“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 6 ~ Hong Pei:”It will take six years before I can come back.”

Shu Hai lets Hong Pei posses him, but something goes wrong and Shu Hai was about to die. Hong Pei beings remembering things from the past and his body changed.

Episode 6

Zheng Nan and Si Yi met to have dinner together. They talk about Si Yi resigning her job and Hong Pei. Suddenly Jian Hao arrived too. Zheng Nan hopes that Si Yi will forget Hong Pei and start a new life with Jian Hao. At the office, Zheng Nan invited Jian Hao to come to dinner too. As soon as Jian Hao arrived, Zheng Nan left, leaving her two friends alone.

Meantime at his house Shu Hai was trying to let Hong Pei posses him. He still has the spray that fell from Si Yi’s bag when they were attacked. After using that spray too much, Shu Hai feels sick. He can’t breathe properly, he can move. Hong Pei tries to get Shu Hai’s allergy medicine from his bag, but Hong Pei can’t touch things. He is worried! Shu Hai is on the floor, lying unconscious. Luckily Zheng Nan came in time to bring Shu Hai a package.

Hong Pei:”The roses must be the necessary element.”

A girl that one of Shu Hai’s internet friends met while playing an online game came to Taipei to meet him. That girl seems to be able to see Hong Pei.

The next day, Shu Hai and Hong Pei went to exercise. Shu Hai is still feeling bad. Worried about Shu Hai’s condition, Hong Pei asks him if Shu Hai suffers from some kind of disease and that is why he hates going hiking or exercising in general.

Meantime Si Yi enjoys her break. She is free to do the things she likes. She is free to breathe. Si Yi wants to go visit Hong Pei, but she doesn’t know where Hong Pei’s body was buried. Hong Pei’s mother refused to tell Si Yi.

Personal thought: If no one besides his mother knows where Hong Pei was buried…what if Hong Pei is still alive? That thought come to my mind. What if Hong Pei didn’t die six years ago and he is in a come? And that is why Hong Pei’s mother doesn’t tell anyone where Hong Pei is buried…because there is not tomb or grave…..

Si Yi went to see Hong Pei’s mother to ask her where is Hong Pei. Instead of getting her answer, Si Yi was slapped. Hong Pei saw the whole scene. Luckily Jian Hao was there to stop Hong Pei’s mother from mistreating and hitting Si Yi. Later Hong Pei heard his friend Jian Hao encouraging Si Yi to forget Hong Pei. Jian Hao even tried to kiss Si Yi.

Si Yi:” I keep having the illusion that he hasn’t died yet…and just went abroad to study.”

That night Hong Pei was with Si Yi, even if he couldn’t do anything to console her.

Hong Pei:”I didn’t go anywhere.”

The pain from seeing Si Yi suffer so much made Hong Pei remember that the day before his accident his mother threaten Si Yi to convince him to go study abroad for six years. Si Yi did as Hong Pei’s mother wanted and told him to leave or they will break up.

Hong Pei:”It will take six years before I can come back.”

Si Yi:”I promise I’ll wait six years for you.”

All the pain that Hong Pei feels changed him into something else.

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