“All about My Mom” ep 20 ~ Jin Ae:”You feel like a different person, like I don’t even know you.”

Jin Ae found out that Hoon Jae is Yeong Seon’s son. Feeling deceived she asked Hoon Jae for some time. Later Yeong Seon sees Sang Hyeok giving flowers to Jin Ae and gets more suspicious on Jin Ae’s true love for her son.

Chae Ri tries to impress San Ok, but once again gets into trouble.

Episode 20

Yeong Seon can’t hide the fact that she knows about Hoon Jae and Jin Ae so she calls Jin Ae over to her house. When Jin Ae arrived, Hoon Jae was there too. Jin Ae is shocked to find out that Yeong Seon, the woman she most admires in the whole world, is Hoon Jae’s mother and Hoon Jae didn’t tell her. She feels like she, unintentionally, lied and disappointed Yeong Seon.

After Jin Ae left, Yeong Seon scolded Hoon Jae for hiding the truth, even if he had so many chances to reveal the truth knowing how close Jin Ae and his mother were. On his way home, Hoon Jae met Jin Ae. She also wants to know why he didn’t tell her. She feels like he mocked her until now by hiding the truth about his mother. Now Jin Ae is confused and needs some time to put her thoughts in order.

Jin Ae:”You feel like a different person, like I don’t even know you.”

Without knowing that Yeong Seon is Hoon Jae’s mother, Jin Ae talked with Yeong Seon about her feelings for Hoon Jae. Now that she knows the truth, Jin Ae is embarrassed and scared that Yeong Seon won’t see her with the same eyes.

One of Hoon Jae’s ideas impressed president Jang and he decided to make Hoon Jae’s idea the main project of JY Group.

Worried about Hye Joo and her safety, Hyeong Kyu found an apartment for her to move in near the office. Hye Joo refuses to move. Her life it’s a little complicate and she can’t tell everything to Hyeong Kyu. While Hyeong Kyu was trying to convince her to move, Hye Joo sneezed on Hyeong Kyu. The moment she tries to clean Hyeong Kyu up, Ji Yeon came in.

Hye Joo went outside leaving Hyeong Kyu and Ji Yeon to talk. Since Hyeong Kyu is treating her coldly, Ji Yeon believes that Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo are dating. She asks Hyeong Kyu, but he avoids the answer. From outside Hye Joo heard and come in. When Ji Yeon asked her too if she and Hyeong Kyu are dating, Hye Joo said that they are.

Hyeong Soon went to work. Chae Ri wants to show him her room so she took their shoes and sneaked upstairs without her grandmother seeing them. In her room, Chae Ri told Hyeong Soon about her mother.

Hyeong Soon:”I won’t ever make you cry.”

On her way home, Jin Ae met Hoon Jae. She is still upset with him. She is pushing him away. Jin Ae feels that the prince Hoon Jae played with her. She feels that Hoon Jae didn’t tell her that he was rich because he wanted to test if she really likes him for how he is or if she likes him for his background.

At work Jin Ae found out that Hoon Jae introduced Hyeong Kyu to his mother and Hyeong Kyu will become Yeong Seon’s company lawyer. Now Jin Ae realizes that Hyeong Kyu knew who Hoon Jae was when he helped Hoon Jae at the police station and because he knew who Hoon Jae was, Hyeong Kyu accepted Hoon Jae to live with them. When Hyeong Kyu arrived home, Jin Ae asked him to refuse Yeong Seon’s offer to become the company’s lawyer, but Hyeong Kyu refuses. It’s a great opportunity for him and Hyeong Kyu can’t lose it.

Early in the morning Chae Ri went to San Ok and Dong Chul’s side dishes shop. She wants to make San Ok to like her. Unfortunately for Chae Ri, San Ok saw her getting some customers angry and send her away. Dong Chul took Chae Ri, but he had to return to work. Left alone in the house, Chae Ri found Hyeong Soon’s bedroom.

The man who’s been following Hye Joo came to see Hyeong Kyu. He waited for Hye Joo to leave the office and entered. That man is a doctor and told Hyeong Kyu that he need a legal consultant.

Yeong Seon can’t be around Jin Ae to much so she sent Jin Ae on field. Jin Ae is going trough stores for marketing research. When she comes back to the office, Sang Hyeok was waiting for Jin Ae with flowers. While Sang Hyeok was giving the flowers to Jin Ae, Yeong Seon saw them.

Hyeong Soon come home and found Chae Ri sleeping in his bed. When she woke up, they went on a short date. Later Hyeong Soon sent Chae Ri home. They are hugging in front of Chae Ri’s house when president Jang comes out.

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