“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 8 ~ Yan Hao:”I’m not sure if I still love you.”

Thinks are going well between Jia An and Yan Hao. But Yan Hao suddenly starts remembering his relationship with Shao Qing. Meantime Jia An found the divorce papers that Yan Hao already signed.

Episode 8

Shao Qing found out that Yan Hao is willing to give up everything for her. She looks at him as asks herself if they could be happy in the future if she reveals the truth about their real relationship. But she stops. She doesn’t want to be selfish….or she doesn’t want Yan Hao anymore now that she knows that he wants to leave all his assets to Jia An at their divorce.

When Shao Qing leaves the school, she met Yan Ran. He gets angry with her and doesn’t want Shao Qing near his brother. Yan Hao sees Yan Ran getting angry with Shao Qing and goes over. No matter how much Yan Ran insisted that Shao Qing is trying to get between Yan Hao and Jia An, Yan Hao didn’t believe him. Angry and disappointed Yan Ran left. After Yan Ran left, Yan Hao has a headache and Shao Qing took him home.

Later at the house Shao Qing scolded Jia An for being careless and forgetting the diamond ring at Mei Mei’s shop. Subconsciously Jia An wants the ring to disappear since she knows that there is another woman trying to get between her husband and herself. She opens up before Shao Qing, who she believes is her best friend, and tells Shao Qing about her suspicions of Yan Hao having an affair. Shao Qing tries to clam Jia An down, but Jia An isn’t willing to let a mistress ruin her family. Jia An is willing to find the woman that tries to destroy her family and fight with her.

Shao Qing:”What if the third party is me?”

That night, while trying to sleep, Yan Hao remembered part of his past. He remembered his past with Shao Qing. He remembered confessing to Shao Qing.

In the morning Jia An took Yan Hao to the doctor. Since he started recovering, the doctor advised Yan Hao to walk the same paths he used to before the accident. Trying to get more memories back, Yan Hao asked Jia An to take him to the company. There Yan Hao looks around the companies files. He starts getting back some memories again and he gets a headache. Jia An leaves the office to bring Yan Hao a tea, but she hears some employees talking about Yan Hao and his mistress.

Returning to the office, in a shock, Jia An met Zhen Lun.

On their way home, Jia An is lost in her own thoughts. She is about to fall, but Yan Hao helps her. They sit on a bench and Jia An tells Yan Hao the truth about their marriage. She tells him that she lied to him when she pretended they’ve had a happy marriage when actually they didn’t. Jia An knows that Yan Hao was avoiding her. Crying, Jia An tells Yan Hao that their marriage had problems and it’s possible that he had a mistress. Yan Hao consoled Jia An. No matter what type of person he was before his accident, now all he wants to have Jia An by his side, smiling every day.

Jia An:”I know that you were avoiding me all along.”

Yan Hao:”I want to live a blissful life with you again.”

The next morning Jia An woke up happy. She is singing while cooking. When Shao Qing woke up, she wanted to tell Jia An the truth as Zhen Lun advised her. She is about to tell Jia An that the ring Yan Hao bought the day he was shot is for her, but at the last second Shao Qing changed her mind. Later Shao Qing has the nerve to make herself the victim in front of Yan Ran who doesn’t understand how much she suffers because she has to choose between friendship and love, but she doesn’t want to hurt Jia An. Well….if she doesn’t want to hurt Jia An why is she hurting Jia An? You can’t protect someone by lying to that person that everything is alright and letting that person dream about the perfect life she will never have.

At night Jia An wants to spend the night with her husband and try having a child. But Yan Hao starts remembering something again. And this time also is about Shao Qing. In the morning Yan Hao found his phone and tried some numbers that he thought could be his phone password. He was surprised to see the texts between Shao Qing and himself. He looked at the pictures from his phone and all of them were with Shao Qing and himself. Then Yan Hao called Shao Qing.

Yan Hao:”I have something to ask you.”

Yan Hao remembered that Shao Qing left without saying goodbye and after ten years she returned and he wanted to divorce Jia An. He met Shao Qing. She is happy that finally Yan Hao remembered their relationship, but he is rejecting her.

Yan Hao:”I’m not sure if I still love you.”

Shao Qing:”The person you truly love…is only me. I will wait for you.”

Meantime at the house, Jia An is doing laundry and she finds the divorce papers signed by Yan Hao. After that she starts acting strange, she avoids Yan Hao.

Jia An met with Zhen Lun to ask his opinion. What can she do to save her marriage? But Zhen Lun’s answer wasn’t what Jia An expected. In Zhen Lun’s professional opinion, Jia An can’t hold onto a marriage who already ended. She can only talk thing through with Yan Hai and part ways on good terms. Later Jia An met Shao Qing and revealed Shao Qing that she found the divorce papers.

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