“Bubblegum” ep 6 ~ “Some dreams pass deeply into reality.”

Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan began a relationship. Haeng Ah is scared that her love will let her alone, that she will lose Ri Hwan’s mother, whom is really precious for her.

Yi Seul’s brother met with Ri Hwan to prepare for Ri Hwan and Yi Seul’s wedding. Sun Young found out that she suffers from a terrible disease.

Episode 6

Haeng Ah decided to give Ri Hwan and herself a chance. She kept thinking about all her experiences with Ri Hwan and finally accepted to go out with him. They go on a date. They eat, play and have fun together. They enjoy the fact that they are together without thinking about anything or anyone. They buy hairpins for each other and walk around the street. When they arrived in front of a motel, Haeng Ah got scared and changed the direction.

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah’s date continues until late in the night. When he drove Haeng Ah home, Ri Hwan found an excuse to go inside her house. There he got hungry and wanted to eat ramen. When Haeng Ah wanted to send him away, Ri Hwan ran to Haeng Ah’s room. That moment there was a power failure. Haeng Ah it’s scared that Ri Hwan might have other thoughts.

The next day Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah met and went for their second date since they formed a couple. The first stop was the beach. They sat on the sand and looked at the sea. They talked and had fun playing and running on the beach. Later they went to their old high school and Haeng Ah told Ri Hwan why she is scared. She is afraid of Ri Hwan’s mother’s reaction when she will find out. For Haeng Ah, Sun Young is difficult and precious. She likes Sun Young and doesn’t want to lose her. Also Haeng Ah is afraid that Sun Young might try to commit suicide like she did when Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan where in high school. Haeng Ah knows that Sun Young won’t accept her as Ri Hwan’s girlfriend ever. During high school, Haeng Ah heard Sun Young saying that if something will happened between Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan, she will throw away Haeng Ah, she will send Haeng Ah away without looking back. Since Ri Hwan, Sun Young and everyone at the store are her only family, Haeng Ah is afraid of losing them and be all alone.

Ri Hwan:”You are not alone now! Let’s be together.”

Yi Seul’s brother sent a car to bring Ri Hwan to him. Even if Ri Hwan told her that they can only be friends, Yi Seul let her family believe that she and Ri Hwan are having a relationship because a relationship with Ri Hwan will make her happy. When they met, Ri Hwan made it clear to Jung Woo that he has someone else and that he and Yi Seul can be only good friends.

Meantime Haeng Ah has problems at work. The shop she is producing is about to go online, but the host isn’t there and it doesn’t answer her phone. Seok Joon heard about Haeng Ah’s show and went to host it. During the show, while they were putting the songs, Haeng Ah told Seok Joon to stop hopping that they will get back together because she and Ri Hwan are in a relationship.

The same night Sun Young agreed to get tested and found out that she has dementia.

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