“Bubblegum” ep 4 ~ “Our today is not our yesterday.”

Ri Hwan feels jealous every time Haeng Ah gets close to Seok Joon. Even the thought of Haeng Ah and Seok Joon being together makes him mad. So when Haeng Ah made up her mind and wants to break up for good with Seok Joon, Ri Hwan helps her.

Episode 4

Drunk, Haeng Ah went to the radio station where she fell asleep while listening to music. When Ri Hwan called her, Seok Joon answered her phone. Jealous, Ri Hwan runs over to Haeng Ah’s officer. Seeing Ri Hwan coming, Seok Joon locks the door. Ri Hwan tries to open it, but he can’t. Then he sees on the window Seok Joon pushing Haeng Ah in a corner. The jealousy makes Ri Hwan’s blood boil inside him. He turns on the emergency alarm and Seok Joon and Haeng Ah opened the door. The moment that door was opened Ri Hwan goes straight to Seok Joon and hits him. Seok Joon hits Ri Hwan back. Haeng Ah comes between the two men and stops them from fighting.

Ri Hwan:”I hate this guy so much!”

Ri Hwan takes Haeng Ah home. On the way he realized that his hate towards Seok Joon means that there must be a problem within his heart. He goes home and talks to Ji Hoon. He hates Seok Joon because he is close to Haeng Ah. He hates the thought that Haeng Ah could be close to Seok Joon. He hates Haeng Ah’s working place because he saw Seok Joon and Haeng Ah together there.

Ri Hwan is boiling inside. He can’t take it anymore and runs over to Haeng Ah. They talk and clear things between each other. The next day Ri Hwan goes out to lunch with his mother. She is interested in his relationship with Yi Seol. But Ri Hwan end up fighting when their discussion reached to Haeng Ah.

Meantime Seok Joon uses work to call Haeng Ah to his office and talk. Haeng Ah’s been avoiding him. He wants to go back. He doesn’t want to lose her, but Haeng Ah isn’t willing to take him back. But why she can’t take him back…only Haeng Ah knows. She knew from starters that he is a busy man, that he doesn’t open up, that he isn’t romantic and won’t make her his number one priority. Still Haeng Ah broke up with Seok Joon for being the way she knew from starters that he will be. During their relationship she never told him how she would want their relationship to be, but she is upset that he didn’t read in the stars what Haeng Ah wants. There are certain people in this world that can’t realize thinks until you tell them…for several times and Seok Joon seems to be one of those people.

Haeng Ah:”Just once…can I be number one to you?”

Yi Seol likes Ri Hwan. She bought a pair of couple watches for them. She was wearing hers when she went to see Ri Hwan for her ankle. But she loses her confidence is giving him the watch when Ri Hwan starts talking about Haeng Ah.

When Ri Hwan finished talking about Haeng Ah, Yi Seol gathers her courage and asks Ri Hwan if he likes watches. Unfortunately Ri Hwan didn’t give her the answer Yi Seol expected. He doesn’t like watches, they are uncomfortable for him at work.

Haeng Ah lost her phone. The taxi driver who found it took the phone to the police station. Ri Hwan went to pick it up. But he wasn’t able to prove that he is family. He introduced himself as Haeng Ah’s older brother, but the officer didn’t believed him because they have different last names. He called Haeng Ah’s phone, but she didn’t save Ri Hwan with his name, she saved him with the name “little brother Park”.

While Ri Hwan was struggling to prove that he knows Haeng Ah, Seok Joon arrived. He was able to prove that he and Haeng Ah work together and the officer gave him the phone. Ri Hwan follows Seok Joon out to get Haeng Ah’s phone, but Seok Joon refuses to give it. Even when Haeng Ah came, Seok Joon didn’t want to return the phone until they would talk. Lying to Seok Joon that she is dating Ri Hwan, Haeng Ah took Ri Hwan and left. Because Seok Joon was watching them, she asked Ri Hwan to hold her hand. But still Seok Joon didn’t believe that they were actually dating. To help Haeng Ah get rid of Seok Joon, Ri Hwan kissed her.

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