“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 10 ~ Shu Hai:”You are still alive! “

The truth came out and everyone found out that Hong Pei is still kept alive in a vegetative state at the hospital. When she found out, Si Yi got angry with Jian Hao.

Shu Hai protected Si Yi from Jian Hao. But then two men attacked Shu Hai.

Episode 10

Hong Pei found out the reason he is still in the living world. He is shocked to discover that he is still alive, lying in a bed hospital in a coma but kept alive. He tells Shu Hai and together went back to the hospital. No matter how much Shu Hai tried to enter the room where Hong Pei’s body is, the security guard threw him out.

After being thrown out of the hospital, Shu Hai and Hong Pei went to see in Si Yi is alright. She is! She still doesn’t know that someone tried to intentionally kill Hong Pei or that Hong Pei is in a coma. Shu Hai plans to tell her everything at the right moment. He knows that she will suffer, but he still thinks that Si Yi needs to know the truth.

With Mystic Dragon help, Jian Ren and his friend found the man who ran into Hong Pei the day of the accident. They brought him in. Shu Hai and Hong Pei came to at the talk. The man said that the day he ran into Hong Pei, he was rushing to the hospital because his youngest son had a rare disease. Shu Hai, Hong Pei and Mystic Dragon didn’t believe what the man said and made a plan to make him confess the truth.

The next day Shu Hai and Hong Pei waited for that man to come to work. That man is working at the same hospital where Hong Pei is admitted and Shu Hai wants that man to help him get into Hong Pei’s room.

Shu Hai:”If you really want to atone for your mistakes, the first thing you should do is to help me get into Hong Pei’s ward.”

Disguised in a cleaning lady, Shu Hai entered Hong Pei’s room. He can’t believe his eyes.

Shu Hai:”You are still alive! You didn’t die!”

Seeing Hong Pei lying on that bed, Shu Hai has mixed feelings. He is both happy and sad. Impressed by what he found out lately and Hong Pei’s condition, Shu Hai returned home drunk. The next morning Shu Hai tells Si Yi and Zheng Nan about Hong Pei’s vegetative state. They run to the hospital.

When Hong Pei’s mother sees Si Yi, she gets angry. She slaps Si Yi. But Hong Pei can’t look at that and asks Shu Hai to help Si Yi and to stop his mother.

Shu Hai:”I think Hong Pei has had enough of it.”

Si Yi runs over to Hong Pei’s room. But the security guard stops her from entering. While Shu Hai is taking care of Si Yi and Zheng Nan who are shocked, Hong Pei followed his mother to the room.

Hong Pei’s mother talks to Hong Pei’s body. She allows him to date Si Yi if he will wake up. But Si Yi and Hong Pei will be together only after she will die. Hong Pei sees his mother trying to commit suicide and runs over to call Shu Hai.

While stopping Hong Pei’s mother, Shu Hai got hurt. He cut his hand.

Angry that she was lied for six years, Si Yi went to confront Jian Hao. She is furious with him and doesn’t let him touch her. Worried that he could lose Si Yi forever, Jian Hao hugs her by force. He is aggressive with her. Luckily Shu Hai and Zheng Nan arrived in time.

While trying to calm Si Yi after her encounter with Jian Hao, Shu Hai received a text from Mystic Dragon. The text was saying that the man who hit Hong Pei died. That man’s son is with Mystic Dragon.

On his way back home, Shu Hai is attacked. He falls on the ground and the two attackers keep hitting him. Shu Hai is hurt and his watch is broken. The moment the watch was broken, Hong Pei realized that something happened to Shu Hai. He goes and protects Shu Hai.

Hurt, Shu Hai refuses to remove his watch. He is afraid that if he will take off the watch, Hong Pei’s soul will be gone forever. Shu Hai refuses to take off the watch until Hong Pei’s soul will reunite with Hong Pei’s body. The whole night Shu Hai works to fix the watch.

Hong Pei:”We became friends in a ghost and human situation.”

Shu Hai removes a watch a little to move all the part to a new watch. While he was working on fixing the watch, Si Yi came to clean his injury.

Si Yi:”Why didn’t you tell me that your ghost friend is Hong Pei?”

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