“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 9 ~ Jia An:”Love…is like sand.Let’s divorce!“

Jia An found out who Yan Hao’s mistress was. She is disappointed and hurt by the two people she loved the most in her life. She leaves her house. Shao Qing goes to Jia An and told Jia An that it’s time for Yan Hao to return to his rightful place, next to the woman he really loves. Meantime Yan Hao refuses to divorce Jia An. He rips the divorce papers. Unfortunately the decision isn’t his to make anymore. This time is Jia An’s decision.

Episode 9

After she saw the divorce papers Jia An made a decision. She is going to find Yan Hao’s mistress and force the mistress to leave Yan Hao, to not ruin her family. Meantime Yan Hao is frustrated. He doesn’t know what he should do, how he should handle his past with Jia An and Shao Qing. All this time he spend with Jia An after his accident made Yan Hao see Jia An in a different light. But Shao Qing doesn’t let him doubt his love for her. In Shao Qing’s eyes and mind Jia An is the third party that has to disappear from their lives and let them be happy. Seeing Yan Hao doubting his love for her, Shao Qing reveals him that Jia An suspects from a long time that he has someone else. Also Shao Qing told Yan Hao that Jia An found the divorce settlement papers. Hearing that he planned to divorce Jia An and marry Shao Qing, Yan Hao is shocked. He pushes Shao Qing away and runs off to Jia An.

At the house, Jia An search around Yan Hao’s things in order to find some information about his mistress. She finds Yan Hao’s diary and listens to what he said there. He was talking about the reason Shao Qing was anxious to make him recover his memory. He was talking about the flashes he remembered about his relationship with Shao Qing. He was talking about the chance to be together with Shao Qing ten years ago.

When Yan Hao arrived home, Jia An sang a song for him. It was the same song she sang for Shao Qing on her birthday ten years ago. With tears in her eyes, Jia An talks about how happy she was to have in her life the two most important people for her, Yan Hao and Shao Qing. She tells Yan Hao how blissful she was when he accepted to marry her. But now she realized that the two most important people in her life, her husband Yan Hao and her best friend Shao Qing, betrayed her. She doesn’t let Yan Hao get close to her or touch her.

Yan Hao:”Jia An, I’m sorry!”

Jia An:”You never once loved me. You don’t love me at all!”

Jia An left the house. For the time being she will be staying with Mei Mei. At the house, Shao Qing waits for Yan Hao to pay any attention to her. She expected that Yan Hao, when he remembered everything, to push Jia An away and marry her. But Yan Hao rejects Shao Qing. He is worried about Jia An. He is hurt that he hurt Jia An.

Yan Hao:”Must I really divorce Jia An?”

Yan Hao called Zhen Lun to his office. In front of Zhen Lun, Yan Hao ripped the divorce agreement. He doesn’t want to divorce Jia An anymore.

Jia An doesn’t come out of Mei Mei’s house. All she does in drink and play with Zhuan Zhuan. Mei Mei can’t let Jia An stay like that so she takes Jia An with her outside. In front of Mei Mei’s shop, they’ve met Shao Qing. While Jia An and Shao Qing were fighting, Mei Mei tried to calm them down. But she made a mistake and Jia An found out that Mei Mei also knew about Shao Qing and Yan Hao. Disappointed Jia An leaves. Shao Qing follows her. She tells Jia An that Jia An was living in an imaginary world, that Jia An had an imaginary happiness. Shao Qing tells Jia An that she let Jia An have a little of her own happiness because Jia An was her friend. Now it’s time for Jia An to return the happiness to the real own, to Shao Qing.

Jia An:” You could let me have this love for ten years, why don’t you leave me have it forever?”

Contrary to the foolish Jia An that everyone knew, now Jia An fight back. If Shao Qing would’ve told Jia An that she and Yan Hao are in love ten years ago, Jia An would’ve cried for ten day but then she would’ve recovered. If Shao Qing would’ve said something instead of disappearing then now all of them would’ve been happy.

Shao Qing:”I don’t want to be a third party! Everyone is selfish when it comes to love. Divorce Yan Hao! Give him back to me!”

Later that day, Yan Ran came to bring some clothes and daily necessities to Jia An. He asks her t return home, to give his brother another chance. Yan Ran tells Jia An that Yan Hao changed after the accident, that Yan Hao ripped the divorce papers. But unfortunately for Yan Hao this time the decision isn’t his. This time Jia An decides if she wants to divorce Yan Hao or if she wants to give him a second chance.

Personal thought: Please someone slap Shao Qing! With what nerve can she talk like that to Jia An? She is the mistress, the other woman, the one that destroys a family meantime Jia An is the wife. Maybe ten years ago when they were young Jia An was the third party, but now, ten years later, when Jia An and Yan Hao are married Shao Qing is the third party. How can she pretend to be the victim here? Please Shao Qing stop it already! No one took anything from you and you didn’t gave Jia An the love that belonged to you. You left Yan Hao without saying a word and he moved on with his live, he got married and had a family.

Shao Qing:”Luo Shao Qing, you did nothing wrong. Yan Hao rightfully belongs to you! your love is finally freed.”

Shao Qing encourages herself that she did the right thing. But she herself doesn’t believe in her own words. Deep inside Shao Qign knows that she is about to lose Yan Hao so she tries to get him back. Shao Qing put a dress on herself, put makeup on, made herself beautiful and went to Yan Hao. She told him about her conversation with Jia An from earlier. But all Yan Hao could respond was to ask if Jia An will return to him. No matter how beautiful Shao Qing is, Yan Hao rejects her. He pushes her away. Yan Hao isn’t willing to give up Jia An for Shao Qing anymore. He really changed.

Shao Qing:”I’m right in front of you.”

Yan Hao:”I’m no longer the person who loved you!”

Yan Hao tries to call Jia An, but she doesn’t answer. The same time Shao Qing suffers after being rejected by Yan Hao. She goes outside barefooted and tries to commit suicide. Luckily Zhe Lun was passing by there and saw her. Zhen Lun stopped Shao Qing, but she had an asthma attack and was hospitalized.

Zhen Lun met Yan Hao and hit him. They’ve fought because Yan Hao made Shao Qing suffer.

Later Yan Hao went to see Jia An. She pretends that everything is alright, that she is happy, that she isn’t hurt by the fact that Yan Hao doesn’t remember her at all. She takes Yan Hao to the beach where they play in the water. Then they sit on the sand and Jia An talks about her feelings and tells Yan Hao her decision.

Jia An:”Love…is like sand. The tighter you grab hold of the sand, the more it flows out. If you open up your hand, the sand will stop flowing. Let me be free! Let’s divorce!“

Even if she was the one that was hurt the most, Jia An is mature enough to give up Yan Hao. She asked him to divorce and send him to Shao Qing, who really loves him. Jia An asked Yan Hao to make Shao Qing happy and later Yan Hao went to Shao Qing.

Personal thought: Zhen Lun no one made Shao Qing suffer. Now she suffers the consequences on her own decision. Why Zhen Lun thinks that everyone should think about Shao Qing suffering, why everyone should try their best to make Shao Qing happy and no one thinks about Jia An. She is also suffering. The only problem is that Jia An suffers because other people made the wrong decisions.

That night Jia An throws away the necklace Shao Qing gave her and her wedding ring. It’s Jia An’s way of saying goodbye to her best friend and the love of her live and start a new live. But soon she regretted and went to get her wedding ring back. She can’t find it. In the morning Zhen Lun came to Jia An. He found the ring Jia An threw away.

Meantime at the house Yan Hao is taking care of Shao Qing. He was used with Jia An doing everything for him, but now he is the one that has to take care of his partner. Shao Qing knows that even if Yan Hao is there with her, he didn’t fully give up Jia An.

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