“All about My Mom” ep 22 ~ Hoon Jae:”Let’s end this.”

Yeong Seon visited Jin Ae’s house and wasn’t pleased with what she found there. After her visit Yeong Seon was more against Jin Ae and transferred her to another department.

Chae Ri is sick and Hyeong Soon offers to take care of her. President Jang caught them together.

Episode 22

Yeong Seon went to see where her son lives. San Ok and Dong Chul were shocked to find out that Jin Ae’s company’s president is Hoon Jae’s mother. They tried their best to be great hosts for their important guest, but things didn’t go as well as they wanted. Yeong Seon wasn’t pleased with the house and she got in impression that they are using Hoon Jae as their servant after San Ok told her about all the things Hoon Jae fixed. Furious Yeong Seon leaves Jin An’s house. Returned at the office, Yeong Seon vents her anger on Jin Ae.

While San Ok Dong Chun where home, Chae Ri took care of their shop without them knowing. She wanted to help, but she got into more trouble. Chae Ri gave away as service the more expensive dishes. When San Ok was scolding Chae Ri, Hyeong Soon arrived. He took Chae Ri out and told her that president Jang invited him to lunch and gave him a watch as present. Also he found out from Chae Ri that Yeong Seon is Hoon Jae’s mother.

Yeong Seon hates what she saw and discovered while visiting Jin Ae’s house. She calls Hoon Jae over and asks him to move out. But Hoon Jae rejects to fulfill his mother’s wishes. Meantime Jin Ae arrived home and her parents told her what happened. Later Hoon Jae’s aunt called Jin Ae and asked her to cooperate with Yeong Seon and convince Hoon Jae to move out.

When Hoon Jae arrived home, he and Jin Ae went outside to talk. He opened up and confessed what he feels for Jin Ae. Then he apologized for lying to her. That night Jin Ae and Hoon Jae made up. They cleared the misunderstandings between them and resolved Jin Ae’s anger.

Hoon Jae:”Let’s end this. I love everything about you! I won’t ever let you down anymore. I love you!”

Jin Ae:”I love you, too!”

The war between Yeong Seon and Jin Ae started. When she arrived to work, Jin Ae found out that Yeong Seon transferred her to Planning team. He receives the opportunity smiling, but Jin Ae knows that Yeong Seon is doing that because she doesn’t want to see Jin Ae anymore.

Hyeong Kyu is working hard. He remembers that one of his clients, a doctor who also recommended more clients to Hyeong, will appear on a medical show. Hyeong Kyu turns on the TV and watches the doctor’s interview. The doctor was talking about patients with Othello syndrome or more commonly known as morbid jealousy. When she sees that doctor, Hye Joo has a panic attack. Seeing her strange reaction Hyeong Kyu is worried. He hugs her to clams her down.

Hyeong Soon takes president Jang home and finds out that she is sick. She worked too much at San Ok’s shop the past few days. Since Chae Ri’s grandmother and the housekeeper are gone for the night, Hyeong Soon offered to prepare some porridge for Chae Ri, to make dinner for president Jang and to spent the night there and cook breakfast for them in the morning. After president Jang went ot bed, Hyeong Soon went to Chae Ri’s room. He sang for her until she fell asleep, but he also fell asleep there. In the morning president Jang entered Chae Ri’s room to see how she is feeling and saw Hyeong Soon there.

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