“All about My Mom” ep 16 ~ Hoon Jae:” I’ll disappear from your life!”

Jin Ae finds herself in love with Hoon Jae and dreams about having a relationship with him. Suddenly she’s imagining how her married live will be with Hoon Jae, who is in certain aspects similar to her own father, and wakes up from her daydreams. She begins pushing Hoon Jae away. Not being able to take the rejections, Hoon Jae packs his luggage to leave Jin Ae’s house.

Episode 16

San Ok sees Jin Ae and Hoon Jae returning home together. She is suspicious. Jin Ae was supposed to be with Sang Hyeok. Since Sang Hyeok is the youngest son of a rich family and his parents live in Australia, San Ok thinks he is the perfect match of Jin Ae. While San Ok and Jin Ae were arguing, Hoon Jae heard San Ok telling Jin Ae that she won’t accept her daughter to marry the only son of a widower mother like Dong Chul or Hoon Jae.

Later in her room, Jin Ae imagined how her live will be if she marries Hoon Jae and she didn’t like what she imagined. Now she is more strongly decided to never get married.

In the morning Hoon Jae wants to drive Jin Ae to work, but she avoids him. He runs after her without tying his necktie. Sang Hyeok also came to give Jin Ae a ride. While Hoon Jae and Sang Hyeok were fighting over Jin Ae again, Hyeok Kyu suddenly came and made it clear that he is on Hoon Jae’s side.

Hyeong Kyu:”You have no chance here.”

Scared of how things could end up between Hoon Jae and her, Jin Ae left Hoon Jae speechless and left with Sang Hyeok.

Jin Ae is worried about her relationship with Hoon Jae and plans to break up with him before starting it. She tells Yeong Seon her concerns and the fact that her mother doesn’t want her to marry the only son of a widower. But, without knowing that they talk about her own son, Yeong Seon gives Jin Ae some advices and encourages her to love freely without being scared that a relationship will stay in her way of succeeding in life. Still she hasn’t made her mind yet. When Hoon Jae calls her to invite her to dinner, Jin Ae was cold with him.

Hyeong Kyu doesn’t have any customers. He sees Hye Ju giving away flyers to promote his firm, but since she isn’t registered as an employee yet, that was illegal. He scolded her.

Chae Ri’s been having a hard time since the day she found out the truth. Wanting to know why Hyeong Soon lied to her, if he liked her at least a little bit, Chae Ri went to Hyeong Soon’s house. There Chae Ri discovered that San Ok, her old maid, was actually Hyeong Soon’s mother.

While they talk, Hyeong Soon wanted to explain everything to Chae Ri, but she isn’t ready to listen yet. She called the department store where Hyeong Soon used to work and found out that he was fired because of her. Now Chae Ri believes that Hyeong Soon deceived her out of revenge.

Jin Ae and Hyeong Kyu found out what Hyeong Soon did with Chae Ri. Angry with what Hyeong Soon did, Hyeong Kyu scolded him. Upset, Hyeong Soon didn’t stay put and listened to his brother’s scolding. He fought back. What right does Hyeong Kyu has to scold him when he drives an expensive car and wears expensive clothes when they are having a hard time financially? What right does Hyeong Kyu has to scold him when Hyeong Kyu doesn’t go to blind date unless the girls are rich?

Hyeong Soon:”I really liked her!”

Upset and hurt, Hyeong Soon leaves. Jin Ae and Hoon Jae follow him to comfort him. After talking for a while with them, Hyeong Soon needs to be alone and think about his problems, his feelings. Remained alone Hoon Jae and Jin Ae talk about themselves too. Hoon Jae knows that Jin Ae is avoiding him. Meanwhile Jin Ae needs some time to put her feelings and her thought in order.

Now that Chae Ri knows the truth, Hyeong Soon returned to work for president Jang.

Hoon Jae tries one more time. He calls Jin Ae, but she is still avoiding him. On Jin Ae’s way home, she meets Hoon Jae. They fight and Hoon Jae took a decision. He won’t confuse Jin Ae’s life anymore so he will move out of Jin Ae’s house and won’t meet her again.

Hoon Jae:”I shouldn’t interfere with your life. I should get out of your sight entirely! I’ll disappear from your life!”

Hyeong Soon comes home and finds Hoon Jae packing. He tries to change Hoon Jae’s mind, but Hoon Jae waits for Jin Ae to say something. But she doesn’t. Hoon Jae takes his suitcase and leaves. Hyeong Soon follows him. At some point Hyeong Soon fooled Hoon Jae and took his suitcases. Still Hoon Jae can’t return. He will come back another time for his things. He turns around and leaves. Suddenly Jin Ae grabbed him and asked him to stay.

While Jin Ae and Hoon Jae were hugging on the street, San Ok came accompanied by Sang Hyeok.

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