“She Was Pretty ” ep 8 ~ Seong Joon:” Don’t ever show up in front of me again.”

A mistake happened at work and Hye Jin was fired wrongly. Everyone in her department wants her back and calls her. Still Hye Jin rejects them. She even rejects Seong Joon’s request. But something happened and Hye Jin returned to work. This time Hye Jin was changed.

Episode 8

Shin Hyuk stopped Hye Jin from seeing Ha Ri and Seong Joon kissing. He took her home and asked her about what kind of friend Ha Ri is. Hearing Hye Jin talk about her birth friendship with Ha Ri, Shin Hyuk couldn’t bring himself to tell Hye Jin what he saw.

Shin Hyuk:”Dream about me!”

Meantime Ha Ri confesses Seong Joon that she is in love with him and wants to be his girlfriends. She hates Seong Joon talking about his past with Hye Jin.

Hye Jin heard Ha Ri saying that she found someone that she fell in love with. Not knowing that the man Ha Ri likes is Seong Joon, Hye Jin is really happy for her friend.

Hye Jin:”I’ll be rooting for your love.”

When he arrived home, Seong Joon found Shin Hyuk at his house. Shin Hyuk can’t decide if she should tell Seong Joon the truth about Ha Ri and Hye Jin or not. Before leaving Shin Hyuk asked Seong Joon how much does he know about his girlfriend.

Hye Jin’s shoe sole fell off. So that she won’t hurt her leg, Shin Hyuk carried her on his back. He asks her about her feelings towards Seong Joon.

The same time Seong Joon was going to his date with Ha Ri. He sees Shin Hyuk carrying Hye Jin and he can’t take his eye off them until he got into a car accident. Arrived late at his date with Ha Ri, Seong Joon hugged her and promised her that he will not get distracted ever again and that he will never again make her worry.

The next day at work, Seong Joon is in a bad mood. He is back to his old self. Seong Joon even gave away to another person the breakfast Hye Jin brought him.

In the morning Seong Joon goes to work as he does every day. He suddenly hears someone saying something that his childhood friend, Kim Hye Jin used to say. He sees his intern, Hye Jin and is surprised. He runs after her, but he can’t say anything.

The problems from work make Seong Joon be in a bad mood. He is aggressive with everyone that he thinks it’s not doing the job correctly and perfectly. That day it’s also the day Hye Jin arranged to meet with Seong Joon and reveal the truth to him. Because he couldn’t make Hye Jin change her mind, Shin Hyuk went to see Ha Ri and asked her to stop playing to be Kim Hye Jin.

Meantime at the photo shoot, Hye Jin had to move a car, but outside its raining and her hair went crazy.

Hye Jin:”I have viciously curly hair so it gets bigger when it rains.”

Seong Joon hears her and he is surprised. He remembers that every moment he spent with the intern Kim Hye Jin reminds him of his childhood friend. But something bad happened. The dress that the model in supposed to wear for the photo shoot was ruined. Hye Jin was in charge of watching the dress, but Han Seol sent her to move the car.

Seong Joon:” Who are you that you keep getting on my nerves? Don’t ever show up in front of me again.”

After being scolded and screamed at, Hye Jin was fired. Later the girl who ruined the dress come and confessed everything to Seong Joon.

Everyone in the editing department misses Hye Jin. During their meeting Shin Hyuk gave an idea that Seong Joon approved. Later Shin Hyuk goes inside Seong Joon’s office and tells him that the idea was Hye Jin’s so if they will use that concept, they’ll have to bring Hye Jin back.

Shin Hyuk:”Do you really not have any other feelings towards Kim Hye Jin? I like Kim Hye Jin!”

Wanting to comfort Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk went to see her. He took her for a walk. They’ve spent the day together walking, taking photos…having fun.

Shin Hyuk:”If you’re that thankful then date me.”

Seong Joon looks at Hye Jin’s notebook and decided to rehire her. He goes to see her, he apologizes and asks her to return to work. Still Hye Jin rejected his offer. She is uncomfortable working with him.

The next day, Hye Jin changed her mind. She wants her job back, but she can’t find the courage to call Seong Joon. Suddenly she received a text from Seong Joon to ask her again to return to The Most editing department. She did! But this time she is changed. Hye Jin returned beautiful and well dressed.

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