“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 11 ~ “Marriage is a lifetime commitment!”

I’m honestly beginning to think that the most pitiful character in this drama is Yan Hao. He tried to make Jia An happy, even if it didn’t work out well. Now he tries to make Shao Qing happy, even if he is miserable.

Shao Qing can’t life in the house Jia An and Yan Hao lived. She is going crazy with Jia An’s memory. To make Shao Qing happy, Yan Hao moves to another house. Jia An and Yan Hao keep meeting coincidentally, which makes Shao Qing crazy with jealousy. She has a nervous crisis and asks Yan Hao to marry her if he really loves her.

Episode 11

Jia An’s memory bothers Shao Qing. Everything she does reminds her of Jia An. Everywhere she goes inside the house, reminds her of Jia An. Thinking that this is the way to stop Jia An from appearing everywhere, Shao Qing throws away all the things that belonged to Jia An and the things Jia An touched. But what will Shao Qing do with the walls, the stairs, the floors…all of those were also touched by Jia An. Throwing away things won’t resolve anything. She enters Yan Hao’s room and ripped the picture with Yan Hao and Jia An from their wedding.

Shao Qing :”I’m afraid of Jia An.”

Seeing her that crazy, Yan Hao decided to move to another house.

Oh please, someone just slap Shao Qing, throw her out of that house and admit her to a mental institute before she goes even crazier.

At the supermarket Jia An and Shao Qing met. Jia An pretends that nothing happened and give some advices to Shao Qing about things that Yan Ran and Yan Hao like. But when Shao Qing had the nerve to ask Jia An to teach her how to cook the dishes Yan Hao likes, Jia An turns around and leaves. Jia An, you shouldn’t leave, you should’ve slap her and put your grocery in her head! How dare Shao Qing do something like that? It’s clear! Shao Qing went crazy!

Yan Hao wants to talk with Jia An, but she doesn’t answer his calls. He goes to where she used to stay and finds the necklace Shao Qing gave Jia An thrown on the ground. Then he goes to his new house, to where he moved with Shao Qing. When he arrives home, Shao Qing was there. She opens a bottle of wine for the both of them. She wants to create memories for the both of them in that house. While they drink, Shao Qing removes Yan Hao’s wedding ring and asks him to not wear it anymore. Yan Hao wasn’t pleased, but still he does what Shao Qing asked him to.

Meantime Jia An started a new life. She cleaned the storage room where she will be staying and she is completely adapting to her new beginning, even if that means to act like a wife and drive Zhen Lun crazy.

“Marriage is a lifetime commitment!”

Jia An met on the street a woman. Because she can’t get in touch with that woman’s family, Jia An sends her home. There Yan Hao was looking for that woman’s son. After Jia An’s washed that woman’s feet, the woman scolded Yan Hao for divorcing Jia An and told them what marriage means. That woman was actually talking to her son and her daughter-in-law.

When that woman’s son arrived home and saw two strangers there, he got upset and threw Yan Hao and Jia An outside. Jia An fell down and hurt her ankle. Yan Hao carried her on his back.

From the hospital, Yan Hao wanted to give Jia An a ride home, but she rejected the offer. Because Yan Hao was late, Shao Qing calls him but Jia An answered. Mistakenly Yan Hao and Jia An’s phones were exchanged.

Jia An called Yan Ran and gave him Yan Hao’s phone. Back home Yan Ran returned the phone to his brother and tells Yan Hao where Jia An is staying and working.

Yan Hao met with Zhen Lun and thanked him for taking care of Jia An. Then Yan Hao asks Zhen Lun to increase Jia An’s salary. The extra money will be paid by Yan Hao. Zhen Lun refused the offer at first, but Yan Hao insisted. But Zhen Lun has a request for Yan Hao too. He hopes that Yan Hao will take more care of Shao Qing than Jia An.

Why do I feel like everyone is pushing Yan Hao towards Shao Qing? It’s like Zhen Lun is forcing Yan Hao to love Shao Qing so that she won’t get hurt. All that pressure put on Yan Hao will only push him away from Shao Qing.

Returned at the office, Zhen Lun doesn’t feel well. He can barely walk and stand. The pain makes him fall on the ground. Jia An is worried. She helps him get to his car and takes him to the hospital. Zhen Lun had an acute appendicitis crisis. Luckily he was taken to the hospital in time. In the morning when he woke up, the first thing that he was worried about was his work. Jia An stayed with him in the hospital and forbade the workaholic Zhen Lun to thing about his work. Now all he has to do is rest and take care of his health.

Meantime Yan Hao came home early. When he arrived Shao Qing was doing laundry and found in his jacket Jia An’s necklace. Her jealousy rises again and she can’t enjoy the surprise Yan Hao got her. She drinks and cries. She is afraid to find out one day that Yan Hao doesn’t love her anymore.

Shao Qing:”Only when they feel guilty men make surprises. I’m afraid of you lying to me! ”

Well…wasn’t that something Shao Qing should’ve thought before making Yan Hao and Jia An divorce??

Shao Qing called Zhen Lun and found out about his surgery. She tells Yan Hao that she will go visit Zhen Lun expecting Yan Hao to be jealous. But Yan Hao didn’t react in any way. She tells Yan Hao how Zhen Lun confessed his feelings for her and what he was doing for her to make Yan Hao jealous. But Yan Hao was only curious why Shao Qing didn’t accept Zhen Lun’s feelings if he treated her so well.

When Shao Qing came to see Zhen Lun, Jia An was there. She runs away, but Shao Qing follows her. Shao Qing asks Jia An about the day Jia An answered Yan Hao’s phone. The innocent and nice Jia An cleared the misunderstanding that Shao Qing had and apologized as if she had made something wrong. Jia An stop apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Mie Mei plans to get Jia An and Yan Hao back together. She calls Jia An to her restaurant to make apple pie. Then Mei Mei takes an apple pie to Yan Hao.

Shao Qing brings Yan Hao his lunch. He isn’t at the office, but she will wait for him inside. As soon as she entered Shao Qing sees the apple pie. She asks Yan Hao’s secretary and get angry when the secretary tells her that Jia An send that pie especially for Yan Hao.

Yan Hao wasn’t at the office because he went to see Mrs. Li, the woman Jia An helped the other day. There he met Jia An. When Shao Qing arrived at Mrs. Li’s house, Mr. Li told her that Yan Hao and his wife already left.

When Shao Qing and Yan Hao met, Shao Qing went crazy. She made a crisis and once again had an asthmatic episode. Yan Hao took her to the hospital. The moment she woke up, Shao Qing was still angry. She ordered Yan Hao to prove to her that he loves her not Jia An. The only way Yan Hao can prove that to Shao Qing is by marrying her.

Outside Shao Qing’s hospital room, Yan Hao cries angry and hits the wall. He doesn’t want to marry Shao Qing, but he can’t tell her that.

Shao Qing:”Marry me!”

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