“All about My Mom” ep 18 ~ Hyeong Soon:”Jang Chae Ri, I love you!”

Chae Ri reads Hyeong Soon’s letter and realizes what he really feels about her. She goes to see him and they are back together. Hyeong Kyu on the other hand can’t bring himself to leave Hye Joo alone and spends the night at her house.

Afraid that Hoon Jae might hide something important from her, Yeong Seon went to see where Hoon Jae lives. She follows him home and sees that Jin Ae is Hoon Jae’s girlfriend.

Episode 18

Chae Ri finally reads the letter Hyeong Soon send her to explain everything. While reading the letter, Chae Ri realizes that Hyeong Soon didn’t lie to her because he wanted to make fun of her, but because he fall in love with her. Crying, Chae Ri went to Hyeong Soon’s house, but he wasn’t there. At the house was only Hoon Jae.

Hoon Jae tries to call Hyeong Soon to tell him that Chae Ri came looking for him, but Hyeong Soon isn’t answering. The one that met Hoon Jae and Chae Ri is Dong Chul.

Jin Ae finished her work with Yeong Seon and after having a glass of wine together it’s time for them to go to bed. Jin Ae was offered Hoon Jae’s room. She looks around and sees the Yeong Seon’s son has similar taste with Hoon Jae. The scent is similar to. Later Jin Ae talks to Hoon Jae on the phone until they fall asleep.

Hyeong Kyu heard Hye Joo screaming and ran over to her house to see what happened. He saw the house made a disaster and Hye Joo scared. After she calmed down, Hye Joo refused to call the police. Hyeong Kyu leaves, but worried about Hye Joo, he returned. That night Hyeong Kyu will stay with Hye Joo in case the person who devastated her house returns.

In the morning Hye Joo’s mother and San returned home. The moment she saw Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo’s mother recognized him o be San Ok and Dong Chul’s son.

Chae Ri stayed with Dong Chul at the store where he works until he saw Hyeong Soo. She goes after him crying.

Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon resolved their problems and are back together. Now they both hide from Chae Ri’s father and grandmother. They meet secretly for dates or see each other when Hyeong Soon comes at the house with president Jang. Happy that Hyeong Soon likes her, Chae Ri bought new rings for them.

Hyeong Soon:”Jang Chae Ri, I love you! Let’s not break up, ever.”

Chae Ri:”Hyeong Soon, I love you too!”

Jin Ae, the runaway, returned home. On her way to the house, she met Hoon Jae and they went on a date. Later, when they arrived home, Jin Ae went to make peace with her mother. Unfortunately they got into another fight when San Ok saw how much Jin Ae loved the clothes Yeong Seon bought her, while Jin Ae never wore the clothes San Ok got her.

Meantime, Hyeong Kyu is working on a case. He needs a file that Hye Joo should’ve sent him, but she didn’t. He calls her, but Hye Joon doesn’t answer. Worried that something must have happened to her, Hyeong Kyu runs over to Hye Joo’s house.

The next day, Hoon Jae received a tip from Dong Chul. If he fixes the side dishes shop’s floor, Hoon Jae could earn some points with San Ok. He rushes over to fix it. The same time, Yeong Seon came to the neighborhood to see where Hoon Jae lives. She sees her son with San Ok and Dong Chul and doesn’t understand why her son is intimidated by Jin Ae’s mother.

Yeong Seon follows Hoon Jae home and sees who his girlfriend is.

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