“She Was Pretty ” ep 9 ~ “A favorable opportunity opposing the fate of man”

Hye Jin started a new life. The change began from herself. She changed her appearance and returned to work. With her new appearance, new opportunities come towards Hye Jin. While grabbing a new opportunity, something happened to Hye Jin and was involved in a car accident. Worried Seong Joon went to her.

Episode 9

Hye Jin:”I want a new start!”

Hye Jin will return to work. But first she wants to change her appearance. She goes to a salon to take care of her hair. Then she goes to get new clothes and a makeup. At the office everyone is shocked to see her. She is totally different from the Hye Jin they knew. But they all like the new Hye Jin. She is working hard as the old Hye Jin, but now she is also beautiful. The only one who thinks the ugly Hye Jin was prettier is Shin Hyuk.

Shin Hyuk:”What have you done to your hair? You’re wearing makeup? I can’t see your freckles! This doesn’t suit you. The old Jackson is a lot prettier!”

The editing team from The Most has a meeting. They discuss about what they should do for the 20th anniversary of their magazine. Hye Jin is the one that gave the best idea and everyone congratulated her. Later, while she went to Seong Joon’s office, he returned her notebook to her and gave her a welcome present also. It was her employee card.

At night Seong Joon is supposed to meet Ha Ri. But Ha Ri is afraid to meet him. She keeps avoiding him. She is afraid to tell him the truth that she isn’t his first love, Kim Hye Jin. Ha Ri’s been under a lot of stress lately. She hasn’t eaten properly or slept properly. On her way home, Ha Ri fainted. The one that saw her was Shin Hyuk. He took her to the hospital.

When she woke up, Ha Ri, crying, told Shin Hyuk that Seong Joon is her first love and that is way she wasn’t able to tell him the truth.

Personal thought: Oh, please! Now am I supposed to feel sorry for Ha Ri? She betrayed her best friend and she is lying to the man she says she loves. With that kind of friends who needs enemies! She knew from the start that Hye Jin and Seong Joon were each other’s first love. She went instead of Hye Jin to the first meeting as Hye Jin asked her, but then it was her own decision to lie both Seong Joon and Hye Jin. As a good friend she should’ve just advised Hye Jin to meet Seong Joon from starters. She should’ve helped Hye Jin dress better, wear some makeup and take care of her hair….at least for that one date. Sorry Ha Ri…you deserve it and I am not feeling sorry for you or your suffering. You’ve brought it on yourself because you’re selfish.

Another day passed at the office. Shin Hyuk saw the present Seong Joon gave Hye Jin to welcome her back and got jealous. That day he also needed to give Hye Jin a welcome present… in his crazy style.

The event for The Most 20th anniversary came. Everyone is there, greeting the guests. The show started and soon will be the time for Seong Joon’s opening speech. But Seong Joon hasn’t arrived and he isn’t answering his phone. Outside is raining and Seong Joon remembered again his childhood trauma. Since someone had to give the opening speech, the one that did it was Ra Ra Kim.

Seong Joon arrived in the middle of Ra Ra’s speech, but he wasn’t himself yet. He sits on a bench, lost in his thoughts. Hye Jin, who knows what happened to him, sits there beside him, without saying anything.

The next day, the whole team was insulting Seong Joon for coming late at the 20th anniversary event and creating problems for them. Since Hye Jin knows the truth, she stepped in to defend Seong Joon. She was about to tell the team about Seong Joon’s trauma when Seong Joon stopped her. Seong Joon is happy that there is one person defending him, but he doesn’t want Hye Jin to tell anyone about his trauma.

Hye Jin received the opportunity to write an article. Afraid that she won’t do a good job, Hye Jin rejected the opportunity. Shin Hyuk tried to convince her to give it a chance since no one does a good job from the beginning. Still Hye Jin said no.

At night Seong Joon and Hye Jin met at the bus stop. He stays with her until Hye Jin’s bus arrives. Seong Joon tells her about Caerus, the personification of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. Caerus or Kaerus was the youngest son of Zeus and had only one lock of hair. This god brings at the right moment what is convenient and fit. He represents the favorable and advantageous occasions. That fleeting moment must be grasped otherwise the moment is gone and can’t be re-captured.

Telling Hye Jin about Kaerus was Seong Joon’s way of encouraging her to take the opportunity given to her and write the article.

Hye Jin decided to take the opportunity given to her. She is working hard on her first article. She also has her first interview in a different town. Fashion Director Cha borrowed Hye Jin her car. Unfortunately Hye Jin took by mistake another car keys, from another coworker. The car that Hye Jin took isn’t working properly.

Realizing that Hye Jin took the wrong car, everyone is worried. They try to call her, but Hye Jin isn’t answering. Seong Joon sees that a woman was involved in a car accident in Paju and realizes that Hye Jin went there with a broken car. Worried Seong Joon drives to Paju. On his way, Seong Joon remembers all the moments he spent with Hye Jin and that Hye Jin was always there when he needed her.

Arrived at the accident scene, Seong Joon sees Hye Jin. He goes to her and hugs her.

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  1. hanakimi91 says:

    Do not feel sorry for Hari, I don’t.

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