“She Was Pretty ” ep 15 ~ Seong Joon:”I love you!”

Ten’s story is released and The Most gets on first place. Everyone has to return to their original position so Hye Jin returns to the management department. But she realized that she has a dream that she didn’t fulfill.

Episode 15

Seong Joon received a mail from Ten. He went to meet Ten and was shocked to realize that Ten is writer Kim Shin Hyuk. When the shock passed, Seong Joon wants to know why Ten decided to reveal his identity. Shin Hyuk isn’t telling him why he decided, but he wants Seong Joon to reveal his story. He recorded everything Seong Joon needs to know for the story and made some photos for the article.

Arrived home, Seong Joon listened to Ten’s recording. After listening the recording, Seong Joon decided to not publish Ten’s story. The magazine is out and Seong Joon, together with his whole team, has high expectation. They hope to get first place so that The Most won’t have to close. But when they look closely on the cover of their magazine, they are shocked to see that there is an exclusive interview with Ten. While the editing team is shocked to find out that Shin Hyuk is Ten, Seong Joon goes to look for Shin Hyuk. But it’s too late. Shin Hyuk took the interview to printing and then checked out of the hotel he was staying at and disappeared. Before leaving he left a message as goodbye for the whole team, except for Hye Jin. She was special for him so Hye Jin now understands why Shin Hyuk was saying that the day they spend together at the amusement park was special. Also Seong Joon gave her the recorded interview that Shin Hyuk gave him. That was also Shin Hyuk’s goodbye to Hye Jin.

Hye Jin:”The moon is pretty bright!”

It’s time for Hye Jin to leave the editing department also. She is returning to the management department where she belonged in the first place. After her farewell party, Seong Joon told Hye Jin that he has to return to America now that The Most was first place and won’t have to close. He has to resolve some things there so he asked Hye Jin to go with him.

Hye Jin:”Let’s go together! Let’s stay together!”

After moving back to the management team, Hye Jin has too much free time. On the first night back at the management team, on her way home Hye Jin met Shin Hyuk. He wanted to see her one more time and tell her another time farewell.

Hye Jin was invited to visit a place where children story book writers meet. Her dream was always to become a children story book writer. Returned from that meeting, Hye Jin tells Seong Joon everything. She is really excited when she talks about the meeting she had with the story book writers.

Hye Jin sees Ha Ri extremely happy after she discovered what she wants to do with her life, to become a hotel manager. She looks in the mirror and sees that she is unhappy. Then a text came from Seong Joon to invite her to dinner at his house. That night Seong Joon planned to propose to Hye Jin. He bought the rings.

Hye Jin arrived at Seong Joon’s house. With the first word she said, Hye Jin ruined Seong Joon’s proposal. As soon as Seong Joon opened the door, Hye Jin asked him to marry her…but in a year.

Hye Jin:”Let’s get married, Seong Joon!”

He is shocked. But Seong Joon can’t recover from his shock that Hye Jin takes out of her pocket a pair of rings and puts one on Seong Joon’s finger. Then she comes in and explains him why she wants to postpone the wedding a year. Before getting married to Seong Joon, Hye Jin wants to try and write a children story book with the writers she met few days ago. He understands her and appreciates that Hye Jin was honest with him. But the same time, Seong Joon is a little sad that Hye Jin proposed to him first.

Seong Joon takes a puzzle out. While they were making the puzzle, Seong Joon takes out the ring he prepared for Hye Jin.

Seong Joon:”Hye Jin, will you…in one year, will you marry me?”

The day to separate came. Seong Joon accompanies Hye Jin to the place she will be staying…then he leaves.

Seong Joon:”I love you!”

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