“She Was Pretty ” ep 11 ~ Hye Jin:”If you leave me like this…”

Seong Joon found out that the woman he likes in present is the real Kim Hye Jin. He doesn’t want to lose more time, but Hye Jin rejects him. Hye Jin can’t accept Seong Joon’s feelings as long as she knows that Ha Ri likes him.

After being rejected by Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk started acting weird. He isn’t acting as his usual self and doesn’t come to work anymore. Rumors started that Shin Hyuk will leave to another magazine.

Personal thought: Finally Seong Joon realized the truth. But honestly I’m a little disappointed about how this turned off. To me it seems that they moved on really fast. I was… kind… expecting more drama from the moment when Seong Joon finds out who Hye Jin is. Also I was expecting Seong Joon to be hurt by the fact that he treated Hye Jin how he did in the beginning…without knowing who she was.

And…why is this drama still called “She was pretty” if they writers changed her. Hye Jin is no longer ugly, with curly hair and freckles…

Episode 11

Seong Joon had a meeting at the hotel where Ha Ri works. He sees a poster with Ha Ri in which Min Ha Ri was named the hotelier of the month. He confronts Ha Ri and found out that Ha Ri is is Hye Jin’s friend. He realizes that the real Kim Hye Jin was much closer to him than he himself thought. He calls Hye Jin and they meet.

Seong Joon:”I’ve found you! I should’ve found you earlier, but I was late.”

They go on a walk and Hye Jin explained Seong Joon why she hid and how he felt when he didn’t recognized her the night they were supposed to meet. For Seong Joon the way Hye Jin looked and the fact that she was jobless weren’t important things. Hye Jin things that Seong Joon found out the truth from Ha Ri, but when she heard that Ha Ri didn’t had the chance to explain anything Hye Jin run home to see who her friend feels.

As soon as Hye Jin arrived, Ha Ri left in a hurry. In Ha Ri’s room, Hye Jin found the letter Ha Ri wrote for Seong Joon and realized that her friend Ha Ri likes Song Joon.

The next day Hye Jin and Seong Joon met once again at the crosswalk near their company. Seong Joon wants to hold Hye Jin’s hand, but she rejects him. He invites her for dinner, but Hye Jin rejects him. She is suddenly acting strange, pushing him away. Hye Jin makes sure that Seong Joon will thing that for her he is only an old friend, an old classmate. Seong Joon doesn’t understand what happened overnight for Hye Jin to act that way. He takes her on the roof to talk, but Hye Jin doesn’t tell him the reason. She can’t tell him that she is suddenly pushing him away because Ha Ri likes him.

Seong Joon:”I guess I was the only one thinking that we were special.”

On her way to the office, Hye Jin met Shin Hyuk. He also is acting strange. Usually Shin Hyuk is happy and finds everything amusing, he makes fun of everyone and he is always near Hye Jin. This time Shin Hyuk is acting strange. He is indifferent, he doesn’t make jokes, he can’t find anything amusing and he is cold towards Hye Jin.

Seong Joon can’t accept Hye Jin as a friend or an old classmate. He wants more. Wanting to talk to Hye Jin, he calls her. Fortunately for Seong Joon, Hye Rin answered Hye Jin’s phone and invited him over. Since Hye Jin is staying with her family for a while, Seong Joon had a drink with Hye Jin’s father and….fainted on the table. In the middle of the night, Hye Jin can’t sleep. She looks at Seong Joon and he wakes up. They go outside to talk. At first Seong Joon thought that he was rejected because Hye Jin has feeling for Shin Hyuk, but he realized that there must be another reason.

Seong Joon liked Hye Jin because she was his only friend and took care of him. But now he liked her even when he didn’t know who she really is. Even when he thought that she is a complete stranger, when he didn’t knew that she is the Kim Hye Jin he knew as a child, Seong Joon fall in love with her. Even as the ugly Kim Hye Jin, the strange who came to work in his team, she made his heard flutter.

Seong Joon:”You’re someone whom I came to like in the present. “

Hye Jin finally opens up and tells Seong Joon that the reason she can’t accept his feelings is because Ha Ri likes him. Ha Ri is really important for Hye Jin so she doesn’t wants to hurt Ha Ri.

Seong Joon:”The one I like…is you! Please don’t run away.”

Rumors started that Shin Hyuk plans to leave The Most. Also The Most didn’t get to the position it was supposed to so that the head quarters won’t close it for good. Seong Joon looks for Shin Hyuk . He tells Shin Hyuk the reason he can’t let Shin Hyuk go and asks Shin Hyuk to reconsider his decision of leaving.

Seong Joon:”I need your skill.”

The next day Shin Hyuk didn’t showed up for work. While Hye Jin was trying to get in touch with Shin Hyuk, Hye Jin found out that Ha Ri resigned her work and she isn’t answering her phone. Worried, Hye Jin went home. Ha Ri’s thinks were gone and the neighbor told Hye Jin that Ha Ri seemed to have gone on a trip.

Hye Jin runs to the airport in order to find Ha Ri.

Hye Jin:”If you leave me like this…”

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