“All about My Mom” ep 23 ~ Hye Joo:”I’m San’s mother!”

President Jang found out the truth about Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon and does everything he can to separate them.

San begs Hyeong Kyu to pretend to be his father and Hyeong Kyu accepts. That night San disappeared. Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo search for San desperately until they find him.

Episode 23

Hyeong Soon spent the night at Chae Ri’s house. She is sick and her grandmother and maid are away for the night. Since president Jang can’t cook and take care of his daughter, Hyeong Soon offered to stay and help. After president Jang went to bed, Chae Ri asked Hyeong Soon to go to her room and stay with her for a little while. Unfortunately Hyeong Soon fell asleep in Chae Ri’s room.

In the morning president Jang enters Chae Ri’s room to see if she is feeling better. But he is shocked to see Hyeong Soon there. Chae Ri tried to invent a lie for her father to explain why Hyeong Soon was there, but Hyeong Soon told president Jang the truth. After revealing everything to Chae Ri’s father, Hyeong Soon was fired. President Jang fired him and ordered him to stay away from Chae Ri.

Meantime at the house, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae pretend that they have to go to work really early and leave without having breakfast. They both thinks that their lie was good, but San Ok, Dong Chun and Hyeong Kyu realized what the two love birds where planning.

Hoon Jae spent the night making sandwiches. In the morning he and Jin Ae went on a picnic for breakfast. After breakfast Hoon Jae took Jin Ae to work. She wanted to get off Hoon Jae’s car a little far away from office, but Hoon Jae dropped off in front of the office. Yeong Seon, who was coming to work, saw them. Innocent Hoon Jae thinks that Yeong Seon accepted Jin Ae and that is why she was transferred to planning department. When he sees his mother, Hoon Jae thanks her for sending Jin Ae to planning, as Jin Ae wanted from starters.

Yeong Seon has a meeting with the planning team. There she scolds Jin Ae in front of everyone and then she sends Jin Ae to do field work again. After the meeting Yeong Seon received flowers from Hoon Jae. She is happy, but her happiness doesn’t last long. As soon as Yeong Seon saw that Jin Ae also received flowers from Hoon Jae, she got upset. But in front of everyone Yeong Seon pretends to be a good future mother-in-law.

Hye Joo left the office with business. After she left San entered. He asks Hyeong Kyu to go see his teacher pretending to be his father. Hyeong Kyu refused. But he is worried about Hye Joo and her reaction after seeing the doctor on TV. Hyeong Kyu asks San if Hye Joo has any problem. But San isn’t a fool. San uses this opportunity and if Hyeong Kyu will pretend to be his father at school, San will tell him anything Hyeong Kyu wants to know about Hye Joo.

Hyeong Kyu went to school and found out about San’s problems. San suffers from anxiety and sometimes he lies to the people around him. His teaches watched him for some time and she is worried about him.

President Jang called Hyeong Soon to the office and asked him to sign a paper which was saying that Hyeong Soon won’t meet Chae Ri again. Hyeong Soon refused to sign and said that he will work hard to become the man president Jang wants for Chae Ri. But president Jang doesn’t want that. In his eyes, Hyeong Soon’s condition is the problem.

President Jang:”You are way below Chae Ri’s level!”

Meantime at the house Chae Ri gave a lot of purses and clothes to her friends so they will help her get out of the house. President Jang hired guards to not let Chae Ri out of the house.

Chae Ri ran away from home and went to San Ok’s store. Unfortunately Chae Ri’s grandmother was there with San Ok, Dong Chul and Hyeong Soon. When she saw her grandmother there, Chae Ri got scared. Hyeong Soon grabs Chae Ri’s hand and runs. But they weren’t able to run away far. They got caught and separated.

Hoon Jae came to pick up Jin Ae from work. He wants to have dinner with his mother and Jin Ae so that the two women in his live could get closer. But Jin Ae rejects the offer. She doesn’t think that it will be a good idea to provoke and force Yeong Seon. Instead of having dinner all three of them together, Jin Ae advised Hoon Jae to go on a date with his mother just the two of them.

After he spilt with Hyeong Kyu, San met his father. San was scared, but he didn’t have other choice but to go eat with his father.

Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu are on their way out when Hye Joo’s mother calls her to say that San disappeared. Both Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu rushed over to Hye Joo’s house. After Hye Joo’s mother explained what happened, all three of them run out to search for San. Worried, Hye Joo didn’t even realize that she was wearing only one slipper. Suddenly Hyeong Kyu stops her because her food is bleeding. While he was taking care of her bleeding food, Hye Joo told him that San is her son. The moment Hye Joo said that San is her son, her mother found San.

Hye Joo:”I’m San’s mother!”

The next day, Hoon Jae is about to leave for his date with his mother. But suddenly Dong Chul faints.

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