“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 9 ~ Hong Pei:”I’m actually alive!”

Everyone, including Shu Hai and Hong Pei, find out that Hong Pei’s accident wasn’t an accident, but intentional murder. In order to find his own grave, Hong Pei follows his mother. But Hong Pei didn’t find his grave, he found his body lying in a hospital bed.

Episode 9

The new good looking Shu Hai went to the coffee shop to attend Si Yi’s party since she became to shop manager. Shu Hai sits at the same table with Si Yi and Hong Pei. He wants to introduce them to each other, but Hong Pei doesn’t want Si Yi to know it’s him.

Hong Pei:”You can’t see me. You can’t hear me. You don’t need to know me.”

Hong Pei remembered that Long Nu said that he must have a reason to be there. He leaves Shu Hai and Si Yi and goes to his mother’s house. He sees his mother washing his clothes and talking about him as if he is still alive. Then Jian Hao came. He also was talking about Hong Pei as if Hong Pei was still alive.

Jian Hao:”Hong Pei will wait for you too.”

Hong Pei gets in the car with his mother and Jian Hao. He changed again and plays with Jian Hao’s car. The same time Shu Hai was with Zheng Nan and Mystic Dragon and his watch starts burning again. Shu Hai takes his watch off and puts it back. Hong Pei appears in the same room Shu Hai is. Hong Pei asks Shu Hai to tell Zheng Nan who the ghost is. Hong Pei needs Zheng Nan’s help.

Hong Pei isn’t feeling well. Shu Hai talks to him while trying to convince Hong Pei that it’s not a good idea to tell Zheng Nan the truth. Someone comes in. It’s Jian Hao’s brother and his friend. They are interested in solving mysteries. The mystery they are interested recently is Hong Pei’s accident. The two youngsters believe that the driver that hit Hong Pei did it intentionally to kill Hong Pei.

While Jian Hao’s brother and his friend were telling everyone about their suspicions, Hong Pei begins feeling worse. A strange wind shows up, the bulb lights break and Hong Pei’s wings come out. After he changed, Hong Pei fell on the ground barely being able to keep his eyes open. Worried Shu Hai calls Hong Pei’s name in front of everyone. Zheng Nan and everyone there are shocked to find out that Shu Hai’s ghost friend is none other than Ling Hong Pei.

At the house Shu Hai looks over the evidence that indicate that someone intentionally wanted to kill Hong Pei. After resting for a while, Hong Pei feels better. He tells Shu Hai that now he can touch thinks around him more than a second. Hong Pei is afraid that he could hurt Shu Hai now that his powers are getting stronger, but Shu Hai calmed him down. Hearing how scared Hong Pei is that he could hurt Shu Hai, the only thing Shu Hai could do was joke around. Shu Hai jokes around saying that now he can put Hong Pei to open his cans for him or clean his house in a few seconds.

Hong Pei:” Ghost’s powers get stronger when their desires get stronger. I can easily ruin someone’s life now.”

Later Hong Pei and Shu Hai went to the park to play basketball. In the morning, the two of them leave the park. They talk about each other’s life. Hong Pei is curious about Shu Hai’s life, how he grew up without parents and what Shu Hai feels towards the mother who abandoned him as an infant.

“Life will find a way!”

Shu Hai talks about his feelings as an abandoned child with Hong Pei. Then they make a plan to find Hong Pei’s grave. Later they went to see Si Yi. She found out about Hong Pei’s accident. Shu Hai wanted to help Si Yi move a box, but inside the box there were roses. Shu Hai’s allergy showed up and Hong Pei possessed Shu Hai. Hong Pei hugged Si Yi and apologized. Soon Hong Pei comes out of Shu Hai’s body. He told Shu Hai want he did and Shu Hai apologized to Si Yi telling her that his ghost friend was playing. After Shu Hai ran away, Hong Pei saw Si Yi smiling at Shu Hai’s goofy behavior.

Hong Pei:”It seems like I don’t have a reason to stay in this world.”

Hong Pei follows his mother. She is going to visit someone at the hospital. Shocked, Hong Pei realizes that the person lying on the hospital’s bed is himself. Hong Pei’s body is in a hospital kept alive by machines and doctors while his soul wonders around searching for the truth about his accident. Suddenly Jian Hao came too.

Hong Pei:” I really haven’t died yet?”

Hearing his mother and Jian Hao talking, Hong Pei realized that Jian Hao is the one helping his mother to keep him hidden and lie that he is death. Angry, Hong Pei starts losing control again and makes everything in the room move. Later, when he was left alone with his body, Hong Pei tries to get back to his own body, but he can’t. It’s like the body isn’t his anymore.

Hong Pei:”I’m actually alive!”

Si Yi goes to see Mystic Dragon and ask him about Hong Pei’s accident. Shu Hai is following her. He calls Hong Pei, but when Hong Pei showed up he was crying. Hearing that Hong Pei is still alive in the hospital, Shu Hai is shocked. He goes to see Hong Pei in the hospital, but he isn’t allowed to enter. The security threw Shu Hai out.

Hong Pei’s mother returns to Hong Pei’s room when she sees in the hospital the man who caused Hong Pei’s accident. Angry she hits that man until Jian Hao arrived and took that man away. Outside the hospital, Jian Hao paid that man and ordered him to not show up in front of Hong Pei’s mother.

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