“She Was Pretty ” ep 12 ~ “It’s not over until it’s over.”

Shin Hyuk is back to himself, the crazy idiot. He also returned to work and he backs up Seong Joon’s decisions. Having a lot of pressure on his shoulders, Seong Joon overworks himself and collapses.

Episode 12

Thinking that Ha Ri left with her mother without saying goodbye Hye Jin ran to the airport. She came late and cries for a while. When Hye Jin lost her hopes to catch her friend, Ha Ri showed up next to her. Actually Ha Ri didn’t leave the country with her mother, she only sent off her mother. After making the mistake to be greedy and try to separate Seong Joon and Hye Jin, Ha Ri felt guilty and took a decision. Ha Ri will start a new life without her father’s help. She got rid of the credit cards her father gave her, she got rid of the clothes she bought with her father’s money and the job her father found for her.

While Hye Jin and Ha Ri were talking, Seong Joon send Hye Jin a text. He had a terrible day and wants to see Hye Jin for a few seconds. There is a lot of pressure on Seong Joon. He only has one month to get The Most magazine on the first place.

Seong Joon:”By seeing you I thought I could get energized.”

After seeing Hye Jin, Seong Joon went home. He went inside and someone was there. Shin Hyuk accepted Seong Joon’s proposal. He won’t quit his job and he will help Seong Joon. The days he didn’t came to work, Shin Hyuk found some ideas and he is showing them to Seong Joon. Of course Shin Hyuk, returned to his crazy self, found some way to have fun while annoying Seong Joon.

“It’s not over until it’s over.”

The next day Shin Hyuk went to work. Hye Jin and everyone else are excited. They are all happy, celebrating Shin Hyuk’s return. Seong Joon asks about the interviews. Everyone, including Hye Jin, are surprised to see how well Seong Joon and Shin Hyuk understand each other. They complete each other’s sentences and Shin Hyuk is backing up everything Soeng Joon says.

During the meeting Seong Joon got a nosebleed. He is tired and pale, but he keeps overworking himself. Hye Jin is so worried about him that she can’t focus on her work. When she went to give Seong Joon the meeting’s minute, Hye Jin also gave Seong Joon a healthy tea instead of coffee.

It’s time for the Fashion Director to check the article that Hye Jin wrote, but she is too busy. Shin Hyuk offers to check it and to give Hye Jin some tips about how to be a good writer. Hye Jin is impressed by Shin Hyuk’s professionalism so Shin Hyuk found a new way to make fun of Hye Jin.

Hye Jin:”I like you very very much…”

Hye Jin returns to the office and sees that Seong Joon fell asleep on his desk. To let Seong Joon have some rest, Hye Jin sent everyone to lunch on her money because they were making too much noise. She puts a blanket of Seong Joon and returns to work. Shin Hyuk sees Hye Jin and takes her out. At the coffee shop, Shin Hyuk once again makes fun of Hye Jin. He likes Hye Jin’s reactions when he talks about her liking him.

Shin Hyuk:”In the end, you will come to me.”

Ha Ri told Hye Jin that she is alright so Hye Jin should stop pushing Seong Joon away. The next day, Hye Jin is trying hard to meet Seong Joon and tell him her decision. But she keeps missing him.

Seong Joon comes from a meeting in Jeju Island. At the airport the tiredness and overworking got to him and he collapsed. Hearing that Seong Joon fainted and was admitted to the hospital, Hye Jin went to see him.

Hye Jin:”I came to hug you!”

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