“Bubblegum” ep 1 ~ Ri Hwan:”The person who neglected that pain is hurting more.”


Bubblegum is a story about Park Ri Hwan and Kim Haeng Ah. Ri Hwan is the director of a hospital while Haeng Ah is the producer of a radio program. Haeng Ah is impatient, clumsy and caries an inner pain. While spending time together, the once that feel empty find happiness.

Episode 1

Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan grew up together, in the same house. They are as close as siblings. Haeng Ah’s mother died when she was little. For a while Haeng Ah and her father lived in Ri Hwan’s house with him and his mother. Ri Hwan’s mother took care of Haeng Ah, not as if Haeng Ah was her own daughter, it was more like she was forced to take Haeng Ah in her house. But Ri Hwan’s mother was always making sure that between Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah won’t be anything else more that friendship, that they won’t fell in love with each other.

Haeng Ah is the producer of a late night radio show. She broke up with her boyfriend and had to move from his house. On a rainy night, Haeng Ah moved alone hers belongings from her ex boyfriend’s house. She can’t open up and talk to anyone about her problems so she keeps everything for herself pretending that nothing happened to her.

Ri Hwan brought some side dish to Haeng Ah, but no matter how much the security guard looked for her, Haeng Ah didn’t pick them. When Ri Hwan found out that Haeng Ah didn’t get the side dish, he called her. Then he went to Haeng Ah’s work place to give her some herbal medicine. While Haeng Ah was pushing Ri Hwan away to leave, Ri Hwan’s mother appeared. She had a meeting with Haeng Ah.

Haeng Ah is working. At Haeng Ah’s live program a girl sent a letter. It was a suicide note. During the live broadcasting the girl was planning to commit suicide. Fortunately the program host read the letter in time and together with Haeng Ah was able to save that girl’s life. While they were talking to the girl that wanted to commit suicide, both Haeng Ah and the host were talking about the bad things that happened in their lives.

Listening to the show Ri Hwan found out what Haeng Ah didn’t want to tell him. He found out that Haeng Ah lied to him and on her birthday she was all alone, buying a cake for herself and that she broke up with her boyfriend the day before. He runs over to Haeng Ah’s house. She can’t keep everything a secret and tells Ri Hwan what happened to her recently and why she broke up with her boyfriend. While she was talking with Ri Hwan, Haeng Ah remembered that she forgot an important bracelet at her ex boyfriend’s house.

Leaving Haeng Ah’s house, Ri Hwan sees Haeng Ah’s ex boyfriend and follows him home.

Ri Hwan:”The person who couldn’t tell anyone is already hurting by herself. The person who doesn’t even know he’s hurting will hurt later. The person who neglected that pain is hurting more. I’m here to get the bracelet.”

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