“When I See You Again ” ep 20 ~ Final episode!

An Xi and Yo Qian fight with Yan Ze. In the middle of their fight Ya En appeared and got hurt. Scared that Ya En could die, Yan Ze chose Ya En over the phone with evidence against him. Later Yan Ze went into hiding, but the people who care about him found him and gave him a huge lesson.

Personal thought: A story about unfinished business that in the end finished well for the two characters. Watching this made me think what errors one can make when there is not communication. Also this drama teaches you to not judge a book by its cover. The first impression might be disappointing, but one has to give a second chance. Yo Qian was an ugly geek bullied by everyone, but he turned out a lot better than his bullies. Yo Qian’s story it’s also a good advice to the students that are in the same position as Jasper Liu’s character. Don’t give up on your dream and your studies just because your classmates (that usually are envious of you or have problems at home) bully you because one day you, the bullied geek, could because the CEO of big company while your bully could only be the one that open you car door or just the person watching your company’s parking lot. I had to admit that I’m curious what would’ve happen to Yo Qian and An Xi if they wouldn’t had split because of a misunderstanding. Maybe Yo Qian wouldn’t have changed so much, wouldn’t have left Pu Lang Village and wouldn’t have become the business man he became.

On the hand I can’t say I enjoyed Yan Ze and Ya En’s story. They had no chemistry and they didn’t really look good together to me. Ya En’s character was made to look like an elementary kid, while Yan Ze was a grown up man. Also they made the actress that played Ya En to look really ugly, while she isn’t. I’ve seen her in other dramas.

Another think that I personally didn’t like was the fact that they kind gave me the impression of a wrong message regarding Luna. They made me think that a good mother can’t be a business woman and a business woman can’t be a mother. Well….I think it can! Luna could’ve become what she became even without abandoning her daughter. It’s not like Luna became smarter after abandoning her daughter and husband.

But…it wasn’t a bad drama. Let’s say…..and 7 out of 10?

Episode 20

An Xi met with Yan Ze in order to make him change his mind and not go one with his plan to help build a waste management plant in Pu Lang Village. But Yan Ze is furious. He is willing to do anything in order to get the phone with evidence against him from An Xi. Scared that Yan Ze might hurt her, An Xi ran away.

Ya En sees Yan Ze chasing An Xi and tells Yo Qian which way they went. Yo Qian found An Xi and Yan Ze. A fight between the two men started. Suddenly Yan Ze grabs An Xi and threatens Yo Qian with throwing her off the roof if Yo Qian won’t return him the phone.

Yan Ze is about to get his phone back, but Ya En, who arrived late, took it. Seeing that Yan Ze intends to hurt An Xi, Ya En doesn’t want to return the phone. She turns around and runs away. They are in a parking lot and a car is coming towards Ya En. An Xi doesn’t want Ya En to get hurt so she wants to save her. An Xi pushed Ya En away. Yo Qian on the other hand doesn’t want An Xi to get hurt so he protects her.

Seeing Ya En lying unconscious on the ground, Yan Ze doesn’t care about his phone or the evidence against him. He takes Ya En to the hospital to save her life.

An Xi comes back to her senses. But Yo Qian is still unconscious. Crying she promises God that if Yo Qian will wake up, she is willing to do anything in return.

Personal thought: Now seriously who is giving the writers the idea that when you are chased by someone who wants to hurt you the best thing you could do is go somewhere with no people around? Why in every Asian dramas they put that stupid thing on? It’s only natural to run away from someone to a place full of people. Like that the evil one won’t hurt you and if he will try there will be someone that could help you…..or at least call the police…..

Back at the hospital, An Xi remembers that on that day her mother has her surgery. Since An Xi promised to be there with her on that day, Luna postponed her surgery. When An Xi and Yo Qian arrived, Luna saw An Xi limping and Yo Qian bleeding. When he was hit by the car, Yo Qian hurt his hand. Wanting to protect An Xi, Yo Qian didn’t tell her that he is hurt.

Luna’s surgery was rescheduled. On the day of her surgery An Xi and Yo Qian come to be there for her. An Xi is more worried about the surgery than Luna. But Luna encouraged her. Luna plans to recover after her surgery and change her life. She wants to be a mother that could make An Xi happy. Also Luna left the company in Yo Qian’s hands.

Yo Qian:”I’ll do my best.”

After the surgery Luna and An Xi’s relationship improved.

Ya En and An Xi are the people who know and understand Yan Ze and his actions the best. Together with Ya Ru, Yong Qing and Yo Qian, Ya En and An Xi went to look for Yan Ze. They found him and made him realize that he isn’t alone, as he thought. They forgave him for his mistakes and now they want him to support the consequences for his actions so he could start a new live. They will support him through all. Also Luna decided to forgive Yan Ze. She will pay the breach of contract to the company that wanted to build a waste management plant.

Yan Ze received the lesson of his life. The people who he wanted to hurt are actually his friends. They love and support him no matter what.

Back at the hostel two men came to confess their love for Zhi Lin. Those two men are Hai Kuo and Da Yu. The same time Yan Ze meets Ya En. He apologizes to her for his behavior, while Ya En thanks him for showing her that she was right to trust in him.

An Xi:”This is the place where I first became curious about you.”

An Xi and Yo Qian went on a date. They went to the first place An Xi became curious about Yo Qian…the aquarium. A friend of An Xi works there, that friend it the same person that used to bully Yo Qian in school. As a revenge for all the things he did to Yo Qian, both Yo Qian and An Xi played a joke on him. Yo Qian told him that the geek he used to bully in school commit suicide. Then Yo Qian dressed as he used to in school and together with An Xi, Yo Qian scared his old bully. After scaring him enough, An Xi and Yo Qian told him the truth.

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