“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 7 ~ “If you can’t control your powers, you also can’t control your desires.”

Something strange is happening to Hong Pei. He is starting to change to be unable to control his powers. One day Hong Pei possessed Shu Hai and while being inside Shu Hai’s body he kissed Si Yi. When Shu Hai found out what happened, he was angry with Hong Pei.

Someone took Shu Hai’s watch and Hong Pei is gone.

Episode 7

Shu Hai went to look for Mystic Dragon. He told something to Zheng Nan and he also took Shu Hai’s watch. While Shu Hai was asking for his watch back, Mystic Dragon told him that the girl he met online saw also Hong Pei. No matter how much Shu Hai asked for his watch back, Mystic Dragon didn’t want to return it.

Later Shu Hai went to see Zheng Nan. If Mystic Dragon doesn’t have his watch, then Zhen Nan has it. They start a little fight and Shu Hai breaks some flowers at the restaurant Si Yi is now working. Finding out from Zheng Nan that his father isn’t feeling that well, Shu Hai wants to go home, but Zheng Nan already made sure that Shu Hai won’t leave that day.

After Shu Hai left, Zheng Nan helps Si Yi prepare some biscuits. While talking to Si Yi, Zheng Nan suddenly remember that Si Yi and Hong Pei already saw Shu Hai during their university days. While they were students, Si Yi, Hong Pei and Zheng Nan were volunteering at an orphanage. That orphanage was the one where Shu Hai grew up on. One day while they were volunteering Shu Hai came also for Si Yi’s biscuits.

Home alone, Shu Hai thinks about all the time he spent with Hong Pei. Meantime Hong Pei is in a park thinking about what he just remembered and what he just saw happening between Si Yi, his mother and Jian Hao. Suddenly smoke starts coming from his body and he changes into something else. The same time at the house Shu Hai is wearing the watch, but the watch is starting to be hot and it’s burning Shu Hai. He takes of the watch and after he cools it down, he puts it back. As soon as Shu Hai put the watch back, Hong Pei appeared at the house. But Hong Pei wasn’t feeling that well.

In the morning when he woke up Hong Pei was feeling better. But his powers grew. He could move things only by looking at them. He had wings and his eyes looked differently. When Shu Hai woke up and called his name, Hong Pei came back to himself and his wings disappeared.

Mystic Dragon is going on a date with Xiao Long Nu. Shu Hai and Hong Pei tag along. Even if she can see and hear Hong Pei, Long Nu pretends that she can’t. She laughs if Hong Pei tells Shu Hai something, but pretends that she isn’t laughing about what Hong Pei said.

After walking around the whole day, the three of them and Hong Pei went to the restaurant where Si Yi works. Long Nu liked Si Yi and invited her to come with them. At the amusement park, Long Nu told Si Yi that she will get married soon. But before that she wanted to see the Mystic Dragon once. Later, while she was alone with Hong Pei, Long Nu talked to him. She gave him some advises and asked him to keep his distance from Shu Hai because humans and ghosts can’t be friends.

Long Nu:” The closer you get, the weaker be becomes. If you can’t control your powers, you also can’t control your desires.”

Hong Pei can’t believe what he heard from Long Nu. He can’t believe that he will eventually hurt Shu Hai. Angry that Long Nu keeps insisting that he will hurt Shu Hai, Hong Pei screamed at her and he wasn’t able to control his powers. Long Nu advised Hong Pei to search for the reason he is still into the human world without being able to move on.

Long Nu:”You’re only Si Yi’s past. Her future is there!”

Hurt Hong Pei started hurting the people around him at the amusement park. The wind Hong Pei made brought roses around Shu Hai. Because of Shu Hai’s allergies, Hong Pei was able to posses Shu Hai and talk to Si Yi.

Hong Pei:” This is the only way I can see you. I’ve said before that I would never leave you.”

Si Yi is shocked. Shu Hai is telling her the words Hong Pei used to. Then he kisses her. When Si Yi comes out from her shock, she slaps Hong Pei and leaves. That moment Hong Pei left Shu Hai’s body, leaving Shu Hai unconscious lying on the ground.

Knowing that something happened that got him slapped, Shu Hai goes home. Hearing that Hong Pei possessed him and kissed Si Yi, Shu Hai got angry. He is furious. He doesn’t want Hong Pei to say anything. He is afraid that he will do something that he will regret later.

That night, after Shu Hai fell asleep someone took his watch and Hong Pei disappeared.

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