“She Was Pretty ” ep 14 ~ ” Nice to meet you. I am Ten!”

Things are going from bad to worse for the editing department. Their last hope to save the magazine is gone. But another light shows up. The new vice president and Ten show up to help the magazine.

Personal thought: It’s already episode 14th and I can’t understand the reason we are introduced to Han Seol and Joon Woo’s relationship. I thought the other main couple where Shin Hyuk and Ha Ri….

Episode 14

Seong Joon went to work during weekends. He finds in his office the lunch that Hye Jin left him and goes after her. They go together to have lunch, but Seong Joon forgot his phone in the office. When he returned, Seong Joon saw the text he received meantime. The manager of the person The Most was supposed to interview for this edition was canceled.

Everyone is worried. They already announced the interview with Leonard Kim and now they are unable to find a replacement. Suddenly someone has an idea! They should try to interview Ten, the anonymous book writer.

For the next days the whole department is overworking themselves, but it’s hard to get in touch with Ten. Knowing how stressed Seong Joon must be, Hye Jin went to play with him basketball. Then, while they were talking, Hye Jin clipped his fingernails. She did everything she could do at that moment to encourage Seong Joon and to give him straight to go on.

Unable to get in touch with Ten, the editing team changed their plans. They wrote other articles hoping for a miracle. The day they gave the articles to printing, Seong Joon planed a team dinner. They’ve lost their hopes so Seong Joon is giving his team one last present until The Most will be closed.

In the morning Shin Hyuk called Hye Jin to come out urgently. He pushes her in his car saying that it’s a special day. He wanted to tell her why that day was special, but he couldn’t. Shin Hyuk just said that on that day he is extremely bored and wants to have fun. They went to eat expensive food. They ride different things at the amusement park. They played and had fun for the whole day. Shin Hyuk was extremely excited. He was more excited than his usual self.

At night he too Hye Jin home and he was acting strange. He was saying something. Then he was saying that he was joking. Shin Hyuk was acting like he was saying goodbye to Hye Jin, like they won’t see each other ever again.

Shin Hyuk:”I really like you, Jackson! I just like you as a person! I like the human being, Kim Hye Jin!“

Seong Joon comes to work when someone from printing calls him saying that the magazine printing was canceled. He checks his mails and sees a message from Ten. Seong Joon went to meet Ten and was surprised to find out that the anonymous and famous writer Ten is no other than Kim Shin Hyuk.

Kim Shin Hyuk:” Nice to meet you. I am Ten!”

Meantime at the office there is the inauguration of the new vice president. The whole team is shocked to see that the new vice president is Kim Poong Ho, their homeless looking coworker.

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