition, Jia An took Yan Hao away. That day Zhong Xian was surprised to find out that Shao Qing is Jia An’s best friend and that Zhen Lun is Shao Qing’s friend and junior from school.

As Mei Mei advised her Jia An takes this opportunity in which Yan Hao can’t remember anything to create her ideal marriage. She tells Yan Hao about their romantic dates, they play in the water, they walk on the street holding hands.

At home Shao Qing brought Yan Hao’s favorite dish. She is hurt to see Yan Hao and Jia An coming home from their date happy. She offers to get Yan Hao clean clothes, but Yan Hao rejects her saying that his wife can help him.

Yan Hao:”Jia An can help me.”

After cleaning Yan Hao, Jia An let him eat with Shao Qing. While he was eating, Yan Hao was cold and formal towards Shao Qing. She gets close to him and tries to tell him the nature of their relationship, but Yan Ran comes. He knows what Shao Qing’s intentions are.

Later that night, Shao Qing get angry with Jia An for wanting to create beautiful memories for Yan Hao and herself. She gets angry with Jia An because Jia An intends to safe her marriage and it’s possible that Jia An could turn Yan Hao away from Shao Qing.

Shao Qing wants Yan Hao to comeback soon to his old self. Only then Yan Hao could be hers. The new Yan Hao rejects her and accepts Jia An.

Personal thought: Shao Qing protested so much that she doesn’t want to be like her mother, but in the end she is doing exactly what her mother did….she is destroying a family. If Shao Qing took a decision, good or bad, that was her decision so she should stick to it. If Shao Qing abandoned Yan Hao so that Jia An could be happy, why is she trying now to hurt everyone in order for her to be happy. In the end I don’t think Shao Qing really loves Yan Hao. It’s more like she wants him because he is rich and she wants to win against Jia An. Meantime Jia An, in her innocents, wants only Yan Hao to be happy. Jia An is willing to sacrifice her whole life for Yan Hao, rich or poor, with or without his memory. Still Jia An is the one apologizing to her own husband’s mistress. Poor Jia An…she will hurt a lot the moment she will find out Shao Qing, her best friend, betrayed her and wanted to get Yan Hao away from her.

Jia An has to study the documents Zhen Lun gave her. But she can’t. Yan Ran is on her side so she wants to help he save her marriage. Yan Ran doesn’t want to sleep with his brother anymore and send Yan Hao in Jia An’s room. They played like a happy couple for a while and then they went to bed. For the first time Jia An had the conversation and the night she desired. She slept on Yan Hao’s arm while he was hugging her. From outside their room, Shao Qing was boiling with anger that Jia An is happy with Yan Hao.

In the morning Jia An had to leave for her meeting with Zhen Lun. She asked Yan Ran to stay home with Yan Hao, but Yan Ran has to work. Shao Qing offered to spend the day with Yan Hao thinking that like that she could turn Yan Hao towards herself.

While Jia An is at the company with Zhen Lun, Shao Qing took Yan Hao to a wedding dress shop. She tried a wedding dress and told Yan Hao that they were going to marry.

Shao Qing:” The person I’m going to marry…it’s you!”

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4 Responses to “To the Dearest Intruder” ep 6 ~ Shao Qing:”I’m the most unforgettable person in your life.”

  1. Fullday says:

    Dramachaser, thanks for keeping up with the recaps of this series. I agreed with what you think: “In the end I don’t think Shao Qing really loves Yan Hao.” :). SQ is quite contradicting in what she is doing. From what she said JA is her best friend and she wants to protect her. But if you already left without saying anything for 10 years why still come back to ruin her friends’ family (Although I think, “10 years” is exagerating). I don’t think she really loves YH or truly care for JA. To me she is selfish since the moment of 10 years ago when she left without a word. There is something that she doesn’t want let go. I feel like she is chasing her 10 years feeling/memories more than she loves YH. On the other hand, I feel like her coming back is needed because of the unhappy marriage between JA and YH. There is something need to be sorted out between these two. JA can’t be happy with this kind of marriage while YH’s heart need to be healed. None is happy, they need to be set free and it doesn’t matter what kind of solution it is. I have to admit, I am very much against affair. Already watched ep. 8, an intensed episode but I really enjoy it because I was waiting for things come to light. Can’t wait to watch ep. 9 >_<

    • lemonmirae says:

      Well…lets give Shao Qing some credit here. She was always afraid of becoming like her mother, but in the end her wrong decisions made her exactly what she didn’t want….a mistress. But it’s not only Shao Qing’s fault. Yan Hao shouldn’t had married Jia An if he knew that he won’t be able to love her and make her happy. Both Yan Hao and Shao Qing keep saying that they want the best for Jia An, but in the end they make her suffer the most.
      Personally I think that if Yan Hao and Shao Qing would’ve been honest with Jia An and told her that they like each other, Jia An would’ve understood. Of course she would’ve suffered for a while, but she would’ve recovered….and most importantly she would’ve met someone that could love her and make her happy (which I think is why Zhen Lun appeared :D).
      During the 10 years she was away, Shao Qing probably never met someone who loved her as much as Yan Hao and that is why she returned. Both Yan Hao and Shao Qing left something unfinished and that is why they are unable to forget themselves. Maybe they will end up together….maybe they won’t…who knows ( except the producer, actors, writers). So Shao Qing had to come back to resolve the unfinished business between Yan Hao and herself….and maybe to introduce Zhen Lun to Jia An.
      And your right none is happy. They need to do something and free themselves from the past. All of them deserve to be happy.
      What I can’t understand is why Jia An insisted with having Yan Hao as her husband if she knew that he didn’t loved her as much as she loved him. So in the end she is also at fault for her own unhappiness. All three of them made wrong decisions which brought them to their unhappy present.
      Thanks for reading and for your comm! XD

      • fullday says:

        haha, that’s true. They all chose their present. 🙂 I like the idea of JA and ZL end up together. 😀 but dont know how it can happen. They look cute together ^^. They can make a good couple. I think all these leads have one common thing is they are too obsessive to their love. Anyhow I dont care how the story ends as long as everyone can be true to themself.

      • lemonmirae says:

        Yep, that’s true. As long as they are true to themselves who cares how he story ends XD

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