“All about My Mom” ep 17 ~ Hoon Jae:” Jin Ae, I love you!”

When San Ok discovers that Jin Ae is dating Hoon Jae, she got angry and tried to kick Hoon Jae out of the house. The whole family, except for San Ok, agrees with Hoon Jae and Jin Ae dating. In the end San Ok changed her mind and realized that she can watch them better if they are both living under the same roof as hers. But the rules changed a little. Hoon Jae is not allowed to eat with the family anymore.

Chae Ri feels hurt and betrayed so she, while treating Hyeong Soon as her chauffer, makes him drive her to her date with Jae Min. Meanwhile something happened to Hye Joo and Hyeong kyu runs to help her.

Episode 17

Feeling rejected by Jin Ae, Hoon Jae packed his luggage and leaves her house. Jin Ae can’t let him leave and asks him to stay. While they were hugging San Ok and Sang Hyeok arrived. San Ok went crazy when she saw her daughter hugging Hoon Jae in the middle of the street.

Home, San Ok takes Jin Ae to her room and scolds her. Even if she likes Hoon Jae, for San Ok as her son-in-law Sang Hyeok is better. She feels that if her daughter will marry Sang Hyeok , Jin Ae will not suffer. Later it’s time for the second round. San Ok takes Hoon Jae to his room and asks him to leave her house. She explains him why she doesn’t want him as Jin Ae’s boyfriend. But since Hoon Jae said he doesn’t have anywhere to go and because Dong Chul helped him a littler, San Ok let Hoon Jae stay in her house.

While San Ok was scolding Hoon Jae, Jin Ae told Sang Hyeok that he shouldn’t try anymore because she likes Hoon Jae. Back at the house San Ok is following Jin Ae around. She makes sure that Jin Ae and Hoon Jae can’t meet or talk. Later, while they were in each other rooms, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae talk on the phone.

Hoon Jae:” Jin Ae, I love you!”

Since she can’t watch over Hoon Jae and Jin Ae better if she can see them, San Ok accepted Hoon Jae to stay in her house. But the rules changed. Hoon Jae will eat alone from now on. Out of solidarity Hyeong Soon and Dong Chul ate with Hoon Jae in the yard. Hyeong Kyu is also on Hoon Jae’s side and he tries to convince his mother to let Hoon Jae and Jin Ae date.

Hyeong Kyu:”Even if you accept Kang Hoon Jae as your son-in-law, you won’t ever regret it.”

Feeling hurt and wanting to hurt Hyeong Soon, Chae Ri asked her father to borrow her the driver. She acted like a spoiled brat around Hyeong Soon, but he did everything she asked him to. If Chae Ri wanted him to carry her purse, he did. If Chae Ri wanted him to do something, he would do as she asked him. The person Chae Ri met was Jae Min. Chae Ri wanted to hurt Hyeong Soon by showing him that she is happy, meeting his friend Jae Min.

After Hyeong Soon left, Chae Ri left too. Her acting was over now that Hyeong Soon wasn’t there anymore. Before leaving, Jae Min told her that Hyeong Soon must have liked her too since he is hurt now that they broke up.

Hoon Jae is about to leave from work and sends Jin Ae a text to meet for dinner. Unfortunately for him, Sang Hyeok saw him and gave him more work to do resulting in working overtime. Jin Ae finds out and decided to give Hoon Jae a surprise. She bought dinner and went to Hoon Jae’s office.

Later, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae returned together at the house. San Ok already had invited Sang Hyeok there. As soon as she sees Hoon Jae and Jin Ae together, San Ok gets angry. A fight starts between mother and daughter and Jin Ae leaves the house. Hoon Jae follows her to calm her down, but still Jin Ae refuses to go home that night. Luckily Yeong Seon needs Jin Ae’s help with some documents and calls Jin Ae to her house.

Hearing that Jin Ae will go to his mother’s house, Hoon Jae called his aunt to hide all his pictures. When Jin Ae arrived, all the pictures with Hoon Jae disappeared.

Hyeong Kyu needs a document and calls Hye Joo. When she was telling him where the document was, suddenly Hyeong Kyu hears Hye Joo screaming. Worried about her, Hyeong Kyu runs to Hye Joo’s house. He finds her scared and the house was a complete disaster.

That night the maid found a letter send to Chae Ri in the yard. She dropped it few days ago. It was the letter in which Hyeong Soon was explaining her everything.

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