“All about My Mom” ep 15 ~ Hyeong Soon:” I didn’t want to lose you.”

Hyeong Soon doesn’t answer to Chae Ri’s calls from the day he left a letter explaining her everything. On Chae Ri’s birthday, she finds out the truth about Hyeong Soon and is disappointed.

Hoon Jae becomes uncontrollably jealous every time Sang Hyeok is around Jin Ae. Angry because Jin Ae had dinner with Sang Hyeok, Hoon Jae confessed his feelings.

Episode 15

Hoon Jae offers to take Jin Ae to work. In the parking lot a courier called Hoon Jae and gave him a small box and a letter. Yeong Seon’s anger cooled down. She got a new car for Hoon Jae as a present for his first day of work at JY Group.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae are about to leave when Shang Hyeok showed up. He also came to drive Jin Ae to work. A new fight over Jin Ae between the two men started. But Jin Ae decided to not go with any of them. In the end she went to work as she always does, with the bus.

Sang Hyeok:”I want us to start dating again.”

Arrived at his new workplace, Hoon Jae realized that Sang Hyeok is his new team leader. And Sang Hyeok plans to give Hoon Jae a hard time.

Dong Chul is looking for a job. He desperately wants to financially help his family for the first time in his live. After looking for a job, Dong Chul went to see Hyeong Kyu’s new office. There he met Hye Ju. Both Dong Chul and Hye Ju feel like they’ve met before. Soon after, Ji Yeon came also. Hyeong Kyu broke up with her and doesn’t want her help to succeed in his business. She is cold with Ji Yeon and sends her away.

Few days ago Hoon Jae was the owner of his own small architectural firm. Now he has to start from bottom. But not only Sang Hyeok is giving Hoon Jae a hard time, president Jang jumps in to help Sang Hyeok. President Jang visited the site and asked the leader there to give any left work to Hoon Jae. After his first and hard day of work, Hoon Jae went to see his mother. He hears his aunt telling his mother that it could be great if Hoon Jae could take over JY Group. If that will happen, Yeong Seon could have the revenge she deserved for the suffering she got when she was young. Later Yeong Seong explained Hoon Jae what happened in the past without telling him to much details or that president Jang is his real father.

Hyeong Soon keeps ignoring Chae Ri so she came to his neighborhood. Scared that she might find his parents shop and meet his mother, Hyeong Soon told Dong Chul to send Chae Ri away. While Dong Chul was talking to Chae Ri, San Ok arrived. Realizing that her old maid and her boyfriend must know each other since they live in the same neighborhood, Chae Ri treated San Ok politely like she never did before.

Hoon Jae arrived home and finds Jin Ae waiting for him near the house. On their way to the house, Hoon Jae told Jin Ae everything about his first day of work, including the fact that Sang Hyeok is his team leader.

San Ok:”They keep hanging out together.”

The next day, president Jang’s secretary called Hyeong Soon. President Jang needs a driver for the day. At first Hyeong Soon rejected the offer, but he somehow ended up accepting. While driving president Jang, Hyeong Soon found out that he was driving president Jang to meet Chae Ri. That day was Chae Ri’s birthday.

Jae Min came too and when president Jang found out that Jae Min and Hyeong Soon are friends, he invited Hyeong Soon to stay for diner too. Soon Chae Ri and her grandmother arrived. Chae Ri received the shock of her life when she found out that she was lied, that her boyfriends wasn’t the person she believed he was.

When everyone went inside, Chae Ri stayed outside with Hyeong Soon. She is angry and wants to know why was she deceived. Hurt and disappointed Chae Ri lets Hyeong Soon believe that she only liked him because she thought he was a doctor from a rich family.

Hyeong Soon:” I didn’t want to lose you.”

Chae Ri:”You’ve really let me down. I don’t want to let a con artist ruin my birthday!”

Hoon Jae had another hard day at work and wants to have dinner with Jin Ae. He calls her, but Jin Ae had dinner plans with her mother. When Hoon Jae arrived home, he saw San Ok there. Upset, Hoon Jae called Jin Ae. Hearing that she is having dinner with Sang Hyeok, Hoon Jae practically ordered her to leave her spoon down and get home in maximum 30 minutes.

Hoon Jae:”Put your spoon down and come home.”

After talking to Jin Ae on the phone, Hoon Jae glares at San Ok while he eats and looks at his watch. Then he went outside to wait for Jin Ae. When she arrived, Hoon Jae, angry, scolded her for having dinner with another man. Then he kissed her.

Hoon Jae:”You like me, but you went and had dinner with another man!”

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