“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 10 ~ Jia An:”I’m not “that” kind of woman.”

With Jia An away from the house, Shao Qing tries to replays her. Unfortunately she isn’t able to do so. No matter what she tries to do, it doesn’t go well for her. She goes crazy and starts imagining Jia An everywhere, telling her what and how to do.

Shao Qing wanted to separate Yan Hao and Jia An for her own happiness, but things aren’t the why she thought they would be. Jia An is gone. Shao Qing has Yan Hao all by herself. Still Jia An’s memory remained…in the house. Every millimeter in that house is filled with Jia An’s touch. She got rid of Jia An’s presence, but how will she fight Jia An’s memory, her ghost that is still there.

Jia An and Yan Hao divorced. She moved to a hotel and is looking for a job. Something happened to her and the only one she could ask for help is Zhen Lun.

Episode 10

Zhen Lun arrived early in the morning with the divorce settlement. He shows Jia An the papers and explains her that Yan Hao will give her as alimony 80% of his belongings. But Jia An refuses the offer, she doesn’t want 80% of what is Yan Hao’s. Jia An knows that Yan Hao never loved her and that her best friend betrayed her, but she feels that if she would accept that kind of money she will lose her dignity. Jia An will divorce Yan Hao and Yan Hao won’t be part of her future, but at least he will be part of her past is she doesn’t take the money.

Jia An:”I’m not “that” kind of woman.”

Since Zhen Lun offered to help her with anything she needs, Jia An used him to move her belongings to the place she will be staying until she will get a job. After helping Jia An move, Zhen Lun met Yan Hao to draft a new divorce settlement. Feeling responsible for Jia An, Yan Hao asked Zhen Lun to take care of Jia An and to guard the account he opened for Jia An.

Yan Hao:”Why does my heart hurts so much for accepting the past?”

Arrived home Yan Hao finds Shao Qing cooking…or more likely trying to cook. Luckily Yan Hao arrived when he did because Shao Qing forgot about the soup pot while cutting the vegetables.

It’s time for dinner. Shao Qing did her best to show Yan Hao that she is better than Jia An. But she failed. The dishes looked good, but the taste was the problem. One dish was too salty while the other was too bland.

The next day Jia An and Yan Hao went to submit their divorce papers. When they had to submit the papers, Yan Hao realized he had lost his identity card. Together with Jia An they look for Yan Hao’s identity card. They can’t find it and Jia An gets mad. She scolds Yan Hao for not being careful with important thinks. For the first time she screamed at Yan Hao saying how hard was for her to take care of him and his things all this years without being appreciated or without Yan Hao paying any little attention to her. Both Yan Hao and Jia An are happy when she calmed. Since he lost his identity card they don’t have to sign the papers, they will continue to be married. Unfortunately someone found Yan Hao’s identity card and returned it to him.

Meantime at the house Shao Qing tries once again to show that she is better than Jia An while doing the laundry. She made the mistake of not checking the labels and put in the washing machine and hand wash only clothes too. Since those clothes were Yan Ran, he got mad and scolded her. Yan Ran also compared her with Jia An.

Soon Shao Qing gets happy when Yan Hao arrives home saying that he signed the divorce papers. She wants to go and celebrate, but Yan Hao doesn’t have anything to celebrate.

Shao Qing:”Let’s go for a celebration.”

Shao Qing and Yan Hao went to a restaurant. They are about to go in when Jia An called Yan Hao. Happily he runs over to meet Jia An. When Yan Ran brought Jia An her belongings after the divorce, he made the mistake to bring her the suitcase Yan Hao’s father left behind when he died. Jealous Shao Qing followed Yan Hao. She gets furious with jealousy seeing Yan Hao and Jia An smiling. She calls Jia An with privet number, but she doesn’t answer.

That night at the house, Shao Qing sees Yan Hao looking at the pictures from the suitcase and reading the documents in it. She wants to help Yan Hao read the documents, but he doesn’t need her help. He shows Shao Qing pictures with Jia An and himself as children and smiling he tells Shao Qing about their childhood.

In the middle of the night, Shao Qing wakes up. She goes to the kitchen and out of jealousy she rips all the recipes that Jia An posted on the fridge. Then she takes the food out of the fridge and starts cooking again. Every time she was doing something, Shao Qing was hallucinating with Jia An telling her what to do and how to do it. She begins screaming. Yan Hao woke up and calmed her.

Shao Qing takes a knife and begins cooking again, but she cuts herself.

Yan Hao:”I believe in you.”

Meantime Jia An went to several job interviews, but she failed them. A lawyer is looking for a secretary. Jia An schedules an interview and goes there. The lawyer is late. She doesn’t want to lose her time doing nothing so she practices her introduction. When the lawyer came, Jia An is shocked. The lawyer was Zhen Lun. He didn’t hire her. She didn’t match any of the criteria he was looking for.

Jia An leaves upset, but she forgot her phone. Zhen Lun follows and hears her badmouthing him. Back at the hotel she is staying, Jia An realized that a thief had stolen her money. That night Jia An is also thrown out of her room. Jobless and homeless, Jia An doesn’t have anyone to call for help.

Coming to work in the morning, Zhen Lun sees Jia An sleeping at his office door. He takes her inside, lets her take a shower and change her clothes. Then they have lunch. Zhen Lun changed his mind. He will help Jia An. He offered her a job and a place to stay…at least for three months.

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6 Responses to “To the Dearest Intruder” ep 10 ~ Jia An:”I’m not “that” kind of woman.”

  1. HiraHyun says:

    The most miserable character is Shao Qing. I pity her the most, instead of Jia An. I wish the writer will let Shao Qing hv Yan Hao bcoz at least Jia An was once happy being married to her so-long crush while Shao Qing wanted to protect her by leaving Yan Hao 10 years ago, she also a mistress child which she wanted to break away from but she cant, coz she still love him even after leaving him. But then, Yan Hao lost his memory & forced to be clueless. All he saw is Jia An who is his legal wife. Ofcoz she needs to take care of him while Shao Qing cant since she afraid that Jia An might find out about them. I find it unfair for Shao Qing. Im so sad for her. She should just accept his love 10 years ago & things won’t turned out like this. 😦

    • lemonmirae says:

      Shao Qing could be miserable. but she is by her own choice so I, personally can’t pity her…a woman who creates her won happiness from another woman’s unhappiness. Jia An was never happy during her marriage with Yan Hao because he never paid her any attention. Yan Hao couln’d move on from his love from Shao Qing even if he married Jia An. He had some unfinished business left in the past…that doesn’t necessary mean that if Shao Qing and Yan Hao will end up together they will automatically be happy. Shao Qing didn’t leave Yan Hao because she wanted to protect Jia An, she left because she was too selfish and didn’t want to be seen as a mistress…but she ended up being one. If Shao Qing wouldn’t have left and would’ve just told Jia An the truth nothing would’ve happened. Jia An would’ve cried for a while, but she would’ve understood that Yan Hao and Shao Qing are in love and now all three of them would’ve been friends. Instead Shao Qing left without saying a word and returned ten years later expecting to get what she gave up. Once you take a decision, you have to stick to it and assume the consequences for your actions. The selfish Shao Qing pretends to want to protect Jia An, but she hurt her more…considering Jia An’s feelings who was betrayed by both her husband and her best friend ( that is something that leaves scars bigger than you can imagine) and the Taiwanese society who doesn’t look favorable towards divorced women. So the most pitiful one from that trio turns up to be Jia An….for decisions that others took instead of her. Who was Shao Qing to decide what is better for Jia An ten years ago? What right does Shao Qing have to return after ten years and destroy a family..that she helped create?
      Of course the three of them have to resolve their problems and be free and happy. But nothing would’ve happened if Shao Qing would’ve just been honest with Jia An ten years ago.
      Yan Hao isn’t forced to be clueless. After spending some time with someone, you get used to that person…and you even could fell in love with that person. You could not realize that until you lose that person, but it could happen, especially since Jia An was always there for Yan Hao, supporting him, during his most difficult times.
      In the end I sorry I can’t pity Shao Qing for being the daughter of a mistress. Her mother made a decision that affected Shao Qing and gave her unbearable scars. And even if she suffered so much during growing up, Shao Qing decided to build her happiness on Jia An’s misery and became a mistress…like her mother.
      I don’t know if Shao Qing and Yan Hao will end up together… maybe they will. One thing I know for sure… Yan Hao doesn’t deserve Jia An! And that comes from someone that was on Shao Qing’s side in the first episodes…..
      Thanks for your comment and for reading my post. Respect your opinion XD

      • hirahyun says:

        I get that Jia An sacrificed for Yan Hao alot more & she’s willing to stay with him. Just that Shao Qing’s character is just sad, in my eyes. She did deserved happiness too. She just chose the wrong decision. If she just accept Yan Hao 10 years ago, & never care for Jia An’s feelings, they wont be as miserable as now. That’s all i ever thought. Shao Qing wanted Jia An to have Yan Hao by leaving him & she stucked in the past after 10 years. Yan Hao changed after the accident. It just quite unfair for Shao Qing. I know Yan Hao will choose Jia An eventually. The signs are pretty clear though.
        Still, i hope for the best for the finale. Cant waitttttt ! ^^

      • lemonmirae says:

        Agree! Shao Qing is really sad, she made the wrong decisions and deserves a second chance to be happy. But if she wouldn’t had left like she did, thinks wouldn’t have been what they are now. Maybe she would’ve married Yan Hao and they would’ve been happy. Or maybe Shao Qing and Yan Hao would’ve realized that they aren’t made for each other after marrying.But since they didn’t have the chance to see where their feelings would’ve brought them, both Shao Qing and Yan Hao weren’t able to move on. The only problem with Shao Qing decision is that her wrong decisions created collateral victims.
        Personally I don’t thinks that if Shao Qing would’ve been honest with Jia An ten years ago things would be the same between the two friends. Jia An is more hurt and disappointed because the mistress her husband had was her best friend. I don’t think the damage would’ve been so bad if the mistress would’ve been another woman.
        Yeah the signs are clear… but still I hope that Jia An ends up with Zhen Lun and Yan Hao and Shao Qing gets what is best for them.
        PS. I’m so happy to have someone to discuss about this drama. Even if we have different opinion it’s still great XD

  2. Elle says:

    I actually would also like to Jia An to end up with Zhen Lun…he is soooo adorable. I wish Yan Hao would grow a spine and deserve Jia An becaus right now, he doesn’t

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