“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 8 ~ Hong Pei:”Wang Shu Hai, don’t steal Si Yi away from me. “

Shu Hai gets closer to Si Yi and he tells her his story and the reason he is acrophobic. Then he admitted in front of Hong Pei that he likes Si Yi. Hong Pei encouraged Shu Hai to fight for Si Yi. With Hong Pei’s help, Shu Hai changed himself and became a new person.

Episode 8

While preparing biscuits for the orphanage, Zheng Nan told Si Yi about Shu Hai’s watch and the fact that Shu Hai pretends to be able to see ghosts when he is wearing that watch.

The next day Si Yi and Shu Hai went to bring the biscuits to the orphanage. On their way they stop the car and eat the cake Si Yi brought for Shu Hai. Previously Si Yi promised Shu Hai that she will bake a cake for him. At the orphanage Si Yi and Shu Hai play with the children, they make the Christmas Three with the children and give them presents. At night Zheng Nan arrived too. Jian Hao gave her a ride. In the car Jian Hao took Shu Hai’s watch that Zheng Nan had and by Zheng Nan’s reactions about Shu Hai, Jia Hao realized that Zheng Nan likes Shu Hai. When he saw Jian Hao, Shu Hai got mad and screamed at Zheng Nan. Shu Hai doesn’t like strangers, but he hates Jian Hao.

Shu Hai’s father collapsed. While Shu Hai and Zheng Nan were watching over him, Si Yi told Jian Hao that she can only see him as a friend. If Jian Hao can’t be just her friend then they won’t meet ever again.

The next day it’s Shu Hai’s birthday. He found on his desk, in his room, a note from Si Yi and some biscuits. He tasted the biscuits and remembers the taste. He tasted those biscuits few years ago when Si Yi, Hong Pei and Zheng Nan came to volunteer at the orphanage. He goes to look for Si Yi and finds her on a bridge near the house. Shu Hai has a acrophobia, but he runs to Si Yi on that tall bridge and hugs her tight.

Shu Hai:”What I want to tell you today is my story.”

The reason Shu Hai hates the bridge and has acrophobia is because he was abandoned on that bridge as an infant. The bridge and his acrophobia reminds him that he was an unwanted child. But, while Shu Hai was hugging Si Yi on the bridge, Zheng Nan saw them.

Unfortunately not only Zheng Nan saw them. Jian Hao saw Shu Hai and Si Yi on the bridge too. Angry Jian Hao threw away Shu Hai’s watch. Si Yi saw Jian Hao throwing away the watch and went to search it. Now Si Yi is the one holding the watch. She put the watch on, but she wasn’t able to see any ghosts.

Si Yi runs over to Shu Hai and puts the watch on his wrist.

Si Yi:”I want to see Hong Pei!”

Now that the watch is back on Shu Hai’s hand, Hong Pei arrived. She wants to see Hong Pei. She has something to tell Hong Pei. But Shu Hai can’t tell Si Yi that the ghost he sees is Hong Pei. Without telling Si Yi that his ghost is Hong Pei, Shu Hai explained her how he met his ghost friend.

Shu Hai:”This ghost is actually my ghost friend. A ghost is just a human without a flesh body. “

Since Si Yi has something to tell Hong Pei, Shu Hai advised her to tell his ghost friend and that ghost friend will tell her message to Hong Pei because even if he can’t see Hong Pei the ghosts should be able to see each other. After Si Yi left, Shu Hai and Hong Pei have fun talking about Si Yi and her charms.

Shu Hai:”I feel that I like her even more.”

For the first time Shu Hai had the courage to express out loud that he likes Si Yi and he did it in front of Si Yi’s ex boyfriend. Contrary to the response Shu Hai expected, Hong Pei encouraged him to keep liking Si Yi and even to confess. From Hong Pei’s point of view Shu Hai has more chances to get Si Yi then Jian Hao. For some reason that he doesn’t know yet, Hong Pei gets angry when he sees Jian Hao next to Si Yi. He has the impression that Jian Hao takes advantage of Si Yi.

Hong Pei:”Wang Shu Hai, don’t steal Si Yi away from me. Love whoever you want. I think Si Yi will fall in love with you.”

Later Hong Pei went to see Si Yi. There he also saw something that he didn’t like. Jian Hao was watching Si Yi from outside in a creepy manner. That moment Hong Pei realized that he didn’t knew Jian Hao as well as he thought.

The next day, Shu Hai went to exercise in the park with Hong Pei. He invited Hong Pei to a party in the weekend. The party is for Si Yi to celebrate that she is the new manager of A Long Time Ago café. When he showed up at the café for the party, Shu Hai was different. He changed his hairstyle, his clothes…everything and started a new life.

Shu Hai:”I don’t want to die.”

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