“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 7 ~ Shao Qing:”Jia An is the third party!”

Jia An is studying harder then she would’ve wanted for the board of directors meeting thanks to Zhen Lun. She is ready to face the directors, but on the day of the meeting something happened and the directors found out about Yan Hao’s condition.

The man that shot Yan Hao was caught and the ring he took from Yan Hao that day was returned to Jia An. The only problems is that the ring doesn’t fit Jia An.

Episode 7

Shao Qing:”We are both tired parties!”

Shao Qing took Yan Hao to the wedding dresses shop. She tried a wedding dress and appeared in front of Yan Hao telling him that the two of them had plans to get married before his accident. But Yan Hao isn’t fully recovered and he doesn’t understand what Shao Qing is trying to tell him. When she saw Yan Hao so frightened, Shao Qing, while crying, told Yan Hao that she just lied. She invented a story about Yan Hao being her partner for one of her friend’s wedding.

Shao Qing finished changing. They are leaving the shop. But Yan Hao asked Shao Qing to help him pick a present for Jia An. After they’ve bought Jia An a pair of shoes, Shao Qing took Yan Hao on a date. They went eating outside, they went shopping, they enjoyed being together. Then Shao Qing told Yan Hao how they’ve met and how he confessed for the first time. Of course she avoided telling him certain thinks that at the moment Yan Hao won’t understand.

Jia An can’t focus on learning. She brought home the documents Zhen Lun wanted her to memorize. She thought she got away from Zhen Lun, but he actually followed her home for a more effective learning time. Zhen Lun thought that if Jia An can’t focus at work, then she will be able to do so at home. He even threatened Jia An that he plans to sleep there until she finishes her studies.

Jia An has to attend the board meeting so she can’t take care of Yan Hao. Since she doesn’t want to leave Yan Hao alone at home, she asks Yan Ran to take care of his brother. Yan Ran took Yan Hao to school with him. While Yan Hao was in coma, Yan Ran wanted to retire from school. Now the teacher doesn’t want to take him back. Yan Ran is about to be expelled when Yan Hao gets involved. He asked Yan Ran’s teacher to give Yan Ran one more chance. At first the teacher refused, but then Yan Hao saw a model building that the teacher is planning to use for an architectural competition. Even if he isn’t fully recovered Yan Hao hasn’t forgotten his architectural skills. Seeing the model building, Yan Hao advised the teacher to change a little the model building to make a better one. In exchange of Yan Hao’s help, the teacher agreed to accept Yan Ran back in school, but also the teacher wants Yan Hao to teach the class.

Later Yan Ran left Yan Hao at the company’s lobby to wait for Jia An. Before Jia An got to him, Zhong Xian saw Yan Hao. He took Yan Hao out for drinks and lunch. While they were talking another man was recording the conversation. The man that was recording them was someone Zhong Xian knew. He put that man to record his conversation with Yan Hao. They were talking about Yan Hao’s medical condition. With that recording Zhong Xian plans to get the company away from Yan Hao.

After he got what he wanted, Zhong Xian left Yan Hao on the street to be found by the once that were looking desperately for him, Jia An, Shao Qing, Zhen Lun and Mei Mei. Unfortunately Zhong Xian got what he wanted from Yan Hao. But Zhen Lun and Shao Qing know what Zhong Xian intentions are.

On their way home Yan Hao held Jia An’s hands because he wants to be a good husband.

Yan Hao:”The other time you held my hand. Now I will hold your hand.”

Meantime Mei Mei asks Shao Qing if she likes Yan Hao. Mei Mei is friends with both Jia An and Shao Qing. She doesn’t wants any of them to suffer, but most importantly she doesn’t want Jia An to suffer and Shao Qing to make herself the third party. Since Mei Mei already suspects that she likes Yan Hao, Shao Qing told Mei Mei the truth. She told Mei Mei that she and Yan Hao love each other since 10 years ago and that makes Jia An the third party.

Shao Qing:”We haven’t forgotten each other. Jia An is the third party!”

It’s the day of the board directors meeting. Jia An is ready for it. Zhen Lun and Shao Qing are there for her. They arrived at the company, but they are too late. Zhong Xian had already shown the recording with Yan Hoa talking about his condition to the directors. Zhong Xian got what he wanted. The directors gave Zhong Xian the power he wanted.

After fighting with Zhong Xian, Shao Qing returned home. In front of the house was Yan Hao waiting for her. They went for a walk and Shao Qing let him listen to their song, 10 years by Eason Chan.

Meantime Zhen Lun received a phone call from the police.

They’ve caught the man that shot Yan Hao. That man recognized that he shot Yan Hao and took from him a diamante ring. Jia An took the ring, but it doesn’t fit her. Mei Mei wanted to try it too, but it was too small for her. Then Jia An asked Shao Qing to try the ring too, but when Shao Qing was trying it Mei Mei’s daughter took the ring.

At night Yan Hao goes to the study room to get some documents he needs for the class he will teach the next day. In the study room Yan Hao found the divorce papers, but he can’t read it. Suddenly Shao Qing comes inside and sees Yan Hao holding the divorce papers. She runs and takes the paper from him. That moment Yan Hao remembered that something similar happened in the past.

The next day, Yan Hao went to teach a class, but not all the students are willing to hear him out. Meantime Shao Qing is shocked to find out that Yan Hao is willing to give everything he has to Jia An as long as Jia An signs the divorce.



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