“Bubblegum” ep 2 ~ “You asked me a favor.”

Ri Hwan goes to get Haeng Ah’s bracelet, but leaves without it. When Haeng Ah hears about what Ri Hwan did at Seok Joon’s house, she got angry. Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah fought.

The sight of Ri Hwan made Seok Joon jealous.

Episode 2

Ri Hwang followed Seok Joon inside and asked for Haeng Ah’s bracelet. While Seok Joon went to get Haeng Ah’s bracelet, Ri Hwan looked around and took everything that seemed Haeng Ah’s. He wanted to help Haeng Ah, to make Seok Joon regret breaking up with her, but in the end Ri Hwan lost. His behavior that night wasn’t something Haeng Ah would approve.

Ri Hwan’s mother, Sun Young, arranged a blind date for him. Returning to his clinic after lunch, Ri Hwan sees a woman struggling to park her car. He realizes that the driver is his blind date and offers to help. But Yi Seul thought he was the person in charge with parking the cars. Later they meet and she realized her mistake. Hong Yi Seul is a strange person. She is a doctor too, but she is always sad, with a grumpy face, she doesn’t smile or like to take picture. Yi Seul is the total opposite from Ri Hwan, who is always smiling and joking around. Ri Hwan and Yi Seul talk for a while, but when Yi Seul sees Ri Hwan hammock he encourages her to try it on. He holds the hammock for Yi Seul to sit, but when Ri Hwan let the hammock go Yi Seul fell.

At work Haeng Ah is busy avoiding Seok Joon. He realized that she is avoiding him so Seok Joon followed her. They went on the rooftop and talked. Haeng Ah opened up and told him what she felt, the reason she broke up with him.

Later Haeng Ah met Ri Hwan and found out what Ri Hwan did at Seok Joon’s house. Ri Hwan tried to avoid Haeng Ah, but he couldn’t. When she found out what Ri Hwan did, Haeng Ah got angry. She scolded Ri Hwan and they fought.

At night both Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah regret what they’ve said to each other. Haeng Ah writes texts to send to Ri Hwan, but none seems right. The same time Ri Hwan thinks about what Haeng Ah told him while they were fighting. He gets out and goes to Haeng Ah to make peace.

Since he saw Ri Hwan, Seok Joon is jealous. He knows that Haeng Ah doesn’t have an older brother, but he doesn’t know who Ri Hwan is. He buys a cake and goes to see Haeng Ah. In front of the building when Haeng Ah leaves, the two men met. They are jealous on each other. They fight.

Seok Joon:”Either don’t act like her man or don’t act like her older brother.”

Ri Hwan takes care of Haeng Ah as Haeng Ah’s father asked him too. Before he died, Haeng Ah’s father gave Ri Hwan his first glass of alcohol and asked him to take care of Haeng Ah. The day Haeng Ah’s father died, Ri Hwan heard some doctors saying that Haeng Ah’s father couldn’t be saved because he had some alcohol. After he heard that Ri Hwan blamed himself.

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