“All about My Mom” ep 19 ~ Jin Ae:”I’m all yours.”

Yeong Seon sees Jin Ae with Hoon Jae and begins hating her. She is suspicious that Jin Ae is dating Hoon Jae just because he is her son. The day San Ok gave Hoon Jae and Jin Ae permission to date, Yeong Seon called Jin Ae over to her house when she was with Hoon Jae.

Episode 19

Yeong Seon wants to see Hoon Jae’s place and came over without calling him. She sees her son with San Ok and Dong Chul. When Hoon Jae went home to get some linoleum, Yeong Seon followed him and saw him with Jin Ae. That day Yeong Seon realized that the woman her son is dating is no other then her secretary Lee Jin Ae. Shocked, Yeong Seon goes to the shop near Jin Ae’s house to calm down. There she met Hyeong Soon who shocked her even more. Hyeong Soon told Yeong Seon that Hoon Jae moved to their house so Hoon Jae and Jin Ae could date easily.

After Hoon Jae fixed the linoleum at San Ok’s store, Sang Hyeok arrived. Out of jealousy for Jin Ae a new fight between the two men begins. This time Sang Hyeok and Hoon Jae fight over who has more muscles then the other.

Even if it’s late, Sang Hyeok sent Hoon Jae to work. On his way to the side Sang Hyeok send him, Hoon Jae met Hyeong Kyu and told Hyeong Kyu to make time the next day to have lunch with Yeong Seon.

Yeong Seon calls Hoon Jae and invites him over. He goes late at night after finishing his overtime work, but Yeong Seon is acting strange. Usually she comes over fast to greed her son, but this time she didn’t and she was cold towards Hoon Jae. The reason Yeong Seon invited Hoon Jae over was to ask him to introduce his girlfriend to her. Hoon Jae isn’t ready yet to introduce Jin Ae to his mother and asks Yeong Seon for some time. Unfortunately Yeong Seon believes that Jin Ae knows that Hoon Jae is her son and tries to make Yeong Seon to like her.

When Hoon Jae arrived home, Jin Ae was waiting for him to prepare a fast dinner. While they were in the kitchen San Ok caught them and sent Jin Ae to sleep.

The next day, president Jang asked Hyeong Soon to be Chae Ri’s chauffer for a few days and find out who is she dating. But who can Hyeong Soon do that? How will he be able to report to president Jang that Chae Ri’s boyfriend is his own chauffer. Meantime Hoon Jae and Hyeong Kyu met Yeong Seon for lunch. Hoon Jae asked his mother to hire Hyeong Kyu as her company lawyer.

While Hoon Jae was talking on the phone with Jin Ae, Yeong Seon called the secretary office and asked Na Ri to send Jin Ae at the restaurant when she is. Hoon Jae and Hyeong Kyu are worried that Jin Ae could find out that Yeong Seon is Hoon Jae’s mother, but luckily for them Jin Ae couldn’t come. Jin Ae had to attend a meeting so her coworker Na Ri came to the restaurant.

Hyeong Kyu is always cold and serious, but when he is near Hye Joo, he is different. When he is around Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu shows his goofy side and does everything that will make Hye Joo happy without realizing. Seeing Hye Joo happy, makes Hyoeng Kyu happy.

At night, Hyeong Kyu finishes some work at home. He suddenly begins thinking about Hye Joo. Needing some files, Hyeong Kyu calls her. While they were talking, Hye Joo realizes that someone was following her. With Hyeong Kyu’s help, Hye Joo remembered her door’s password and entered safely inside. Worried about Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu ran over to see if something happened to her. When he arrived, Hyeong Kyu found Hye Joon scared to death and hugged her to calm her down.

Since Hyeong Soon became Chae Ri’s chauffer they can be together the whole day. Chae Ri was supposed to go with her grandmother to get a massage, but since the grandmother can’t come Hyeong Soon went. In the middle of Hyeong Soon’s and Chae Ri’s massage, Chae Ri’s grandmother came. Luckily Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri were able to fool the grandmother.

Yeong Seon sees Jin Ae working overtime and invites her for a cup of tea. While they were drinking their teas, Yeong Soen asked Jin Ae about Hoon Jae and herself, how they’ve met and what relationship does Jin Ae have with Sang Hyeok.

San Ok woke up in the middle of the night and went to check if Jin Ae came home. Seeing that Jin Ae isn’t home, San Ok went to wait for her daughter at the bus stop. But she saw Hoon Jae waiting for Jin Ae too. She was happy that Hoon Jae waited for her daughter and took care of her. They seem in love so San Ok decided to accept Hoon Jae.

When they’ve met, Hoon Jae asked Jin Ae to give him 5 minutes so he could look at her. They are working hard all day and at the house San Ok doesn’t let them close to each other.

Jin Ae:”I’m all yours.”

Hoon Jae:”Jin Ae, I want to introduce you to my mother.”

Hoon Jae decided to introduce Jin Ae to his mother, but Jin Ae isn’t ready for that yet. She wants more time before meeting Hoon Jae’s mother. In the morning San Ok allowed Hoon Jae to eat with the whole family in the living room. Coming from San Ok, that means that she gave permission to Hoon Jae and Jin Ae to date.

Before going to work, Hoon Jae heard from Hyeong Soon that his mother was in the neighborhood recently. Then he remembered that his mother was acting weird lately and realized that his mother must have found out. He went home and asked his mother. Before Hoon Jae got the chance to explain who things happened to his mother, Jin Ae arrived. Earlier Yeong Seon called Jin Ae to confront her.

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