“All about My Mom” ep 21 ~ Hoon Jae:”I really missed you!”

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae are still having a hard time. She still rejects Hoon Jae, even if her mother gave them her blessing. Hoon Jae can’t take it anymore so he goes to see Jin Ae at work. Yeong Seon sees them fighting. Concerned about her son, Yeong Seon went to Jin Ae’s house.

Episode 21

Hyeong Soon walked Chae Ri home. They hug in front of her house. But it’s late so president Jang came to wait for his daughter to come home. He looks around and is about to see Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri. At the last second Hyeong Soon ran away and managed to avoid president Jang seeing him.

Near his house Hyeong Soon met Jin Ae. Soon after Jin Ae arrived Sang Hyeok also came. He couldn’t go home after he saw how upset Jin Ae was when Yeong Seon saw her with him. Sang Hyeok tries to convince Jin Ae to give him a chance too, but she is clear about her feelings.

Jin Ae:”Hoon Jae is the only person I love.”

While Jin Ae was talking to Snag Hyeok, Hyeong Soon went home. He told Hoon Jae that Sang Hyeok is with Jin Ae and Hoon Jae run outside. Left alone with Sang Hyeok, Hoon Jae starts a fight. Hoon Jae can take everything Sang Hyeok does to him, but he can’t see Jin Ae suffering. Jin Ae is already having a hard time since she found out that Yeong Seon is Hoon Jae’s mother. When Hoon Jae and Sang Hyeok were fighting, Hyeong Kyu arrived and sided with Hoon Jae. Back at the house Hyeong Kyu encourages Jin Ae to forgive Hoon Jae for lying to her and take the opportunity to have a great relationship with Hoon Jae and if it’s possible to marry him.

Yeong Seon called Hyeong Kyu to her office. She wants to explain him why she doesn’t want him as her lawyer. She doesn’t tell him that the real reason is because he is Jin Ae’s older brother, but Hyeong Kyu already knows that. Later Hyeong Kyu talks to Jin Ae. He wishes her good luck in winning the battle against Yeong Seon.

Chae Ri tries to earn points with San Ok so she goes to San Ok’s show. But San Ok doesn’t want her there until Chae Ri get permission from her father to date Hyeong Soon. For that San ok gives Chae Ri a hard time. She makes Chae Ri clean Yu Ja’s new chicken shop. At night Chae Ri goes on a date with Hyeong Soon.

Jin Ae’s been working hard all day doing shop research. At night she works late to keep up with her office work. While working she thinks about Hoon Jae. She misses him. Suddenly Hoon Jae shows up. He also missed her. He wants to take her out of her office for a few minutes, to tlak and have dinner, but Jin Ae doesn’t want to. She is afraid that Yeong Seon could see them and misunderstand her. They fight and Jin Ae pushes Hoon Jae away. Then she returns to her office leaving Hoon Jae upset.

Jin Ae:”I miss him.”

Hoon Jae:”I really missed you!”

Yeong Seon was returning to her office and saw them. Seeing her son upset, Yeong Seon is more against Jin Ae.

The next day Yeong Seon went to San Ok’s shop. She told San Ok and Dong Chul that she is Hoon Jae’s mother and wants to see where her son lives.

Yeong Seon:”I’m Hoon Jae’s mother.”

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