“She Was Pretty ” ep 10 ~ Seong Joon:”I don’t wrap my feelings up in a joke like a coward.”

Seong Joon realized that he has feelings for Hye Jin. She struggles to avoid him, but in the end Seong Joon was able to confess. Shin Hyuk also can’t hide his feelings and confess his feelings for Hye Jin.

No matter how much one tries to hide a lie, it can never last too long. Before Ha Ri got the chance to reveal the truth to Seong Joon, he found it.

Episode 10

Hye Jin drives towards her destination when smoke starts coming out of her car. She stops the car and goes to look for help. Suddenly she sees Seong Joon arguing with some police men. When he saw Hye Jin, Seong Joon came to her and hugged her tight. He can breathe now. Nothing happened to Hye Jin. But Hye Jin is more worried about him and how was he able to drive there when it’s raining so hard.

Seong Joon:”I didn’t know it was raining.”

Seong Joon puts a blanket on Hye Jin and drives her home. The atmosphere is awkward between them since earlier when Seong Joon hugged her. To change the atmosphere Hye Jin turned off the radio, but the songs were all about hugging so she turned it off fast.

Hye Jin mustered the courage and decided to reveal the truth to Seong Joon. She gets a taxi and goes to the hotel Seong Joon stays. She sees him, but she couldn’t tell him the truth. Seong Joon was talking to Ha Ri, the girl he believes to be his first love Kim Hye Jin. Ha Ri also came to reveal the truth. She wrote a letter in which she explained Seong Joon everything. But Seong Joon is tired and needs to put his thought in order so he sends Ha Ri away.

Now that she saw Ha Ri and Seong Joon together, Hye Jin understands a lot of things. She understands who Seong Joon’s girlfriend that her coworkers were talking about was, she understands why Ha Ri was curious about her business trip with Seong Joon and why Ha Ri never introduced Hye Jin to her boyfriend.

Personal thought: What in the world happened with Hye Jin’s curly hair? It’s raining outside and her hair got wet so why isn’t her hair curly? And …it just rained so why the streets are dry?

Hearing that Hye Jin left with a broken car and she isn’t answering her phone, Shin Hyuk went after her. He was involved in an accident on the way and there he saw Seong Joon hugging Hye Jin. He went to the hospital and from there he called Hye Jin.

Shin Hyuk went to Hye Jin and she told him that she saw Ha Ri and Seong Joon together.

Hye Jin:”I …like Seong Joon! I’m pretty sure Seong Joon feels the same way.”

The next day Hye Jin met Seong Joon on the way to work. She doesn’t know how to look at him or to talk to him. She does everything she can to avoid him, but Seong Joon has something to talk to her. It’s about what happened the night before. Suddenly Hye Jin sees Shin Hyuk coming and runs over to him leaving Seong Joon alone.

She got away from Seong Joon easily on the streets, but how can Hye Jin do the same in the office? There is a meeting and Hye Jin doesn’t go in until everyone else is there. She avoids Seong Joon as much as she can. But after the meeting, Hye Jin has to bring Seong Joon the meeting’s minutes.

Hye Jin leaves the minutes and wants to leave the office, but Seong Joon doesn’t let her. He keeps trying to talk to her about their hug, but Hye Jin doesn’t let him. As soon as Seong Joon opens his mouth and talk about it, Hye Jin invents something that she has to do with Shin Hyuk.

During lunch time Hye Jin discovered that Shin Hyuk went to the hospital for a checkup. She is worried and looks for him, but Shin Hyuk doesn’t tell her where he got hurt. While eating Shin Hyuk pretended that he can’t feed himself so Hye Jin had to feed him. When she heard that Shin Hyuk fell while riding his motorcycle and that is how he got hurt, Hye Jin asked him for his motorcycle keys. But since they aren’t dating, Shin Hyuk didn’t give them to her.

Meantime Seong Joon met Hye Rin for lunch.

Shin Hyuk:”Jackson, will you date me?”

Seong Joon forgot to take an important suit from the office. He will have to wear that suit in the morning for an important meeting. Ra Ra sent Hye Jin to bring him the suit. This time Hye Jin couldn’t get away and went inside Seong Joon’s house when she had to listen to everything he had to say.

Seong Joon isn’t the type to go and save just anyone. He went because it was Hye Jin. At first he disliked her. Hye Jin reminded him of someone he used to know. But suddenly, he doesn’t know when , Seong Joon begin liking having Hye Jin around. Hearing Seong Joon’s confession, Hye Jin didn’t know what to answer him. She tried to drink some tea, but she poured it on herself. Seong Joon gave her something to wear and wanted to drive her home. But Hye Jin left without saying goodbye while Seong Joon was getting the car keys.

After Hye Jin left, Shin Hyuk came. He heard that Hye Jin went to Seong Joon’s house and came in her rescue, but he arrived late. Since Shin Hyuk shoes up everywhere Hye Jin is Seong Joon’s jealousy strikes in.

Seong Joon:”I don’t wrap my feelings up in a joke like a coward.”

Hye Jin had an interview with a children book story writer. On her way back, she saw a poster about Renoir. She went to see the Renoir paintings exposition. There she met Seong Joon. She defended him from some kindergarten children who were making fun of him. Then they took pictures together.

Hye Jin:”I’ll see you tomorrow!”

After his meeting, Seong Joon arranged to see Ha Ri. He plans to tell Ha Ri that he fell in love with another woman. Also on that day Ha Ri plans to tell him the truth. Seong Joon’s meeting was at the hotel Ha Ri works. He heard someone calling Ha Ri’s name.

Seong Joon:” Min Ha Ri, who are you?”

The same time Hye Jin found out that Shin Hyuk got hurt while going to get her when everyone thought she was involved in a car accident. Since Hye Jin found out there is no reason for Shin Hyuk to hide anymore. He hugs Hye Jin and confesses his feelings.

Shin Hyuk:”I want you to be concerned about me too. I don’t think of you as a friend. I can never be your friend. “

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