“All about My Mom” ep 24 ~ Hyeong Kyu:” That man is your dad, isn’t he?”

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae walk on egg shell around Yeong Seon, but she is still angry with them…or more precisely with Jin Ae.

Hyeong Kyu walks Hye Joo home and finds out that his mother and Hye Joo’s mother are old friends. San comes to see Hyeong Kyu and at the same time San’s father shows up. After San’s reaction, Hyeong Kyu realizes who San’s father is.

Meantime Yeong Seon called over Hoon Jae’s ex girlfriend.

Personal thought: So Yeong Seon writes books and teachers others how to be cool mothers, but she herself doesn’t know how to be one. She is so jealous of her son’s girlfriend that she became immature and childish. And if that wasn’t enough, Yeong Seon also called over Hoon Jae’s ex girlfriend to give Jin Ae a hard time. She does everything she blamed Chae Ri’s grandmother of doing. And in the process Yoeng Seon is hurting her own son. If she gives Jin Ae a hard time, that will reflect on her relationship with Hoon Jae sooner or later.

Episode 24

Hoon Jae is on his way out to spend the day with his mother. Suddenly Dong Chul fainted and they took him to the hospital. Hyeong Kyu and Hyeong Soon rushed to the hospital as soon as they found out. Everyone is there, waiting for Dong Chul’s result. The doctor came in and clamed them down. Dong Chul isn’t sick, he just collapsed because he worked too much lately and had an anemic episode.

When they were calmer Hoon Jae remembered about his date with his mother. He calls Yeong Seon and tells her what happened. But Yeong Seon is upset. She was worried that something happened since Hoon Jae was more than an hour late and he wasn’t even answering his phone.

Hyeong Kyu has to pick some papers from the office. There he met Hye Joo. The atmosphere is a little awkward between them since Hyeong Kyu found out that Hye Joo is San’s mother, but Hye Joo explains him why she lied. She was afraid that Hyeong Kyu would fire her if he knew that she is a divorcee with a child since she doesn’t even have experience in the work field. After resolving the misunderstandings Hyeong Kyu is about to leave, but he doesn’t want to let Hye Joo alone in the office. He is too worried about her and he also likes being in her presence.

Meantime Chae Ri refuses to eat. President Jang always told her that the man she will chose will be alright for him as long as she is happy. But president Jang didn’t thinks that Chae Ri could fall in love with a poor man, with their chauffeur.

Hoon Jae is looking everywhere for his mother. With Jin Ae’s help, he found her…at the office. He tries to make her feel better, but Yeong Seon is angry. She feels that her son forgets about her and acts at Jin Ae’s family son-in-law. Seeing his mother angry, Hoon Jae leaves. Together with Jin Ae, he goes to buy Yeong Seon something to eat.

After Hoon Jae left her office, Yeong Seon feels sorry for pushing her son away. She goes after him and wants to call him, but she sees Hoon Jae with Jin Ae and her anger rises. Returned with the food for Yeong Seon, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae doesn’t find her there anymore.

Hyeong Kyu accompanies Hye Joon to her mother’s chicken shop. He is surprised to see that Yu Ja’s shop is right in front of his mother’s shop. Suddenly his mother appears. And San Ok and Hye Joo know each other. Then Yu Ja and San come out of the chicken shop. Hyeong Kyu finds out that Hye Joo’s mother and his mother are old friends. But he is shocked to discover that San Ok knows that Hye Joo’s husband is the director of a hospital.

Yeong Seon brought over Hoon Jae’s winter blanket. She wanted to show off how well her son was raised. When she arrived, Yeong Seon sees Hoon Jae having fun with San Ok and gets jealous. While she changes Hoon Jae’s bed sheets, Yeong Seon told San Ok and Dong Chul what she really feels about Jin Ae. Yeong Seon told Jin Ae’s parents that she likes Jin Ae as an employee nothing more. Also Yeong Seon prefers that Jin Ae’s parents won’t thing that Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s relationship is special. They are dating, but that doesn’t mean that they will get married.

San came to Hyeong Kyu’s office and Hyeong Kyu brought him black bean noodles. While San was eating, Hyeong Kyu tries to ask him about his father. But San’s expression changed. San doesn’t want to think about his father. Suddenly doctor Kim entered the office and San’s expression got worse. The little boy is scared. He can’t even chew and chokes with his food. Hyeong Kyu gets close to San, gets him a cup of water and wipes his mouth. Seeing how scared San is, Hyeong Kyu postpones the meeting with doctor Kim and sends him away.

Hyeong Kyu realized the situation. After doctor Kim left he asks San if that doctor is his father. San is so scared that he can’t even answer and pees on his pants.

Hyeong Kyu:” That man is your dad, isn’t he?”

Jin Ae has a presentation. She does everything as better as she can, but the new Planning team leader scolds her and humiliates her in front of everyone. Later Jin Ae brought some documents to Yeong Seon and found out that her new team leader, Shin Yoo Hui, is Hoon Jae’s ex girlfriend that Yeong Seon likes.

Sang Hyeok has to send someone to fix something at president Jang’s house. Hoon Jae offers to go and he helps Chae Ri get out of her house. Chae Ri comes out and meets Hyeong Soon.

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